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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Slavery Was the Excuse for War, Not the Reason

Fellow Southrons,

When arguing the causes of the War against the South, our enemies, opponents and clueless minion's harp on "slavery" (TM) as the main or overriding cause of the war. It can be shown that the political leaders of the deep South in 1860 chose secession rather than remain in a "union" led by the Charles Schumers, Barrack Obamas & Nancy Pelosis of their day. One can rightly argue that the secession of the lower South was caused in part, by the maniacal and unreasonable agitation of the slave question by Northern radicals and and brought to a breaking point in 1859 by the lunatic John Brown's raid. "How can we remain in a "union" with people who wish to murder us in our beds?" Southern leaders queried.

Still secession of the lower South did not cause a war. The upper South remained loyal to the "union," and made no move to leave the federal compact until the dictator Lincoln made the war one of invasion & subjugation of their Southern kinsmen.

A hellish & illegal invasion caused the war, not slavery.

But let's assume for a nanno-second that slavery did cause the war. Would the South be justified in resisting an invasion of their homes, by a combination of Northern states? ABSOLUTELY YES! So even assuming (which I do not) that slavery "caused" the war, my ancestors still had the God-given, inalienable right to self-defense against the murderous onslaught of their former northern fellow citizens.

The war was really about economic domination and subjugation of the South by other than peaceful means. To that end slavery was the excuse for war, not the reason. As in other modern wars, follow the money and you will usually arrive at the real cause for conflict!

The descendants of northern war-criminals bleat continually about slavery, slavery, slavery to salve their worried conscience, if the war was not this holy, sanctified crusade, these folks would have to wallow in shame for the innumerable war crimes committed by their ancestors.

Most everyone knows this, whether or not they will admit it.

But we bear no grudge, no chip on our shoulder, to our many friends in the North. Many of you have figured out that the defeat of the Confederacy was a defeat for all Americans who believe in constitutionally guaranteed liberty, and that the slavery we all endure under Big Brother started with his great great grandfather Abraham the "railsplitter."

For the rest of the clueless population North or South, the "war" will be over, we will "get over it," when you stop making war on the Confederate community, when you stop attacking our culture, our heritage and our right to exist. When that happens, when that ever happens, coupled with some over-due contrition & repentance for northern war crimes - I think you will find us quite ready to forgive and make peace.

Until that happens I leave you with this epitaph for an unknown federal soldier's grave (penned by a Southerner)

The yankee host with blood-stained hands
Came Southward to divide our lands
This narrow and contracted spot
Is all this yankee scoundrel got'


Kirk D. Lyons
Chief Trial Counsel
Southern Legal Resource Center, Inc.
P.O. Box 1235
Black mountain, NC 28711


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