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Southern Heritage <br>News and Views: RE: THE GROWING VIABILITY OF SECESSION

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


An opinion piece in the LA Times (10 September) by Christopher Ketcham points to the growing viability of secession movements within these United States.

The nomination of Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and a supporter of the Alaskan Independence Party, as the GOP's Vice Presidential candidate, has brought the issue of secession to the forefront of American political discourse once again.

The League of the South, the only Southern nationalist organization, which has been advocating an independent Southern Republic for the past fifteen years, is prominently featured in Ketcham's article. In July, a Zogby poll found that more than 20% of Americans agree that a State has the right to secede from the union. In the South, that figure jumped to 26%. These numbers in support of secession in the early 21st century are greater than support for the colonies' secession from the British Empire in 1776. Moreover, some 44% of those polled agreed that the American system "is broken and cannot be fixed by traditional two-party politics and elections."

Ketcham also quotes from the Chattanooga Declaration, a secession manifesto that came out of the Second North American Secessionist Convention, co-hosted by The League of the South in October of last year. Ketcham notes: "It could be argued that secession is the primal American act, as old as the concept of the States themselves. What else did our Founders accomplish in 1776 but secession from the tyranny of England." He also understands that "secession worries the staid opinion gatekeepers of the major media."

Far from dismissing modern day secessionists as whackos and nut cases, Ketcham understands that secession is rooted firmly in the American experience and ought not be dismissed out of hand. This has been The League of the South's unwavering message.

For Ketcham's article, see this link:,0,6298381.story

For the Chattanooga Declaration, see this link:


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