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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

McCain-Palin Say Goodbye to Dixieland

by David S. Reif

On 03Sept08 Sarah Palin the Governor of Alaska gave the speech of her life at the Republican National Convention as she addressed a nationwide audience on primetime media. For some of us the speech was full of lines we wanted to hear from a candidate for national office. We heard from an intelligent, hard working, mother, and citizen politician that talked about issues we hold dear.

Mrs. Palin talked about family. She talked about the right to keep and bear arms. She told us about herself and her populist rise to power on the Alaskan frontier. She said she had fought corruptions by the financial and political elites. Her demeanor and message filled out the stories about a woman who could field dress a moose while rocking the cradle and veto some pork-barrel spending bill all at the same time. On some level I connected with Mrs. Palin. Yet at the same time something was bothering me; a nagging unscratchable itch cause by the speech.

Almost before the balloons and confetti could be swept up off the floor at the Minneapolis convention center another event caught my attention. This little recognized news item drifted across the web pages and newspapers like a leaf in an autumn wind; scarcely noticed by anyone.

Many miles from Dixie a small company shut their doors. Yet nearly every man and many women who have ever opened a tool box know the name of this company. The day after Mrs. Palin gave her inspiring speech the Vise Grip tool company locked its doors in the tiny town of Dewitt, Nebraska putting about 300 Americans out of work.

Closed was the 70 year old company that is a household name to anyone who has ever fixed anything. The entire operation is being moved to the People’s Democratic Republic of China (PRC). Three hundred people are put out of work and another small rural town is wiped out.

The former employees of cotton mills, shoe factories, and garment workers across the South can relate to closing factories. The dislocations are no less painful to the employees in the South as in Nebraska. However, this plant closing with its direct move to the PRC on the heels of the Republican Convention is particularly galling.

Part of my problem with Gov. Palin was that I heard nothing from her about the news from Dewitt, Nebraska. Not that I expected her to mention the Vise Grip situation but that she did not mention NAFTA or the Federal Reserve or any of the other problems caused by the very elites Mrs. Palin said she opposed in Alaska.

The issue with the PRC and the jobs going from rural America directly to China is really sticky with me. I’ve used Vice Grip tools many times. But more to the point I’ve abused Vice Grip tools. Used then as hammers, thrown them at unwelcome animals in the yard, and generally did my best to destroy them; to no avail. They are very tough tools.

For those of you in the Deep South or east of the Mississippi River the connection of NAFTA to China might not have hit you yet. However, those of us in the Trans-Mississippi; in Texas and Oklahoma and Missouri are starting to get a glimpse at phase two of the NAFTA globalist agenda.

Known as the Trans-Texas Corridor, or the NAFTA superhighway, of the NAFTA Free Trade Corridor it is a transportation link that will extend from the west coast Mexican port of Punta Colonet all the way to Kansas City, Missouri.

This behemoth will have as many as 8 lanes and a railroad, will have no customs station until you get to KC, and will be built by a private consortium headed by the Spanish Royal family using Arab money. Its purpose is to bring goods directly from China to the USA on a dedicated route using cheap foreign labor controlled out of Mexico. It will put millions out of work and exponentially increase our dependency on the Communist Chinese.

Mrs. Palin did not mention this project known to the U.S. Commerce Department as the Security, Peace, and Prosperity program ( Along with Mexico and Canada it will cut the country in half with a limited access transportation corridor that will be patrolled by private security forces. Its purpose is to make the elites richer and weaken America.

There was another aspect to the Republican Convention that stood out at me even more than the speech by Gov. Palin: NO SOUTHERNER ON THE TICKET. Senator McCain chose to put an Alaskan on the ticket and not anyone from the South. Not Ron Paul, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Sen. Shelby, or even the feckless Gov. Crist of Florida. No one from the Confederate South is on either ticket.

Of course we all know that although John McCain has roots in the South and even ancestors who fought for the CSA he has chosen to turn his back on his heritage. He has trashed the Confederate Flag and lied about what it stands for. I say “lied” because he knows the truth and denies it to gain favor with the neo-con centralist who are in control of the Republican Party.

If Mrs. Palin does not know the truth about NAFTA the same cannot be said about Sen. McCain. He is a supporter of NAFTA, unlimited trade with China, and the NAFTA corridor. Like several of his gang in the Republican Party; Kit Bond, Lindsey Graham, Rick Perry, and others Mr. McCain is bought and paid for by the global centralists who are behind initiatives like the corridor and so-called “free trade”.

If you have been following Mr. McCain’s career and the sort of people who support him it will not be any surprise at all that he is a puppet of the globalist agenda. If you listened closely to his acceptance speech he told you just what he means to do and showed his hand to anyone paying close attention. He is for change, even more than Mr. Obama in fact. He is for real fundamental change. The kind of change you will not hear Rush Limbaugh or the Wall Street Journal question.

In his speech Sen. McCain said, “We need to change the way government does almost everything: from the way we protect our security to the way we compete in the world economy; from the way we respond to disasters to the way we fuel our transportation network; from the way we train our workers to the way we educate our children. All these functions of government were designed before the rise of the global economy, the information technology revolution and the end of the Cold War. We have to catch up to history, and we have to change the way we do business in Washington.”

Read it closely: “…change…almost everything…” Everything that was designed before “the rise of the global economy” must be changed to accommodate it. Does that scare anybody else as much as it scares me?

Because of Sen. McCain’s track record on the subject of the South and because he has pointedly decided to openly disrespect the South is it any stretch that he intends to do his best to “change” the South? He has certainly eliminated the South from his ticket even though it is a traditional Republican stronghold. He despises our traditions of true federalism, resistance to centralized control, the Flag, and our heritage. McCain is betting that the South will follow him regardless the odious nature of his positions; in effect, validating him. Is it some great leap of understanding that he might also be interested in continuing cultural Reconstruction against the South?

I admired Sarah Palin’s speech. The sharp quips coming from the rather diminutive figure on the stage were refreshing. Seeing a woman nominated for high office is exciting. Her hard work and community spirit are inspiring. The fact that she sees the Alaskan Independence movement in a favorable light is hopeful. But believing that she won’t be sucked into the globalist black hole of trans-national centralism is impossible.

If I were to put my “X” next to the McCain-Palin ticket instead of the Obama-Biden ticket in November it will mean that I am more afraid of Obama’s global socialism than the global agenda of McCain’s elites: the devil I know rather than the one I don’t know I suppose. Of course there are other options and maybe that’s the answer. But there is no doubt that whoever wins, the cause of liberty is in greater danger than it was before the election.

David S. Reif is an essayist living in the Missouri Ozarks. He has written about politics, modernism, and the impact of science on culture for publications in the United States, Europe, and on the Internet. He can be reached at:


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