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Monday, October 20, 2008

Jayhawkers vs. Confederate Symbols

By Gary Ayres

There is much ado today about Confederate symbols. From schools that have or have had the Confederate Battle Flag as their symbol to heritage organizations that honour their Confederate Ancestors, down to individuals that want to honour their Ancestors.

This even goes as far as many government officials spearheading the removal of Confederate flags at Confederate cemeteries, wherever they may be. These folks are just looking for the vote and or prestige. Folks like former Missouri Governor Bob Holden, Presidential candidate Richard Gephardt and current Governor Matt Blunt. These are just a few amoung the many. The Veteran Administration and the Department of Natural Resources of Missouri are just a couple of departments to name, too. This is especially true with the government officials that want to degrade Confederate symbols. They want them erased from history. Of all the people, the government officials do know what is right; they just want to be elected and will do whatever there is to do for a vote.

Our government wants you to recognize countries that secede from their Mother countries today, yet they do not want you to recognize the secession of the Southern States and the forming or their new country. Either secession is right or it is wrong. You can’t have it both ways, regardless of what our elected wants and seems to get.

I should not just say “government officials”, but it is those folks and anyone else that wants to join in with them. It is something akin to wanting to be popular with the bullies on the block.

A jayhawker (I refuse to capitalize jayhawker, for it does not rate that distinction) is a most evil description of a person or an institution. It represents nothing good-- thievery, murder of men, women and children, rape and complete destructions of communities in Missouri before, during and after the War Between the States (WBTS). A better term for WBTS would be Southern Independence.

A jayhawker is equal to genocide! That is what they were good at!

Two very well known “jayhawkers” were Senator James H. Lane of Kansas, who later was made a Brigadier General by President Lincoln. And another was Col. Charles “Doc” Jennison.

Brigadier General Lane had the go ahead from US President Lincoln to do their duty to Missouri but not convey it back to Washington. This was State Terrorism provided for by the Federal Government.1

Senator, and later United States Army BG, James H. Lane was given the name “The Grim Chieftain” for his atrocities in Missouri. Col. Jennison of the US Army, in tandem with Lane, burnt the western part of Missouri making it a wasteland. This was an order from the Federal Government-- to leave Missouri a wasteland and remove all its citizens from the area. Again, genocide!

Let us bring this into today’s events. The burning and depopulation of Missouri in the 1860’s mirrors what has been happening to many European countries today. You do not condone what is happening there, so why would you want to condone the same activities that happened from your own government and or military, and to your own kin. In other words, genocide was ok when the US government enacted it but it is not ok when it involves countries of today.

After these men’s atrociousness to Missouri, the only things remaining were charred fireplaces. These sites were known as “Jennison’s Monuments”. This, along with the rape, murder and thievery should not be something to be proud of. Certainly not to have a collegiate school’s mascot and the nickname of a State to be known as “the jayhawkers”. This would be the State of Kansas and the Kansas University, both being know as “the jayhawkers”

Today these men would be considered “war criminals”, they committed atrocities to citizens of the United States and Confederate States and at the nod of Lincoln. They have never been brought to justice. Regardless of the many years past this has happened, crimes as such should and must be brought to justice.

Now take the Confederate Battle Flag or symbols of the Confederacy. They did not stand for any such actions as did “the jayhawkers”. Regardless of what you have heard from some teachers or from some clergy. Confederate symbols are good and uplifting. Do some studying yourself and you will find this to be true.

The Confederate Battle Flag was and is a symbol of freedom and religion. It is an Ensign of the Christian faith. It is patterned after Saint Andrew’s cross. For those that do not know the history of St. Andrew’s cross, please research it. It will be well worth the time.

“The Confederate flag is a Christian flag and it represents freedom from tyranny.” “Judge Alfred Roman said this is as he presented the flag to Colonel Walton, he said ‘ in the name of General Beauregard, under whose eyes you first went under fire at Manassas, I have the honour to present to you this sacred emblem of Southern valour and patriotism’.” 2

“The flag represents those who are opposed to unlimited federal government. The flag represents a limited constitutional republic. A view of government opposed to the powers that be.”3

The Confederate Battle flag is also known as the “Southern Cross”. It was adopted consciously, purposefully, deliberately and premeditatedly in order to display faith in the sovereign God of heaven and earth, faith in providence of that God, the God of history and the God of salvation.4

With the little information given here, how can a group of folks come to memorialize a symbol that represents everything bad and against the foundation of what this country was founded under. That symbol is “the jayhawker” of Kansas.

The Confederate Battle Flag and symbols are the symbols of what the United States were founded under, a republic of limited centralized government; in other words States’ Rights.

What is sad is that our children learn the distorted version of history which teaches that the Confederate States of America and the Confederate flags are evil. They also teach a very egregious error in that the Confederacy was for slavery and the Confederate flags stand for slavery. They learn from government instituted schools. These schools teach what they are instructed to and not what history was. And if it can be worse, we buy into what the education system teaches our children and grandchildren. When will we put a stop to it?

Confederate mascots and symbols are removed from schools, yet the KU jayhawker can be proudly seen on KU’s campus and all over the TV, especially during sports events. Nothing is ever said how terribly wrong this is, but then look who writes the text books for schools--the same type of individuals that caused hundreds of thousands of our Southern Citizens to die. They were either killed on the battle field, in their homes before, during and after the war, ordered to leave Missouri, and the Mothers and children jailed for no reason other than to stand up for what they believed in.

Let us remember that when the several States seceded from the United State, they did nothing illegal, it was their right under the US Constitution. Also remember that the Confederate symbols are not bad. It is the few “bad apples” that have made it be looked upon as bad, and then many that are ignorant to the facts to jump on this band wagon and want to destroy the history of a new Country and its people and its descendants today.

Then we have the US Army and the Kansas jayhawkers that were nothing but evil. The jayhawkers were formed to do wrong, supported by the US Army and US government, yet they are looked upon as heroes or saviours.

The next time you see the KU jayhawkers or someone saying they are a “jayhawker”, ask them why they would want to symbolize or want to associate themselves to something so vile, evil and just plain un-Christian?

1. Abraham Lincoln, Complete Works, Speeches, Letters, State Papers by Nicolay and Hay
2 & 3
4. The Truth About the Confederate Battle Flag, pastor John Weaver, West Columbia, South Carolina


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