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Monday, July 13, 2009

Where Has The Southern Spirit Gone?

Where has the Southern spirit gone? Throughout our proud history we can read great works, hear songs full of pride and patriotism for the South, whether it was the country music of Alabama and Hank Williams Jr. the Southern Rock of Lynyrd Skynyrd and .38 Special, the heartfelt anthem by Elvis to songs for the Southern states by Willie Nelson and Ray Charles. Old Southern songs, poems and books praising the South, her heritage, culture and ways of life have been enjoyed throughout the generations, Walt Disney dared to make a pro-Southern animated movie called “Song of the South”, “Gone With The Wind” was made into a great movie that has been loved by generations of Southerners and non-Southerners alike. The South was praised by endless people in numerous forms from song to print to film, to school bands playing Dixie at ballgames, Dixie was revered.

Fast forward to modern America, all things Southern are under attack, our films are banned, books are refused, history is re-written or shunned. We lose school names, street names, our rights to display our proud symbols are under attack like never before even under Reconstruction. There was a time that the people of the South would have taken a stand and stood strong for Dixie and all that she is, yet we hear basically nothing from her citizens today. In times such as this is when we as a people should sing her songs the loudest, buy her books and donate them to libraries, give them as gifts and read them for our children the most. We should rent Southern movies or ask for them to be offered at local video stores, have them in our homes to watch or hold gatherings and show them at home. In times like these the people of the South should be taking a united stand against the oppression that is facing us, the people of the South should be leading the push against the move to ban our symbols, movies and songs. Yet, for the most part, we remain silent. Our silence may as well be our approval of the cultural cleansing that is taking place across the South and across the rest of the nation. As we remain silent in fear of being labeled “racist” or we whisper of the glory days gone we show our children that they should be ashamed of their culture and should shun their symbols and look down on the heroes that tried to free themselves from an oppressive and tyrannical government. Our silence emboldens our enemies and adds fuel to their machine that is slowly erasing our culture, history and way of life.

As we remain silent, as we refuse to take a united stand against our enemies, we grant them the ability to continue with their ethnic cleansing of the South, to continue to attack all things that make us who we are. Those against us see this as a sign of defeat that we are to busy watching NASCAR and drinking Budweiser to care about what is happening across the South. We are seeing the loss of who we are grow like never before, we are spectators to our own demise and we are to busy to lift a finger to stop it. We wring our hands behind closed doors, worrying what the neighbors will think if we raise a banner, we worry what the boss will think if we place a tag or sticker on our vehicle, we are concerned what the teacher will think if our child goes to school wearing a Dixie Outfitters shirt or draws a flag on their notebook.

The Southern Movement, as it were, is fractured and has been rendered useless by inept leaders, and petty infighting that leaves the Movement fighting itself rather than forming a united front against our enemies and for the South. We have organizations more interested in collecting dues than in promoting the Cause, we have “leaders” more interested in advancing their ego than advancing the Cause of the South. While our organizations wring their hands behind closed doors our enemies move closer to their goal of outlawing ownership of anything of the “old South”. While we whisper behind closed doors of the good old days those that oppose us post in the national papers about the evils of the South and her symbols, while we bicker amongst ourselves our enemies unite against us. The South has lost sense of itself, its people have forgotten the Southern Spirit and have lost the will to fight and take a stand for Dixie.

Until the people of Dixie find a way to rekindle that spirit and find the courage to take a stand we will continue to lose freedoms, until the leadership of the Southern Cause grow a backbone and actually lead from the frontlines the South will slowly and assuredly be cleansed of its culture and heritage and become a generic reproduction of the north and west. Until the Southern organizations unite under the Third National and under one name our united enemies will continue to be victorious in their move to ethnically cleanse the South. Until we take responsibility for our children’s educations the feds will indoctrinate their young minds with anti-Southern propaganda.

So I ask you, when will the leadership of the South take a stand? When will the people of the South take a stand? When will we as a people fly our banners proudly, sing our songs loudly and fight against our enemies boldly? The South cant wait much longer for the Movement to unite and to put aside its petty differences, we may be the last generation that has the knowledge and will to advance the Cause of the South and to save our rich heritage and culture. I would hate to face my children and grandchildren in my last years and have to confess that I did nothing, I would hate to face our forefathers when called Home and tell them I was to afraid or to busy to protect what they died fighting for. The time is now for us as a Movement to unite, the time is now to rekindle that Southern spirit…

For A Free And Independent South

Captain Meadows, Commanding
1st Regiment, Georgia Division
Confederate States Militia


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