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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


by Joan Hough

Talk about DISCRIMINATION! The Fed's ruled in Feb. 2004 that the term "white pride" is "offensive and immoral, yet “black pride,” “Chinese Pride,” “Mexican Pride,” Black Pride” “Gay Pride,” “Transgender Pride,” “Lesbian Pride,” etc. were allowed in ’05. This information comes to us from a man who declares himself greatly discriminated against. He identifies himself: “Justin J. Moritz is my real name. I am a retired law enforcement officer and have served as a city police officer, a county deputy, a state special agent, and a training director. I hold Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees from three Minnesota colleges.”
(Posted on August 3, 2005)

If this discrimination doesn't smack of the rulings made over a century ago by Saint Abraham Lincoln and his "magnificent” Marxist-Radicals during their War and their RECONSTRUCTION DAYS in my South, then I'm a watermelon.

I am now “digging deep" into new library shelves overflowing with books on the RRRRR ("Radical Republican's Rancid Reconstruction Retinue") in the South.

The truth being revealed about the Grand Republican Party's Reconstruction Period in American history consists of a revolting collection of evil perpetrated in the name of a saint and his Republican angels. (Did you know that Karl Marx, himself, taught the word "Reconstruction" to Abe, the irreligious wonder of the North, that great pretender of religious piety? The term was presented via letter from Marx to Lincoln--and no, I'll not bother to look up the reference for this.

My own family managed to survive the Republican evils, but it was not easy. My Dad's grandfather and grandmother suffered greatly through the horrors of the South's so-called RECONSTRUCTION. My great grandmother, especially, went from riches to rags during that period.

I will never forget. No true Southerner should. No true American could.

Most Americans are completely ignorant of the work of the Lincoln Republicans. Most Americans have not even an inkling of an idea as to how terror-filled the "Reconstruction Period" was for Southerners--starving, abused Southerners whose only sin was that they believed in the validity of the U.S. Constitution and their right to leave a U.S. government-turned-radical. Reconstruction was a glorious time, however, for the Carpet baggers, Yankee military occupants, In-coming Republicans, and happy, thousands upon thousands upon thousands of black sycophants expecting possession of their former master’s land, his home, his white women, his possessions, and his mules.

Marxist Reconstruction meant that the South suffered a mighty influx of Yankees who suddenly, immorally and unconstitutionally acquired vast tracts of rich dirt, lakes, plantations, small farms, saw mills, fabric factories, sugar mills, salt mines, private homes, lumber land, tons of cotton, an amazingly good growing climate, and most of the other types of the South's riches. The new government installed throughout the Southern states by the Republicans produced new state Constitutions written by and voted on by white Southerner’s masters and faithful Republicans.

Confederate Southerners, teachers, judges, preachers, policemen, sheriffs, mayors, school board members, city councilman, state treasurers, attorney generals, public auctioneers, etc. were not allowed to vote or participate in their South in any legal manner. Jury duty was prohibited them. Of course no man who had served in the Confederate military could vote either. The Kings so ruled. Martial law, martial rule, dictatorship in the nation! “Little Kings” controlling the Southern states.

The Union Generals were kings in the Southern Districts assigned them by the Radical Republicans. The Kings were supported by their thousands of Lincoln’s soldiers. The kings declared that only Blacks or Whites who had never lifted a hand to help or said a kind word to a Confederate could vote. Only these voters could create and put into effect the new Constitutions the Southern states were required to write before being re-admitted to the Union.

Confederate widows, not able to vote to stick up for themselves, were plentiful throughout the South and, had a bevy of hungry children clinging to their skirts. If the lady had even made a shirt for her young Confederate soldier boy son, she had a black mark against her in the Republicans’ book, and trouble, trouble, trouble at her doorstep. Who could come to her aid? Black rapists? Sneering Union soldiers? Union Men influenced by Beast Butler, still convinced that all females in the South should be accorded the treatment of women of ill repute because one Southern female allegedly spat on a Yankee soldier, and that if this actually happened, the soldier did absolutely nothing, and said absolutely nothing to cause such an un-Southern lady like type of behavior down in New Orleans?

All the world knows that soldiers are absolutely incapable of lewd behavior and of obscene gestures and remarks—and most especially so, if they happened to be Mr. Lincoln’s Union soldiers.

Louisiana, my poor Louisiana, bore the brunt of Yankee military occupation longer than any other Southern state, so perhaps Louisianans have longer memories of the evils of the grand old Republican Party. My North Louisiana was particularly hard-hit by the Plunderers and, as a result, gave the Republican Radicals’ generals more trouble than they were given elsewhere in the state. Louisiana forests were stripped of their lumber and any idiot knows how barren land becomes and just how long it takes trees to grow strong and tall and green again. Louisiana’s white Confederates were stripped of all of their God-given rights, including their freedom. Some say they have yet to gain all back again—that even free speech no longer exists. It has been taken away again by modern Republicans and Democrats.

But, oh, how sweetly the renowned historians praise the efforts of those Kingly Yankee Generals who governed Louisiana during those dozen years of Hell! How nice it is of these noble historians to praise the Yankee Generals of Louisiana for building, with stolen Southern monies, a few roads in Louisiana.

Actually, when compared to the highways built in England by Roman conquerors or built for Louisiana by Huey P. Long, the Yankee Generals’ highways were nothing. The Roman highways were magnificent, but Long's highways were spectacular in utility and number and unlike the Republican military rulers and the Romans, Long did no evil to the people, did not rob them, destroy their homes, kill them, or load their children's shoulders with guilt. With the voters’ money, he built them free hospitals, farm to market roads, institutions of higher education, and provided school books for the children. All this was done at the state, not the national level and did not break the Law of the Land or, for that matter, God’s Law. (And don’t believe the Hollywood version of Long’s life. Remember, if you are capable, that Long, had he been allowed to live, might very well have defeated in the presidential race, that great Socialist, Franklin D. Roosevelt, darling of the Communists.

Radical Republican Senator Sherman and his megalomaniacal-arsonist brother managed to get themselves miles of Southern land. When Grant managed to make himself a pauper, who flew to his financial aid? Why, the grown-rich, hero of the Georgia fire makers, of course.

As God is my witness I will never forget the Reconstruction and War works of the followers of Karl Marx in America---those Marxist- Republicans who, even today, are not given their correct labels, but are called "RADICAL REPUBLICANS." The Marxist-self-glorifying lies are told and retold even now in all the ever-so-proper history books, written by the ever-so-politically correct graduates of the U.S. government-controlled schools. (Yes, the victors do promulgate their lies down through the ages.)

It is, definitely, more comfortable and far less tiring for one to be dumb, to be illiterate, and to have a family full of relatives who know too little, if any, true Southern history. To be otherwise is to be forced to identify and loathe lies and liars---no matter how highly placed they may be in any nation’s all powerful central government. Loathing on the part of persons of intellect requires a great expenditure of the effort necessary to prove the loathing justified. All that digging out and separating truths from nationally accepted lies is hard work. More work is all that study of the U.S. Constitution and the history of that first secession from an all powerful government headed by King George—secession largely spear-headed by Southerners).

How can Southerners, if white, vote for Republicans? How could blacks, if with Confederate roots, do the same? How can Southerners vote for Democrats when Democrats have altered their spots and now have pelts more Sherman-fire-striped, more like Lincoln-Republicans than Democrats? How could Americans, noted for being truth-lovers continue to tolerate all who continue to regurgitate Marxist lies and vote them into law?

You tell me.

I could have filled up this commentary with all kinds of references, but since the POLITICALLY CORRECT historians merely quote each other's lies and these lies are always believed, I do not feel compelled to quote the authors of truths. If the reader is interested enough to inquire, I'll be most happy to send him/her pages of names of non-brainwashed authors including such as Walter Kennedy, Al Benson, Frank Conner, Thomas j. DiLorenzo, James Kennedy, Jeff Davis, Steve Scroggins and all the writers for the Georgia Heritage Council, Bernhard Thuersam, etc., etc., etc. and, in addition I'll supply the name of my Daddy, the man who told me what he learned from the mouths of his own Confederate soldier-grandfather and long-lived cousins.

Some of us long-lived Southerners did have in our close families living witnesses of the War of Northern Aggression and of the Occupation of the South. We know what we know and what other Americans don’t know or have lied about. Sadly they know not, and know not they know not-- but their history texts are the ones taught each and every generation of Americans. The Lincoln-cultists not only give each other monetary rewards and high degrees, they teach the whole world their lying songs.

I just spoke on the telephone with a very patriotic and lovely lady who informed me that she has many Confederates on her family tree. She, also, told me that "Abe Lincoln was a nice man." When I asked her who was the first U.S. president to give us Income tax, she did not know. I doubt that she believed me when I told her that he was Honest Abe and that the Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx, and undoubtedly read by Abe, listed Progressive Income Tax as one of the big Commie goals. So Abe gave us the progressive income tax. The tax has a history that is very interesting, but someone else can tell you that.

Control of the minds of the children via public education was, of course, another goal Karl listed, although not in precisely those words. And everybody is aware that stirring racial hatred was another “biggy” for the Communists. This was addressed in Marx’s Manifesto.

Religion, called the "opiate of the people" by Karl Marx in translation from the German "Die Religion ... ist das Opium des Volkes" was, naturally, to be supplanted by total dedication/devotion/worship of the all powerful central government—government worship being the new religion. Interestingly, the phrase “This opium you feed your people” was the creation of Marquis de Sade.

I should have, also, informed that lady that Democrat Obama lists Abe Lincoln as one of his most admired Americans. In fact, Obama took his Presidential oath of office on the Bible used by Lincoln when Lincoln took the oath of office in 1861. And Obama’s decision to ape Lincoln was considered most appropriate by many knowledgeable history buffs who do not wonder why today a Democrat Donkey lionizes a Republican Elephant.


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