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Southern Heritage <br>News and Views: “The War Will Last Two Hundred Years”

Sunday, December 05, 2010

“The War Will Last Two Hundred Years”

Mifflinburg Telegraph – October 26, 1944
Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania
Rev. C.W. Quimby – Kiwanis Speaker

“Innocence Abroad” or “The War Will Last Two Hundred Years,” was the subject of a talk given to the Kiwanis Club last Monday night by Rev. Chester W. Quimby, pastor of the Methodist Church of Mifflinburg. The Rev. Mr. Quimby told of his trip through the South a year ago, and related how present day Southerners cling to the heroes of the War of ’61 – ’65. As late as 1941 the Daughters of the Confederacy erected a beautiful statue to Jefferson Davis on the Capitol grounds at Montgomery, Alabama. He told how the Confederate flag stands in equality over the roster in the House of Representatives, along with the National and State flags at Columbia, the capitol of South Carolina.

These, with many other illustrations Rev. Quimby used to point out how, nearly a century after the hostilities, a war’s repercussions linger in the hearts of a defeated people. Mr. Quimby asserted that the same will happen in Europe and Japan after this war. The war’s aftermath will sting in the hearts of our enemies for 200 years to come. We must not, therefore, expect too much of the Peace all at once. We must be ready to support outright an international order of justice that peace may be preserved.


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