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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

73rd Anniversary of “Gone with the Wind” premiere

By Calvin E. Johnson, Jr., Speaker, Writer of Historical Essays, Author of book “When America Stood for God, Family and Country” and Chairman of the Confederate History and Heritage Month Committee for the Sons of Confederate Veterans:

Do you, your parents or grandparents remember the year 1939 when….The clock was turned back for the premiere of Gone with the Wind at the Loews Grand Theater in Atlanta, Georgia? This beautiful theater was sadly destroyed by fire in 1978 but many folks still remember when Hollywood came to Atlanta to celebrate that wonderful movie and Atlanta’s own author Margaret Mitchell whose book about the Southern people and the War Between the States would be read by millions of people around the world and be made into an exciting motion picture that has become a classic.

Do you remember when a movie premiere was a red carpet affair of excitement and you could take your family to the movies without worrying about the language or sexual content of the film?

“News that Ann Rutherford, who played Scarlett O’Hara’s little sister, died Monday brought tears to the eyes of Connie Sutherland, director of Marietta Gone with the Wind Museum”—June 13, 2012 the Marietta Daily Journal, Marietta, Georgia.

Ann Rutherford, who died on Monday, June 11, 2012, was a friend of Marietta and was present for the 70th Anniversary re-premiere of Gone with the Wind at Marietta, Georgia’s beautifully restored Strand Theater.

Atlanta loved Ann Rutherford!

Mrs. Rutherford was also present at the premiere of Gone with the Wind, arriving in Atlanta, Georgia at 10 AM on December 13, 1939 at the Terminal Railroad Station and stayed at the Georgina Terrace Hotel as most of the stars. The railroad station was torn down in 1972 but the building that was the hotel still remains.

Two years before the United States entered World War II; there was great jubilation throughout America, especially in the Southland, in anticipation of the world premiere of Gone with the Wind during the Christmas Season of 1939, just 74 years after the end of the "War Between the States" and Saturday, December 15, 2012 marks the 73rd anniversary of that classic movie which opens with:

"There was a land of Cavaliers and Cotton Fields called the Old South. Here in this pretty world, Gallantry took its last bow. Here was the last ever to be seen of Knights and their Ladies Fair, of Master and of Slave. Look for it only in books, for it is no more than a dream remembered, a Civilization gone with the wind."

Gone with the Wind won 8 Oscars for 1939, including Best Picture, and;

Hattie McDaniel, the first Black American to win an Academy Award, expressed her heart-felt pride with tears of joy, when she was presented the 1939 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her unforgettable role as "Mammy."

Victor Fleming won the Academy Award for Best Director and even though Max Steiner did not receive an award for his excellent music score, the "Gone with the Wind" theme song has become the most recognizable and played tune in the world.

Vivien Leigh, who won the Academy Award for Best Actress in a leading role, humbly and eloquently summed her appreciation by thanking Producer David O. Selznick.

And, who can forget Olivia De Havilland as the pure-sweet Melanie Hamilton, Leslie Howard as Ashley Wilkes and Clark Gable as Rhett Butler.

Atlanta’s Mayor William B. Hartsfield proclaimed a three-day festival for this grand event and encouraged all women to wear hoop skirts and men to wear Old South attire.

Friday, December 15, 1939, has been described as an icy-cold day in Atlanta but folks warmed to the excitement of the premiere of "Gone with the Wind"--The Selznick International Pictures "Technicolor" Production of the Metro Goldwyn Mayer Release of Margaret Mitchell’s novel about the Old South at the Loews Grand Theater.

Do you remember Thomas Mitchell who played (Gerald O’Hara) telling daughter Scarlett:
"Do you mean to tell me, Katie Scarlett O'Hara, that Tara, that land doesn't mean anything to you? Why, land is the only thing in the world worth working for, worth fighting for, worth dying for, because it's the only thing that lasts."

And, we all wept when Bonnie Blue Butler, the daughter of Rhett and Scarlett—played by Cammie King, was killed in a pony accident.

Anne Rutherford, who played Scarlett’s sister Carreen, took time to visit the Confederate Veterans at the soldier’s home and the stars toured the famous "Cyclorama" at nearby Grant Park.

The festivities surrounding the premiere of Gone with the Wind included a parade down Peachtree Street with over three-hundred thousand people cheering the playing of "Dixie," waving Confederate flags and shouting Rebel Yells.

Many people also witnessed the lighting of the "Eternal Flame of the Confederacy," an 1855 gas lamp that survived the 1864 Battle of Atlanta. The lamp remained for many years on the northeast corner of Whitehall and Alabama Streets. Mrs. Thomas J. Ripley, President of Atlanta Chapter No. 18 United Daughters of the Confederacy, re-lit the great light with Mr. T. Guy Woolford, Commandant of the Old Guard by her side.

April 2013 is Confederate History Month. Read more at:

Friday, November 23, 2012


December 15th 2:00 p.m. at Green Hill Cemetery in Elizabethton, Tennessee.

Invocation: The Rev. Rick Morrell, Commander, Vaughn’s Brigade, Tennessee Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans & The Tennessee Confederate Flaggers.

Salute to the Confederate Flag

Commemoration of the Confederate Veterans Interred in Green Hill Cemetery: Bill Hicks, Aide-de-Camp, Vaughn’s Brigade, Tennessee Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans

Commemoration of the 123rd Anniversary of the Death of Confederate States President Jefferson Davis: Bill Dennison, Guest Speaker, Walker Terry Camp #1758, Virginia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans

Wreath Laying at the Memorial to Confederate Veterans of Carter County, Tennessee:

Order of the Confederate Rose, Wild Mountain Roses Chapter #11 of Elizabethton, Order of the Black Rose, Ms. Clara Ingram-Craft and Ms. Jackie Weaver Dennison

Benediction: The Rev. Rick Morrell, Commander, Vaughn’s Brigade, Tennessee Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans

This Event is sponsored by the Lt. Robert J. Tipton Camp #2083 of Elizabethton, TN.

Tennessee Flagging Coordinator:
Col Mike Shaffer (Doc) or (423)652-0213

Brother Bill Hicks, TFG, Sergeant of The Line

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SECESSION - Then and Now

By Bob Hurst

The word "secession" had all but disappeared from the American vocabulary except as a topic of discussion at various "roundtable" groups or as an academic exercise. Then came the election of November 6, 2012, and suddenly the topic is back in the forefront of American discussion and has gone viral on the Internet.

It is no secret that the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama has split the country in a manner unseen since the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860. That election brought about an internecine struggle that resulted in the destruction of millions of lives and the squashing of the bid for independence of the Southern States by an overpowering and tyrannical central government.

A great many Americans, infuriated by the actions and policies of the first Obama Administration ( profligate spending resulting in an almost 6 trillion dollar increase in the national debt, policies and regulations that are destructive to job creation resulting in record unemployment, a huge increase in food stamp and welfare recipients, etc. ) anticipated a defeat for Barack Hussein Obama and an end to his policies. When this didn't happen, there was initial stunned disbelief by the large segment of the population who are conservative and still believe in the principles of the Founding Fathers.

I have to admit that I was both disappointed with the results of the election and angered that so many people voted for the continuation of the administration and policies of this man that so many others of us believe is destructive to the continued existence of this country as a land of freedom and exceptionalism. I was quite gloomy for a few days and then, suddenly, the emails started coming.

I can't remember if the first one came from Texas or Louisiana but it was from one of the two. It seems that a movement has sprung up whereby groups in individual states are gathering signatures on petitions calling for the individual states to secede from this current union of states. I also started receiving forwarded emails requesting that I participate in polls being conducted by radio stations, TV stations and newspapers regarding this topic.

I started following this movement on the Internet and as of several days ago (November 13) 27 states had already submitted petitions to the White House expressing a desire on the part of the signers for the secession of that particular state. This was impressive to me but not nearly as impressive as the tally just three days later which revealed that petitions by then had been submitted by all 50 states (although I recall Obama saying during his first campaign that he had visited 57 states).

As of this latest posting, seven states had submitted more than 30,000 signatures each with Texas leading the way with more than 100,000 signatures gathered. Not surprisingly, the other six states are all Southern states - Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina. What IS surprising is that petitions have come from so many northern "progressive" states. I mean, come on now, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Michigan and even Vermont (a state that has had a declared Socialist representing the State in Congress for more than 20 years) siding with Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and other Deep South states. It must be starting to get very cold in Hell!

One possible reason for this unusual phenomenon is that this nation is so divided and obviously many citizens are so angry about the actions and policies of the current president and his administration that they are beginning to look at options. I found the following statement from Ron Paul about this phenomenon to be interesting: "It's very American to talk about secession - that's how we came into being." And he's right! Washington, Jefferson, Mason, the Adams (John and Sam), Henry Knox, Franklin, Patrick Henry - they were all secessionists.

In fact, there have been secession movements that were aided by the U.S. government. The secession of Texas from Mexico in 1845 and the secession of Panama from Colombia (Gran Colombia) in 1903 come quickly to mind. Secession can be achieved peacefully, also, as occurred when Norway split with Sweden in 1905. Another example closer to home involves the continuing effort of Quebec to secede from the Canadian central government. A secession referendum in 1980 received a 40% favorable vote from the citizens of Quebec and a subsequent referendum in 1995 receiived a 49.4% favorable vote. The Canadian government has pledged on several occasions that should Quebec eventually pass a referendum of secession the Canadian government will not use armed force to try to prevent the province from achieving independence.

There had actually been a precedent for Lincoln to draw upon had he only chosen to do so. In 1830, only thirty years before the secession of South Carolina, Belgium had achieved a successful separation from the Netherlands without warfare and with hardly any bloodshed. It is this attitude of peaceful cooperation concerning these other civilized nations that causes me to feel anger and disdain toward Abraham Lincoln and the Radical Republicans of the 1860's for not allowing the Southern Confederacy to part in peace but, instead, forced a bloody and destructive war on the South which had devastating effects for many decades.

There are two questions that always come quickly to mind when regarding the great conflict that raged from 1861 to 1865. The first is why did the Southern States wish to leave the Union and the other is why did the Northern States refuse to let them go in peace. Unfortunately, for the last half century the myrmidons of political correctness in academia, the media and the political world have been shouting a simplistic and incorrect reason - slavery.The line goes something like this: 1) slavery was bad and the evil Southern people were willing to fight a war just to keep a certain race of people in bondage; 2) slavery was bad and the fine, altruistic people of the North were willing to leave their homes to go down South and fight a war to free those people from bondage. The noted author and economist, Jeffrey Hummel, saw it differently though and summed it up nicely with the following: "Emancipation was therefore a consequence of the Civil War. But it was a consequence unintended at the outset, and played no discernible role in the northern refusal to let the lower South go in peace."

Now, don't misunderstand, I'm not saying that the question of slavery played no role in the conflict. The role of slavery, however, was more of an economic issue (one of many) than the primary causative factor. The reasons for Southern secession are myriad and much too numerous to cover in this brief article. Suffice it to say that the differences between those of the North and those of the South went back many decades. The fact that nine of the first twelve presidents of this country were Southerners only intensified the harsh feelings held by northerners toward the South. Southerners were certainly aware of this attitude.

Secession and war are two vastly different matters and it seems unlikely to me that secession alone could have inflamed Northerners so much that they were willing to go to war because of it. It is equally obvious that millions of Northerners would not have been willing to go to war for the sole purpose of freeing slaves. One has only to recall that the abilitionist societies were very unpopular. It was a frequent occurrence for the offices of abolitionist newspapers to be ransacked and often set ablaze as the citizenry considered these groups too radical. It is mildly amusing to me that some abolitionists had even called for the secession of New England states to get them out from under the U.S. Constitution which sanctioned slavery.

I think that great blame for the war can be laid at the feet of Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party of that day. Lincoln had told Horace Greeley, Publisher of the New York TRIBUNE, that his primary interest was to "save the Union" and that whatever he did towards slavery was solely in regard to what helps "save the Union". This indicates strongly that had there been no secession there would have been no war. Why was saving the Union so important to Lincoln. I think it was because of the potential economic effects of disunion more than some esoteric reasonimg toward preserving national boundaries.

From what I have read of Lincoln, he was an individual who sought great power and the newly-formed Republican Party did likewise. Lincoln was determined to save the Union by force if necessary because, without the South, the Union would lose its cash cow. By some estimates the Southern States were supplying up to 75% of federal revenues. This would be gone with secession. There had been discontent in the South for decades concerning the distribution of tax revenues. As early as 1832 South Carolina had threatened secession over the issue of the "Tariff of Abominations". Many Southern political leaders had complained about the heavy collection of tariff revenues in Southern states which were then used for infrastructure and capital projects in northern states.

There were other concerns as well on the part of the North toward Southern secession. There was the fear that the lower Mississippi River would be closed to northern vessels with a negative impact on northern trade. There was also great fear in the North that because the South would be a free-trade zone the manufacturing interests in the North would lose out to European competition. There was also great concerm among northern investors about the large loss of revenue flowing from the South. Another concern was that if Southern secession was successful, other regions might just follow suit. The newly-formed and suddenly-in-power Republican Party would face quick oblivion if all these scenarios played out. Notice that all these concerns were economic in nature. Then, as now, always follow the money.

From what I have read of Lincoln (from sources who are not "gate-keepers" of the Lincoln myth), he was a crude and vile man who delighted in telling crude stories and off-color jokes. He also enjoyed disparaging women and opponents. It is obvious from comments he made during the debates with Stephen Douglas and his expressed views concerning the settlement of the western territories that he thoroughly despised black people. Before his election as president, he had been an attorney for powerful business interests - not the little man. Despite all this, he was apparently very charismatic and could almost mesmerize people with his speaking ability.

Because of the complexities of the man it is difficult to determine completely why he was so determined to wage war on the South. It is not difficult, though, to determine what many others thought of and have written about his actions.

The noted New England abolitionist, Lysander Spooner, after the war wrote that the North fought for the principle that "men may rightfully be compelled to submit to, and support a government they do not want; and that resistance, on their part, makes them criminals and traitors." (Note: This sounds eerily like the present, don't you think?)

In September of 1862, the London TIMES editorialized that, "If Northerners...had peaceably allowed the seceders to depart, the result might fairly have been quoted as illustrating the advantages of Democracy; but when Republicans put empire above liberty, and resorted to political oppression and war rather than suffer any abatement of national power... Democracy broke down."

The historian, William Appleman Williams, wrote: "... the cause of the Civil War was the refusal of Lincoln and other northerners to honor the revolutionary right of self-determination - the touchstone of the American Revolution."

And finally, a series of revealing quotes from the outstanding author and economist, Jeffrey Hummel:

"Insofar as the Civil War was fought to preserve the Union, it was an explicit rejection of the American Revolution."

"... most arguments marshaled to deny the legitimacy of southern independence in 1861 apply with almost equal force against American independence in 1776."

"... as a revolutionary right, the legitimacy of secession is universal and unconditional. That at least is how the Declaration of Independence reads."

"... we ought to be able to view Lincoln's justifications for the Civil War with a healthy dose of skepticism."

So where does all this leave us today? In 1861 this country had a power-hungry and self-centered president with a large portion of the country strongly opposed to him and his party. It resulted in secession and a terrible war. Today we have a power-hungry and narcissistic president with fully half the country strongly opposed to him and his party. Where will this end? Will the infant secession movement continue to grow or is it destined to be merely an expression of discontent and displeasure with the current occupant of the White House and the ultra-liberal policies of the Democrat Party? I simply hope that this current unpleasantness can be resolved without internal warfare. This country has certainly had enough of war over the last quarter of a century.

It seems that the ancient curse, "May you live in interesting times", has fully enveloped us in this country. I would gladly settle for times that were less "interesting" but more profitable for all. We shall see.


Note: Previous articles of CONFEDERATE JOURNAL are available in book form. Articles from 2005-2007 are in Volume 1 which can be ordered online at while articles from 2008-2009 can be ordered at

Bob Hurst is a Son of the South who has special interests in the Confederacy and the antebellum mansions of the Old South. He is Commander of Col. David Lang Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans, in Tallahassee and is also 2nd Lieutenant Commander, Florida Division, SCV. He can be contacted at or 850-878-7010 (after 9PM Eastern time).

Thursday, November 15, 2012


"Secession belongs to a different class of remedies. It is to be justified upon the basis that the States are sovereign. There was a time when none denied it. I hope the time may come again, when a better comprehension of the theory of our Government, and inalienable rights of the people of the States, will prevent any one from denying that each State is a sovereign, and thus may reclaim the grants which it has made to any agent whomsoever."-- Jefferson Davis Farewell Address to U.S. Senate, 21 Jan. 1861

The on-going internet Secession Petition campaign has been quite an affirmation for those of us who were secessionists before secession was cool! Now that the "S word" is being spread all across the lan d by various media, we think an explanation of the right of secession and its benefits and The League of the South's stand on the issue is warranted. Oh, and before we get started we would like to set three things straight: 1) Secession is not illegal; 2) It is not treason; and 3) it is not lunatic and impractical. Lets also define what it is – Our Founding Principle as espoused and proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence!!

The League's goal is good government for the Southern people. We believe secession—and independence--is the best way to restore good government to the South. Since 1861 the republican system of government established by the Founders has been steadily eroded. Today that government has become the cruel master rather than the obedient servant of the citizens of the several states. We see no way of reforming the corruption within the present system; therefore, the League seeks to spread acceptance of the idea of secession among the people of the South and elsewhere.

We believe in the Jeffersonian principle that free people may change their government if over a long period of time it refuses to protect their lives, liberty, and property. As the present government of the United States has violated the original compact of 1789 and no longer offers its citizens such protection, we believe that the time has come for the Southern States to consider the merits of secession. The League of the South does not advocate the overthrow of the government of the United States; rather, we wish to leave peaceably and form our own nation or nations, as the people of the South shall freely decide.

Secession in 2012 is not premature, impractical, nor against the law. The time is right for separation and the establishment of local self-rule for all peoples who desire to be free. Secession has long been seriously debated in several western states and in Canada. The break-up of the Soviet Empire hastened such movements all ac ross Eastern Europe, and now all of Europe is aflame with secession movements.

The South has clearly lagged behind in the drive for self-determination, undoubtedly because many Southerners believe secession is illegal because the Southern States were forced to renounce and repeal their secession ordinances under the duress of military occupation during the Reconstruction era. However, the right of secession is nothing more than the right of sovereign states to recall the powers they delegated to the federal government when they ratified the US Constitution. This right cannot be renounced because the right to liberty and self-determination is an inalienable right given by God. Therefore, secession is not illegal or unconstitutional. Secession is still a practical alternative to the further dissolution and chaos of a virtually ungovernable union. We must act boldly and take advantage of a favorable cultural and political climate. If we hesitate now, we very well may lose .

If the States of the old Confederacy and the Border States of Missouri, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Maryland were a nation, its GNP would place it among the top three or four nations of the world. Its laws would better reflect the natural conservatism and Christian roots of the Southern people. Our laws on gun control, abortion, school prayer, and immigration would without question be different. We could establish a confederation of states and make the provisions of the Tenth Amendment a reality. We could follow George Washington's sage advice about "entangling alliances." We could leave the United Nations and oppose the globalists' New World Order. We could stop foreign aid to those who despise us and seek our destruction. We could once again reward merit. We could get government out of our children's education. In other words, we could again seize control of our own destiny.

In order to make secession work, we must be tough-minded and willing to stand up to the forces of tyranny that are loose in the land. We must not cast ourselves as victims, for victims are perceived as helpless and thus dependent for their salvation on the goodwill of others. We must not ask permission to exercise our ancient rights and liberties; we should seize them as free men. We also must build a strong organization that is able to give form to our vision: the establishment of a Southern Nation or nations grounded firmly in the hallowed traditions and virtuous principles of our forebears. If you agree with our general position, we invite you to join us.

Michael Hill
The League of the South
Killen, Alabama

Sunday, November 04, 2012



Temple Terrace, Florida - The Augusta Jane Evans Wilson Chapter 2640, United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC), Temple Terrace, Florida honoured 3 Vietnam Veterans on Saturday, November 3rd 2012 in its Veteran’s Day Ceremony of Bestowal of Military Service Awards.

The following veterans were honoured: Cross of Military Service: Leon Cornelius Duke and Mark Edward Stemple; National Defense Service Medal: Wesley Howard Frank and Jackie Carlton May.

The somber ceremony was attended by family members, friends and guests and was followed by a catered luncheon at Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club, Tampa, Florida.

In 1919, the UDC began bestowing Military Service Awards upon the descendants of Confederate Veterans for their service in the U.S. Armed Forces, and this tradition continues today. The UDC currently bestows award for service from WWII through to and including the Global War on Terror.

The UDC Military Service Awards are the outgrowth of the “Southern Cross of Honour” a decoration which was conceived and bestowed by the UDC and which recognized the valor of the Confederate soldier and sailor and represented the thanks of a grateful nation that fate denied. Unique in military lore, they were conceived, produced, and awarded by that nation’s Daughters in the absence of its fallen government.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy is the Nation’s Oldest Patriotic Organization, dating to 1896, whose original purpose of the care of the aging Confederate Veterans after the War Between the States.

Today, the Organizations objectives are patriotic, historical, educational, memorial and benevolent.

The Augusta Jane Evans Wilson Chapter 2640 was chartered in April 2004 in Temple Terrace. Interested Veterans may contact Recorder of Crosses Mrs. Ron Queen (Sandra) 813-267-2119 or visit the Chapter’s Web site at Prospective members are welcome to inquire at
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