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Southern Heritage <br>News and Views: Confederate Memorial Day Service, Nassau County, FL

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Confederate Memorial Day Service, Nassau County, FL

April 18, 2009

Nassau County, FL

On the banks of the St.Mary's River, dividing Georgia and Florida The Gen. Joseph Finnegan , SCV Camp #745 embraced the assistance of the Order of the Confederate Rose, The United Daughters of the Confederacy and the 3rd Florida Infantry. These Confederate "tribes" paid tribute to four Veterans and their wives buried in Brickyard Cemetery. The appeal went out for descendents and 177 "Southern Souls" answered the call and came to pay homage to the valor of their Confederate ancestors.

As the time was rolled back to the 1860's, Southern banners fluttered in the wind, Cadet Officer Kaleb Williams sang "The Bonnie Blue Flag, southern singer and songwriter, Randall Smith sang "The Southern Soldier Boy".

"The Widow's March" called for the measured steps of the Nassau Redshirt Honor Guard who escorted the lovely ladies, all in mourning dresses to the graves to place a rose upon the hallowed ground. The soft an mournful words of "Lorena" brought tears to many eyes, as the march concluded.

OCR member, Shirley Lear read the poem, "Bivouac of the Dead" and everyone joined in "Amazing Grace". Impassioned lectures were given by Southern Historians and orators, Larry Skinner and Michael R. Tubbs.

Cannon and musket salutes were rendered by the 3rd FL Infantry and Fifer Teresa Pinkstaff closed the ceremony with "Taps"

Jim Lear, Cmdr.
SCV Camp # 745
Nassau County FL


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