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Friday, August 08, 2014

A Tribute to Martin Niemoller

By Valerie Protopapas

First they came for Quantrill and the Missouri guerrillas—and I didn’t object because, after all, they weren’t even Southerners or an official part of the Confederate army. And anyway, we still have Lee and Jackson and the Army of Northern Virginia.

Then they came for Nathan Bedford Forrest—and I didn’t object because, after all, he was nothing more than a semi-literate slave trader and there was that matter of Fort Pillow after all. And anyway, we still have Lee and Jackson and the Army of Northern Virginia.

Then they came for Jefferson Davis—and I didn’t object because, after all, he was only a politician and wasn’t even that good a president. And anyway, we still have Lee and Jackson and the Army of Northern Virginia.

Then they came for the Battle Flag—and I didn’t object because, after all, it wasn’t a national flag and besides, it was used by the klan during the civil rights movement in the 50s and 60s (of course, before that, the klan had used the American flag). And anyway, we still have Lee and Jackson and the Army of Northern Virginia.

Then they came for the monuments erected to Confederate soldiers and heroes—and I didn’t object because, after all, many are falling down through age and few even know what they’re about, so what does it really matter? And anyway, we still have Lee and Jackson and the Army of Northern Virginia.

Now they’ve come for Lee and soon they will come for Jackson and all the rest—and at this point, what right do I have to object?

Sunday, August 03, 2014

15th Annual Nathan Bedford Forrest Birthday Celebration a GREAT SUCCESS!

Well, the 15th Annual birthday celebration for Lt. Gen Nathan B. Forrest at Fort Dixie was another HUGE SUCCESS thanks to ALL Y’ALL who physically came to the party and those who were unable to attend but sent donations, bought ancestor pavers and participated in the drawing for the NBF hot-cast bronze mini bust.  Mr. Jack Skoch of LaFayette, AL won the bust this year…Jack is a champion for our cause and reveres General Forrest, so the General is in good hands this year!

We dedicated the party this year in the HONOR of our precious friends, Bobby & Belinda Holloway. Both are cancer survivors and we are soooo thankful to God for His Amazing Grace and answer to soooo many of our prayers. Both, Bobby & Belinda are literally walking miracles from God! As you know, Belinda is my “parner in crime” and Bobby has been for so many years our Master Chef but this year the weather was just sooo hot they could not attend. Hopefully, they will be back with us next year!

As usual, I DO GUARANTEE HOT weather!  Well, it was hot as blue blazes on July 12 at Fort Dixie but that did not stop folks from coming to enjoy an “ole South Day” at Fort Dixie to fellowship with folks of like minds & hearts! We had approximately 250 folks here…a GREAT turnout! We had folks from AL, of course; Mrs. Betty Mann, Dr. Robert Griffon from Friendswood TX, Dr. Robert Stark and his wife Beth, from Brennan, TX …and folks from LA, FL, GA, MS, TN, and Tom & Jill Forrest from Belleflower, Illinois! Yep, Tom FORREST keeps the skeer on’em in the Land of Lincoln! In the words of faithful compatriot, Tyrone Crowley, “In spite of killer heat, I believe it was the best party yet to my memory”!

We kicked the party off with our friends, Mr. Johnny Westerfield of Monteagle, TN giving a very inspirational invocation and then Kirby Crabtree also of Monteagle sang his resounding rendition of the Bonne Blue Flag in A cappella while waving the Bonnie Blue!  Kirby is outstanding and sings from his heart! Todd Kiscaden, of Monteagle, TN, fired the opening Happy Birthday Cannon Salute to General Forrest after we all sang a resounding rendition of DIXIE and fired a few more times during the day!  We let folks in this community know Fort Dixie is prepared to DEFEND the fort! (Looks like we had Monteagle, TN well represented!)  Also, at the beginning of the party, Ala Div. SCV Chief of Heritage Defense, Cherokee Brasher, on behalf of the Ala Div. SCV, presented Todd Kiscaden with an award recognizing Todd for his work in Southern Heritage preservation…going above & beyond the call of duty. I’d like to add that Todd was also presented the DIXIE DEFENDER AWARD at the National SCV Reunion in Charleston for his work in Southern heritage preservation going above & beyond the call of duty…this award is given to NON-SCV members who are dedicated to the fight against political correctness and defense of the good name of the Confederate soldier and his fight for liberty!  Todd led the fight against the City of Selma and gave us a VICTORY! He is a TRUE PATRIOT!

Past Ala Div SCV Commander, Ronnie Simmons, of Columbiana, AL was our Master of Ceremonies and always does an outstanding job!  Ronnie is a natural born speaker & has a GREAT sense of humor and keeps ME on track with the program…which is the hardest part of his job! For those of you who have never had the experience of hearing Past SCV Chaplain-in-Chief, Pastor John Weaver speak, you have really missed a treat!  It goes without saying that he is inspirational - a tremendous orator… who NEVER lulls you to sleep and he is VERY astute when it comes to the history of General Forrest!  His address on General Forrest is OUTSTANDING & on DVD & CD; I highly recommend you buying it if you don’t already have it!  Christmas will be here before we know it & would be a GREAT Christmas gift! If you need contact information, contact me & I will give you his information.

Our family friend, George Denmark & my brother, Ron Smitherman, stayed busy cutting & slicing ice cold watermelon all day long at the “Pickininny Freeze Watermelon Stand”!!!  Everyone enjoys ice cold watermelon on a hot July day in the South!  While just a few feet away from the watermelon stand, at The General’s Mess Tent is Nelson Andrews, our Master Chef and Medford Pharr & Butch & our son, Austin…frying up our famous Southern Fried Catfish. Some folks who come here who don’t “normally” like Catfish, give it a try and LOVE it! Our pond-raised, grain-fed catfish is picked up FRESH (NEVER frozen) at Harvest Select Catfish in Uniontown, AL on Friday afternoon & packed in ice…we don’t serve frozen “slanty-eyed” catfish from Viet Nam!

Everyone enjoyed the music entertainment provided by Celtic singer/songwriters Jed Marum and Rickey Pittman…PROFESSIONALS to the bone!  Their music is lovely, entertaining and inspirational and in touch with our love of our history, heritage & Celtic culture. They were back by popular demand and hopefully they will come back to Fort Dixie again real soon! If you need music entertainment at your upcoming events, I highly recommend them!

The auction was a GREAT success!  We had several beautiful Confederate prints & wonderful Southern items and some rare collectibles in the auction this year!  The proceeds from the auction garnered more than $2300! Thanks to all who participated in the auction & made a purchase!  Bill Anthony of the Tallassee Armory Guards, Camp 1921 did his usual outstanding job at being our auctioneer!  I’d like to thank all who contributed items to the auction and the collection of items for the door prize drawing. Artist Ron Lesser contributed the beautiful print, The War Horse” and if anyone would like to know how to contact Ron & his Publicist, Jerry Ross I will be glad to give you the information. Ron & Jerry are very generous every year to donate a Ron Lesser print.

After supper we had a “special visitor” to come & speak…Emma Sansom Johnson, portrayed in first person by Mrs. Virginia Davis of Rainbow City, Alabama. Ginny portrays Emma Sansom Johnson in her reflections of being a young girl who was named Alabama Heroine by the Alabama State Legislature in 1901 by awarding her 600 acres of land for her valiant assistance to General Forrest in crossing Black Creek during the Abel Streight raid near Gadsden Alabama!  Ginny does a wonderful job in this first person portrayal and I highly recommend her to anyone’s camp or chapter program! After Emma Sansom’s address, we cut the General’s Birthday cake & sang Happy Birthday General Forrest!

This year we enjoyed a 2-fold celebration…the birthday of Gen. Forrest and our victory against the City of Selma! We have been back at work at Confederate Circle in Historic Live Oak Cemetery since April 16, 2014. The project is coming together absolutely beautifully. We have had NO problems with Rose Sanders and her footsoldiers! I invite you All to come to Confederate Circle whenever you are in the area & see our work in progress!  The crew arrives from TN each Monday, works all week & goes back to TN on Friday afternoon! We are shooting for May 2015, the Sesquicentennial year of the Battle of Selma for our dedication. Plans will be forthcoming as they develop and are finalized. So, keep May clear next year…don’t worry, we definitely will NOT have the dedication on Mother’s Day!

I want to thank Darcie Simmons for “soldiering” the General’s Water’n Hole serving sweet tea & lemonade and also a Big Thank You to Mrs. Lee King, the Commander of the Kitchen!  Lee does a magnificent job at guarding the kitchen making sure “no catfish is eaten before it’s time” and literally works herself to the bone in maintaining the kitchen duties!  Also, I don’t know what I would do without Tonnia Maddox and Carol Crowley at the Registration table…handling registration &  selling drawing tickets & selling items out of The Gen’rls Sto’”…Also, thank you sooo much to all the ladies who brought so many wonderful & delicious desserts and side dishes!  It’s a “Suth’rn thang”!

It was dreadfully HOT but God continues to smile upon the General’s birthday party each year with no rain. So far, we have never been rained out, even the year Hurricane Dennis was on his way…it misted & drizzled a little bit & then cleared off & cooled the evening that year! God is truly sovereign and GOOD!

It is additionally important for me to say “THANK YOU” to ALL of you who continue your faithful support of our efforts here in Selma to honor Gen. Forrest who so rightfully deserves his place of honor for his defense of Selma and the Confederate Naval Ordnance Works & Foundry from the invading forces of Gen. James H. Wilson. Without YOU this project would not be enjoying the VICTORY that we have fought so hard for for soooo long!

The day ended with more cannon salutes and beautiful fireworks…folks went home a little bit more educated, a little bit entertained, a little bit less hungry and HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY after a day at FORT DIXIE celebrating the 193rd Birthday of Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest! The tents have been taken down, the flags that adorned Fort Dixie’s front porch properly folded & put away til we see y’all again next year!

Keepin’ the Skeer on’em,

Confederately yours,

Pat Godwin

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


By Valerie Protopapas

On August 24th, 1864, President Abraham Lincoln wrote to politician and editor Henry J. Raymond that Raymond might seek a conference with Jefferson Davis and to tell him that hostility would cease “upon the restoration of the Union and the national authority. In other words, three plus years of hideous bloodshed and war crimes would simply be ended on the above mentioned conditions.

But there is so much more in those ten words than might be seen by the casual observer. Of course, Jefferson Davis was hardly “a casual observer!” He understood the conditions under which his nation and his people would be spared further torture and destruction but he chose not to follow the path of abject slavery. It is interesting to note that a war many people declare solemnly was fought “to abolish slavery” among blacks was in fact fought to institute slavery among all Americans.

As for the first of Lincoln’s demands; that is, the “restoration of the Union:” the simple fact is that for many years participation in that “Union” had been a kind of economic and cultural slavery for the States of the South. Despised and attacked by fellow members of the “glorious Union,” they found that their wealth was not despised but, indeed, desired and as a result, year by year found its way into the coffers of those who could not be considered anything but their implacable enemies.

But this was not the foremost reason that Lincoln wanted the eleven Confederate States back under the thumb of the North. It is the second demand that makes clear why Lincoln launched his war against the States of the South in the first place; that is, they had refused to observe “the national authority.” To what “national authority” does Lincoln refer? Again, it is simple. Lincoln was going—and indeed already had—nullified the Constitution and the Union of the Founders by replacing the sovereignty of the States and the People with a now national rather than federal government. Of course, this was not just Lincoln’s desire. Many in the North and in the South of both parties no longer wished to maintain the limited federal government as created by the Constitution. Both before and during the War, Lincoln spoke endlessly of “saving”  not the nation or the Union but the government! The “national authority” which he wished to “restore”—although it had not existed at least openly before the War—was an all-powerful central government with himself at its head.

To this very day, those who seek what Lincoln desired infest the Constitution with “amendments” and “legal interpretations” assuring that both of his demands would be institutionalized in perpetuity and that is why we have what we have today: an all powerful “national authority.” At least the People of the South can take some comfort in knowing that their ancestors did not willingly or even grudgingly accept Lincoln’s slavery while they could still lift their swords to resist it. That they failed in that effort does not detract from the effort.

Sons of Confederate Veterans Accuse University Of "Narrow Minded Prejudice"

WASHINGTON, Va.July 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Sons of Confederate Veterans, a heritage organization which represents approximately 30,000 male descendants of the Confederate States Army, has accused officials of Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia of "exhibiting the same kind of narrow minded prejudice and knee-jerk bias that has always been the enemy of brotherhood and understanding."
The group, known as the SCV, was created in 1896 and is based in Columbia, Tennessee. According to a statement released by the SCV's Chief of Heritage Operations Ben Jones, the recent removal of Confederate symbols from the burial place of General Robert E. Lee was a "breaking point for us. Our patience with this 'new McCarthyism' is exhausted."

Here is the complete statement:

"The New Bigots"

A recent event at Washington and Lee University has underscored the growing phenomenon of "South-bashing" in the media and in academia. At the behest of several young law students, that school's President made a decision to remove two St. Andrews Cross battle flags from the Lee Chapel on the campus. Lee Chapel is the burial place of Robert E. Lee, who led the Army of Northern Virginia. General Lee became President of what was then Washington College after the War Between the States and is generally credited with saving the school. The Chapel is a beloved and honored place to the more than 65 million Americans who are descended from those who fought for the South in that conflict.

The law students, who call themselves "The Committee", delivered an ultimatum to President Kenneth Ruscio threatening civil disobedience unless certain demands were met. One of those demands was the removal of Confederate symbols from the Chapel, saying that the Christian Cross flags made them feel "unwelcome". On July 8th, Ruscio announced that the flags would be removed from the Lee Chapel. We cannot fathom why anyone would attend a school named after Robert E. Lee and then say they were offended by the St. Andrews Cross flag. Nor we cannot fathom how anyone could take them seriously and cave in to their threats. But in the current climate of 'South bashing', such a radical act as this seems to be accepted as some sort of litmus test for the "politically correct police".

It appears that those who have a very simplistic view of American history have decided that the 150th anniversary of The Civil War is the right time to demonize the Southern culture, to intensify their vilification of Confederate heritage, and to continue to act as if their actions are some sort of moral crusade.

We who are of Confederate heritage honor our ancestors for their sacrifice, their perseverance and their astonishing courage against overwhelming odds. These men were our family, our kinfolks, and their blood runs in our veins. But the new bigots of political correctness are exhibiting the same kind of narrow minded prejudice and knee-jerk bias that has always been the enemy of brotherhood and understanding. This latest example is the breaking point for us. Our patience with this new McCarthyism is exhausted. These mean spirited attacks upon us come from the same sad place as do all racial, religious, and regional prejudices. They are rooted in an ignorance combined with a sense of superiority.

Over 50 years ago, that courageous Southerner Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "I have a dream that someday on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to dine together at the table of brotherhood." And that has happened. We have done that for decades now in the South, in great part because Dr. King did not qualify that dream or put asterisks on it. He did not say that we would dine together in brotherhood only if we dishonored our ancestors or if our family could routinely be called bigots, traitors, and racists. He was a far better and wiser man than that. He meant that we would dine together by accepting our past as it is and that we would understand each other by our shared culture of work and weather and food and music and memory. That way we could strive together to heal the wounds of the past and thus build a proud and loving South, where folks are judged only by the content of their characters.

Slavery was not the sin of the South, but of the Nation. Chattel slavery existed throughout every colony and state for almost two centuries. Slavery was funded mainly by the Northern banks. The greatest profits went to the North. The North built the slave ships and manned them. The cotton also went North, to the vast textile mills in New England. The North's complicity in prolonging and profiting from slavery is one of the best kept secrets of American history. The work of the slaves helped to build America, both North and South. And yet the South has long been the scapegoat of these attacks from academia and the media.

The South is the fastest growing economic region in our nation. African-Americans are returning to the South in record numbers, finding a more traditional way of life here and according to many, better race relations.

It is long past the time for the new bigots of political correctness to get over their condescending sanctimony and to enter into the real world of brotherhood and fellowship. And it is time they understand that insulting our heritage is not the way to build bridges of progress.

Ben Jones
Chief of Heritage Operations
Sons of Confederate Veterans
SOURCE Sons of Confederate Veterans

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

150th Anniversary of The Battle of Dunlap Hill

Sunday, June 29, 2014

J.P. Benjamin Camp 2210 Tampa SCV Presents 11 Hunley Awards to local JROTC Programs in 2014

By Capt. Phil Walters - Judah P. Benjamin camp 2210 Sons of Confederate Veterans Tampa

The historical Honor Society Judah P. Benjamin camp 2210 Sons of Confederate Veterans of Tampa, Fl. is proud to announce its members presented 11 prestigious SCV Hunley Awards to 11 outstanding JROTC Cadets in the greater Tampa Bay area for the 2014 school year.

This award is presented to a (preferably) second year Cadet who exemplifies honor, courage and in particular commitment to their unit and fellow Cadets as selected by their program’s Commander.  The Award’s namesake, the CSS Hunley was the first submarine to sink an enemy combatant in warfare. She took her first two crews of eight sailors to a watery grave and was raised after each catastrophe. The third crew successfully completed their mission of sinking the blockading USS Housatonic; however it was conducted at a dreadful price as the Hunley once again sank with its crew and was lost in Charleston Harbor for over 136 years. In 2000, the Hunley was raised from it’s resting place and is now conserved in Charleston, S.C. On April 17, 2004, the identifiable remains of the last crew as recovered from the Hunley were provided a funeral with full honors by the Sons of Confederate Veterans and interned in Charleston’s Magnolia Cemetery.

The members of the J.P. Benjamin camp wished to increase the number of JROTC programs receiving a Hunley Award through fundraising, education and effort. Our members committed to the Hunley project so we could provide the Award at no cost to the JROTC program or recipient. We had multiple Compatriots step forward to learn the procedures to a meaningful presentation while simultaneously identifying JROTC programs interested in the Award along with commitments for funding. This resulted in a nearly 3 fold increase of Hunley Awards presented to worthy Cadets over 2013 presentations.

This year’s presentations created many noteworthy moments for our members. The Benjamin camp  had 7 different members present the Hunley Award so the experience was spread among membership for their participation. On one evening we had 3 simultaneous presentations so we were a little thin on spectators however all presentations were conducted without a hitch. We had 2 alumni present the Hunley Award at their old haunts; LCDR Phil Walters of Leto HS C/O 1978 and LCDR Greg Caulley of East Bay HS C/O 1980.  Additionally, Mr. Caulley was a member of East Bay’s inaugural JROTC program back in 1977 so the presentation was heartfelt and memorable. For 2015 presentations, we are anticipating increasing the number of outstanding cadets that will be recognized for their achievements and also increasing the number of area Alumni that will return to their schools as a presenter.

A.P. Leto H.S. Naval JROTC Commander Jordon runs a tight ship. He was a career Navy man now shaping future citizens and service folks through his program. He has nearly 180 cadets enrolled in Leto’s JROTC program. They are well drilled by SGM (Marines-Ret) Brooks. He runs his program 11 months of the year, with only July off  in order to keep his Cadets sharp and focused through the summer while prepping them for a successful  new school year. After witnessing a “Drill Inspection” prior to the Awards ceremony, I observed well trained, engaging, polite, sharply dressed and MOTIVATED body  of students exhibiting an “Esprit de Corps,” very much in contrast with my other high school student experiences. Moreover, as the local Marine Corps recruiter shared with the audience from the podium, “The JROTC program at Leto has consistently produced high quality recruits for the Marine Corps and has a long track record as a top program in the state of Florida. These recruits have gone on to become Marines of the highest quality with successful careers.”  Additionally, this program has produced many well prepared recruits for all branches of the service and scholarships for advanced education, with one class of 2014 Cadet entering the Navy’s Nuclear program.

I was very pleased to present the first Hunley award at A.P. Leto H.S. to sophomore Cadet PO1 David Estrada. Program CMD Jordan described Cadet Estrada as “ One hard working and vastly improved Cadet.” Cadet Estrada entered the JROTC program half way through his freshman year and is fully committed to JROTC. He greatly enjoys the camaraderie of his fellow Cadets that he considers his family. In turn, wishing to please his family, he’s motivated to make them proud.  He’s taking extra steps to do so, so many so he said he’s even improved his “room cleaning” schedule at home to reflect his commitment to principles the program has instilled in him. “I’m very proud to wear the Navy JROTC uniform and the recognition it reflects in public” he said. From my interviews, I believe Cadet Estrada is worthy to wear the uniform and his Sons of Confederate Veterans Hunley Award that’s upon it. We’re proud of you and your accomplishments Cadet Estrada! Deo Vendice!

Copyright PMW 2014 may be publish with permission

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

2015 Stephen Dill Lee Institute in Dallas Texas

The Stephen Dill Lee Institute is pleased to announce that in 2015, we will be heading southwest to Dallas, Texas. The Institute will be held at the Double Tree Hotel  on February 6-7, 2015 and will be hosted by the Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The hotel is located near the world famous Galleria shopping center. This is the first time we have held the Institute in the southwest and hope to have a whole new group of Institute followers. As you know, there is nothing to compare with our Institute and it's special brand of high intellectual content coupled with fun times.

The Double Tree is accessible to Love Field airport as well as Dallas-Ft Worth airport and within minuites of attractions such as the Bush Presidential Library and Delaley Plaze, site of the assassination of President John F.Kennedy. The City of Ft; Worth and it's historic stockyards are also in the Dallas area.

Speakers till include--

Jeffery Addicott
Marshall De Rosa
Tom Moore
Egon Tausch
Don Livingston

While individual topcs are being worked out at this moment, the Institute will continue with its special brand of scholarship and intellectual creativity. Biographies will soon be presented along with other pertinent information. Please register on this website or contact Ms. Cindy White at 1-800-My Dixie.  Hotel reservations can be made directly at the hotel or as specified on this website.

Please feel free to contact me at 804- 389- 3620 or visit our website at  for further information . Thanks and I look forward to a big crowd in February.
Brag Bowling                                                                                                            
Director SD Lee Institute

Friday, May 30, 2014


"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" are three rights given by our Creator and protected by government. They seemingly have lost their meaning or been amended until almost every ethnic, political, and social group claims exclusive ownership.
Americans of Southern ancestry are commonly treated as if they should be ashamed of their heritage and that rights extend to them only within the boundary of political correctness.  Our museums are not supplemented by taxes, our history has vanished from textbooks, our anthems cannot be sung nor our flags flown. No other culture must exist within these restraints of unwritten "law." Civil rights and equality are constantly championed but promoters do not mean one syllable of their words.  Southerners seem mandated to yield our sacred birthright while others get a free pass. In today's America, any mention of the Confederacy is dishonored, rejected, slandered, restricted, and turned into a tourist side show.
Such inequality is rampant and you may think that is right. You may freely you lie about racism, sling snide remarks that you deem to be clever or contemplate legislation making allegiance to Southern heritage a crime. Perhaps you are gullible enough to think I care about the names you call me or criticism you send but you are just not worth me being offended. God helping me, I will not deviate from the stand I take, the values I emulate or the beliefs I hold.  Today ignorance holds full sway but time's pendulum swings both ways. Deo Vindice.

Wayne Dobson

Confederate Memorial Day June 7, 2014 Baltimore, Md.


SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 2014, 10:30 A.M.                    
LOUDON PARK , CEMETERY 3800 BLOCK FREDERICK  Rd.                   

CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL DAY is celebrated in Maryland each year on the first weekend in June nearest to the birthday of President Jefferson Davis,  Once again this year the Colonel Harry W. Gilmor Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans has the honor of assisting the Maryland Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy in planning and presenting the CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL DAY ceremony at Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland.

The purpose of the ceremony is to honor the thousands of soldiers who served the Confederacy during the War Between the States.  Over 600 Confederate soldiers are buried at Loudon Park including Colonel Harry W. Gilmor, General Bradley T. Johnson, and Colonel James R. Herbert.  Almost all of the states that gave troops to the Cause of Southern Independence are represented  by the honored dead at Loudon Park.

We would like to cordially invite you and all the members and friends of your organization to participate in this important annual ceremony.  The event can only be successful with your help.  CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL DAY  will be held on SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 2014  at 10:30 A.M. Loudon Park Cemetery is located at the 3800 block Frederick Rd.. in southwest Baltimore. This is about three to four mile east of Exit 13 of the Baltimore beltway, Rt. 695.  We would like to have all military units meet at Confederate Hill between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

The  tentative program includes:

* March on of troops

* Invocation by UDC Chaplain

* Pledge of Allegiance to the US flag

* Salute to the Confederate flag

* Introduction and welcoming remarks by SCV, MOSB, and UDC  representatives.

* Presentation of memorial wreaths and floral tributes by various patriotic
   organizations and military units. Please let me know if you plan  to bring a wreath.

* Rifle salute

* Benediction

* Refreshments


* Military units, please bring ALL your colors, your drummers and fifers, if any, and as many men as you can muster.  Please consider dressing as you would for a parade, not field duty.  We ask that reenactors under 16 years of age not carry muskets or edged weapons.

* If you have contacts in other  Confederate reenactment units, please invite them or ask them to call us for details.

*  All groups, military or civilian are encouraged to bring wreaths or floral tributes to be placed at the Stonewall Jackson Monument in memory of our Confederate patriots.

* If you have contacts in the PRESS, invite them to attend.

For additional details call Elliott Cummings 410-296-9235. .  THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

G. Elliott Cummings                                
Col. Harry W. Gilmor Camp #1388, SCV                                
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