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Southern Heritage <br>News and Views: ConfederateVeterans Memorial Park Dedication - Tampa, Florida

Sunday, November 30, 2008

ConfederateVeterans Memorial Park Dedication - Tampa, Florida


Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Gen. Jubal A. Early Camp # 556 Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Florida Division SCV are proud to announce the date of the dedication ceremony of the Tampa Flag and Monument Site. Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 25, 2009.

Remember, that this monument and flag site is really much more. It rises to the level of a park. But not just an ordinary park but, truly, a world class and state of the art display of Southern Heritage. This will be a tourist attraction that will dumbfound and befuddle the “powers that be” in the community. Not just the local Tampa Bay community but communities across the land. The nation has voted for change and change it will be. No longer will we be only reactive in our behavior. This is a first magnitude proactive effort that has brought the attention of the nation to bear upon the Sons of Confederate Veterans. For a change, this community is asking to talk and to dialogue with us and the pattern is setting a blueprint for the rest of the American South.

For the day of the dedication we have reserved a great 3 acre plot of land immediately across the road from the actual park site. The site has room enough for a large revival type tent, many sutlers and venders, a couple of hundred re-enactors (living historians) in tents and 10 to 15 cannons. This is and will be a well planned and orchestrated happening. On the day of the event, music and speakers will begin at 10 AM and will continue until 2 PM. At 2 PM the dedication service will begin. Pastor John Weaver will be the keynote speaker. Also, Donnie Kennedy will be one of the speakers. The actual park site will be closed until the dedication service ends with the hoisting of the new “world’s largest flying” Confederate Battle Flag, 40 by 70 feet on the 139 foot flagpole which flies at the junction of two major interstates.

Monument inscription opportunities are still available as well as the following 20 by 30 inch bronze plaques.

National Events

The War against Southern Civilians – SOLD
Black Confederates – SOLD
Confederate POW Experience – OPEN
The Confederate Navy – OPEN
Hispanic Confederates – OPEN
President Jefferson Davis – OPEN
General Robert E. Lee – OPEN
General Nathan B. Forrest – OPEN
General Stonewall Jackson – OPEN
CSS Submarine Hunley - OPEN
Secretary of State Judah P. Benjamin - OPEN
Major John Mosby – OPEN
CSS Alabama – OPEN
Your Choice - OPEN

Florida Events:

Battle of Olustee – SOLD
Battle of Natural Bridge – SOLD
C.S.S. Florida – SOLD
Captain J. J. Dickison – SOLD
Captain John T. Lesley – SOLD
Gen. Stand Watie & Cherokees – SOLD
Battle of Gainesville – SOLD
Naval Sec. Stephen R. Mallory - OPEN
General Kirby Smith – OPEN
Florida in the War - OPEN
General Edward A. Perry - OPEN
Governor John Milton – OPEN
Your Choice – OPEN

These plaques are what will make this site noteworthy and such a profound statement for the common or uninitiated visitor from the community.

For more information or to participate in the monument visit: site will be constantly updated with new information as time moves along toward the dedication date. For phone contact call Marion Lambert at (813)892-9418 or email at

Your Humble Servant,
Wesley H. Frank, Commander
12th Brigade, Florida Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans
serving the Treasure Coast and
Okeechobee County


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