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Thursday, December 11, 2008


A ceremony is planned for December 11th at the office of Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue which will observe a proclamation signed on November 6, 2008. The proclamation declares April 2009 as Confederate History Month and April 26, 2009, as Confederate Memorial Day.

The proclamation highlights the contributions of Georgia's Jewish community to the Confederate States of America. The Sons of Confederate Veterans will be joined by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, The Children of the Confederacy, the Georgia Civil War Commission and members of the Georgia House and Senate in the ceremony at the Georgia Capitol.

The proclamation emphasizes the contributions of Jewish citizens who saw action in the Confederate military and government. Two such individuals who made significant contributions to the state were Phoebe Yates Levy Pember of Cobb County and Charles Wessolowsky of Washington County.

Phoebe Pember was appointed Chief Matron of Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond which at the time was the the largest military hospital in the world.She dedicated herself to relieving the suffering of soldiers, administering medication, assisting surgeons in operation, patching wounds and caring for patients. Often she served as the final companion to the dying. She wrote a book called "A Southern Woman's Story".

Charles Wessolowsky came from Prussia to settle in Sandersville, Georgia. He served as Sergeant Major of Company E, 32nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry. After the war he moved to Albany where he served as city alderman, Clerk of the Superior Court, a term in the Georgia House and a term in the Georgia Senate. He was associate editor of "The Jewish Voice". He also served as Grand High Priest of the GeorgiaMasonic Order.


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