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Monday, April 28, 2008

A New Beginning Ringgold 4/26/08

PoP Aaron & Chuck Demastus, Ringgold Georgia

In the background is Taylor's Ridge "also call White Oak Mountain." To the right, you can see Ringgold Gap, where our heroes stand made them immortal!

PoP & Son Chay.... My right hand man.

A better view of the gap.

The painting "Try Me" is a gift to me from my NCP CopperHead Sister in New Your City, Valerie Protopapas.

God's blessings to y'all,

Bro. PoP

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Remember Monday April 28, 2008

Confederate Memorial Day in Mississippi

Some Gave All, All Gave Some

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Attorneys for the Southern Legal Resource Center will fill suit Friday in Catoosa County (GA) Superior Court to compel the City of Ringgold to restore the Confederate Battle Flag it removed from a memorial display in 2005.

The SLRC represents the Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and its local camp # 1859 in Ringgold.

The suit alleges that the City of Ringgold, which removed the flag from its pole shortly after the memorial display was completed, violated applicable Georgia state law protecting monuments and memorials.

The City removed the Battle Flag, one of four flags displayed in a commemorative area at the Historic Ringgold Depot, after some residents and members of the NAACP complained about its presence shortly after the monument was completed and threatened political and economic action if it were not taken down. The city replaced the Battle Flag with the relatively obscure “Hardee Pattern” unit flag, on gronds that the Hardee pattern was historically correct as it would have been carried by Confederates at the Battle of Ringgold Gap in 1863. The SLRC contends that this assertion is inaccurate based on documentary evidence and also irrelevant, since the Battle Flag has been established as the appropriate Confederate banner to be flown at memorial sites. Moreover, the SLRC says, the City had no authorization under law to take such action.

SLRC officials and SCV members will hold a media conference on the steps of Catoosa County Couirthouse Friday morning, April 25, at 10:00 a.m., after the filing.

The Southern Legal Resource Center
90 Church Street
P.O. Box 1235
Black Mountain, NC 28711
Phone: (828) 669-5189
Fax: (828) 669-5191

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And how do you eat your fried chicken?

By Betty Chandler
The Valley Beautiful Beacon

Monday, April 21, 2008

What the Left Thinks About Us

by David S. Reif

I have been working to distribute a review of the book Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists by Walter (Donnie) Kennedy and Al Benson, Jr. It is one of the most important books we have today that explains the roots of our political problems regarding heritage issues and the anti-Southern bias in the media. You can read the entire review which is presently posted on Fireeater:

While sending the review to websites and editors I thought this might be a good time to test the concept of diversity. The popular website (OpEd News) promotes itself as a place where various opinions, free expression, and diversity are shared. However, it tends to be a Republican bashing site. Now that is not a completely bad thing in my opinion. The Republicans and the Neo-cons who run the leadership have done plenty for me to disagree with. They have accomplished little for heritage issues and spend money in a manner that suits the liberal Democrat left which the Republican Party seems to emulate much of the time. In fact the two Parties seem to be a mirror image of each other.

I thought that OpEd News would be dandy place to submit the Red Republican review to because the book exposes how Lincoln is the common father or both our political parties. It explains that a foreign ideology of social materialist entered American politics through the Lincoln administration and in the War Between the States (WBTS). Marx had many people who agreed with him and they actively worked to undermine the Jeffersonian principles of the Original Constitution and destroy the South.

Thinking that a review of this book would fit in a site that was against the Republican Party, big government Neo-cons, and for free expression I continued with my work. I did a little research and it appeared to me that the site could in some way be connected to political wheeler-dealer, globalist, and Open Society founder; George Soros. The funding for OpEd has the suspicious odor of a clandestine Soros operation and it also had the look of one of his associations although links are often obscured and difficult to prove. George Soros regularly funds so-called “socially conscious” groups and OpEd seemed to conform to the profile. You can take a look at what I mean at: ; but even if this was not an “official” part of his Open Society it has many of the markings.

Regardless of their affiliation any group that professes a belief in free expression, diversity, and open society should be interested in Red Republicans. So sending the Kennedy/Benson review to them made even more sense or so I thought.

I’ve written many essays and reviews and had my share of rejection letters. If you can’t get used to being rejected then you shouldn’t write. So when I got an email from Mr. Moffett (the managing editor) informing me that they didn’t want the piece I was not offended. It is the editor’s job to weed out material he doesn’t want.

However this was the strangest rejection letter I had ever gotten and I wanted to share it with you.

“Dear David,

Thank you for submitting your article “Red Republicans-A Review” to OpEdNews. As you are aware, we are primarily a progressive news and opinion website. Clearly, your article is way outside that realm of discourse. As you may also be aware, Marxism does not currently appear to be a major threat to our society. As such, a historical treatment of the “omnipresent state socialist Left” during a time of conservative neocon hegemony seems trivial at best.

Perhaps that book would have been better named “Red Meat Republicans”.
Best regards,

John R. Moffett
“omnipresent state socialist Left”
and managing editor, OEN
Please do NOT reply to this email; no one will see it.”

The book is about the role of Marxism in the Lincoln administration and how Marxist changed the outcome of the WBTS. It also informs us about how these same Marxists continued to sow their ideology in our country’s history up to this day.

But never mind the domestic implications evidently Mr. Moffett has never heard of Communist Red China and how the Red Army is going around killing or knocking the teeth out of the Tibetans who dare oppose Marxism there. Perhaps he doesn’t know that the African National Congress is a Marxist group? Maybe he is not aware that Islamic radicalism is tied to the Baathist movement which are Arab Marxists? Marxism is not a threat to Mr. Moffett. But then again Marxism is not a threat to other Marxists; and we my friends are irrelevant in his view!

What Kennedy/Benson has done in their book Red Republicans is show us that what happened in the WBTS regarding Marxist materialism has relevancy today. Most of the leading academics and media people are adherents to the Frankfort School of neo-Marxism that gave us Howard Zinn, Nancy Fraser, and Herbert Marcuse. Moreover, the people who oppose the South and the Jeffersonian Original Constitution are acting out “the long march through the institutions”, the characterization made by Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci to describe the take over of all the social institutions of the West: then destroy them.

I am grateful to Mr. Moffett for giving us a glimpse into the working of the globalist left. Even though there is little time in my life my first inclination is to empathize with people who are mostly American young folks and do what I can to de-program them. But as the last line in his email indicates, he doesn’t want to be reasoned with. So all I can do is continue to promote the wisdom of the Original Constitution, honor the people who fought for it, and trust in God.

Red Republicans and Lincoln's Marxists: Marxism in the Civil War
By Walter D Kennedy
List Price: $21.95
Price: $19.76
Was Abraham Lincoln influenced by communism when the Union condemned the rights of Southern states to express their independence? It's shocking to think so.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Confederacy was represented

That's the Mississippi State flag in the background and doesn't it look good?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Rebirth of DixieNet

LS News Service - 15 April AD 2008

Recent statistical data indicates that as the political and social outlook becomes more uncertain, the public is taking a serious look at the viability of political devolution and the message of the League of the South.

KILLEN, AL (LSNS) - The figures for website visitors to the LS National website, DixieNet.Org, reveal a sharp increase during the month of March 2008 as well as the early days of April, according to official statistical data compiled by the DixieNet website project team. "We are very pleased with this latest report," said LS President, Michael Hill. Dr Hill continued, "DixieNet traffic has been on a steady increase since October 2007 without any sign of slowing down. This trend indicates to us that the public is taking a serious look at our message of political devolution in these very uncertain times." Thanks to public interest generated from the Second North American Secessionist Convention and the League of the South National Conference held in Chattanooga, TN, October was one of the most productive months for the League in recent memory and has served as the catalyst for an ever growing flow of traffic to DixieNet.

"While we are excited about our progress thus far, we are in no way prepared to rest upon our laurels," said Terry Compton, DixieNet website project leader. "In fact," Compton continues, "Mike Crane, Mike Tuggle, and I are working harder now than ever before to make DixieNet the gold standard for online public relations, not only among Southern Movement websites, but within the realm of social and political activism in general."

DixieNet.Org boasts a hefty repository of content ranging from scholarly essays on states' rights, Southern cultural resurgence, economic issues, and education, to articles on the modern trend toward devolution as a viable means of regaining the political, social, and cultural right of self determination for peoples world wide.

For additional information about the League of the South, DixieNet, or how to advertise your business with the website, please visit or contact the League of the South national office at (800) 888-3163.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Coffee Camp Dinner Attracts Large Crowd for Gilmore

DS Reif

The program for the Seventh Annual Col. John T Coffee Camp Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), Confederate Heritage Dinner in Osceola, Missouri was held on the evening of Saturday April 5th. The largest crowd to ever hear author Donald Gilmore turned out for the annual event. Gilmore, a senior editor at the Ft. Leavenworth Combat Studies Institute, delivered a spirited forty five minute talk culminated in a standing ovation by an appreciative crowd. The speech was based on his new book, “The Civil War on the Missouri/Kansas Border”. The dinner and talk are part of the Col. John T. Coffee Camp’s ongoing education program.

In his talk Gilmore asserts that the war on the Missouri/Kansas border was the beginning of the War Between the States and it spread eastward to the rest of the South. He talked about the pre-meditated nature of the War which was encouraged by economic interests in the Northeast who wanted to destabilize Missouri. Speaking directly about the burning of Osceola in 1861 he showed that it was an extension of what had been happening for over half a decade. He also talked about the bravery of those Missourians who resisted the Northern invasion and suffered terrible depredations during and after the War.

Another highlight of this year’s dinner was the drawing organized by Friends of the Coffee Camp the proceeds going to monument projects. Jared Lawler of Clinton, Missouri donated a 36 caliber Kentucky Long Rife and it was won by Jason Coffman of Holt, Missouri. An original framed oil painting entitled, “Gen. Sterling Price’s Sac River Camp”, by artist Carol Kampe of Clinton, Missouri was won by Cindy Vickers also of Clinton.

The master of ceremonies was Coffee Camp Commander Gary Ayres and Press Officer David S. Reif introduced Mr. Gilmore. The dinner attracted participants from three states with a number of notables attending. Among them were: Greene County Archivist-Mr. Robert Newmann, Ron Paul delegates Mr. and Mrs. James Bradley of Trimble, Ron Paul delegate Mr. Scott Easter of Savannah, and former Lake Ozark, alderman, Paul Garrison accompanied by his family. Benediction and prayers were lead by Pastor Robert Phillips of Dunnegan. The annual dinner is a public event attracting large numbers of non-SCV members.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

The New Confederate Partisans Video


Friday, April 04, 2008


BLACK MOUNTAIN, NC – An attorney representing the City of Ringgold, Georgia, has informed the SLRC that the Confederate Battle Flag was never intended to be a permanent fixture as part of the Confederate memorial area at Ringgold Depot.

“The Confederate Battle Flag has been flown at the monument temporarily on a few prior occasions for special events in years past. However, it has never been considered by the City to be a permanent part of the monument,” attorney Stephen B. Farrow said in a letter to the SLRC.

Farrow’s letter was apparently intended as a belated response to two letters the SLRC sent to Ringgold’s City Council. The first letter explained in detail why the Battle Flag was the appropriate Confederate flag to be flown at the Depot memorial. When that letter went unanswered, the SLRC sent a second letter demanding the flag’s restoration to its place. SLRC Executive Director Roger McCredie said that Farrow’s reply misstates the case and ignores primary evidence. “I can’t tell whether Mr. Farrow just didn’t do his homework or whether he thinks we didn’t do ours,” McCredie said. “There is abundant documentation to show that the Battle Flag was intended from the very beginning of the project to be a permanent fixture at the memorial, it was installed as such when the project was completed and it belongs there now, despite all the shucking and jiving to the contrary.”

Four flagpoles were erected at the Depot memorial when it was completed in early 2005. The modern United States and Georgia flags and an 1863-pattern Stars and Stripes fly from three of the poles. At the time the display was finished, the Battle Flag was installed on the fourth pole. Concrete markers at the base of each pole describe the flags. A few weeks after the flagpoles were erected, representatives of the NAACP and others appeared before Ringgold City Council to protest the Battle Flag’s presence. The City then removed the Battle Flag and substituted the blue flag of Gen. Patrick Cleburne’s corps, which was present at the Battle of Ringgold Gap. The Battle Flag’s proponents maintain that the substitution was an act of political correctness that amounts to interfering with a memorial site.

The SLRC has said that it will pursue legal remedies on behalf of its client, the Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.


DALLAS, TX – The SLRC has filed a series of motions aimed at forcing attorneys for Burleson Independent School District to surrender a crucial piece of evidence they did not provide during the case’s discovery process late last year.

At issue are an e-mail the school’s principal sent to faculty and staff regarding the case, and some responses to that e-mail. “Obviously we can’t go into detail about this material, but it is definitely a smoking gun and would seriously compromise the school’s main argument as to why they banned Confederate symbols,” said SLRC Chief Trial Counsel Kirk Lyons. The Burleson case centers around two Burleson High coeds who were suspended for coming to school with Confederate flag-patterned purses they had received as Christmas presents.

A Burleson High School official, who has since retired, provided the SLRC with his own copy of the principal’s e-mail and a sworn affidavit testifying that the e-mail is authentic. The school’s attorneys, on learning that the SLRC was in possession of a copy of the e-mail, shrilly objected that it was privileged information and not admissible. However, the SLRC immediately filed a motion to reopen discovery, a second motion to compel the school’s attorney to turn over all responses to the e-mail, and a third motion that the court impose sanctions (financial and other penalties) on the attorneys for not having provided during discovery, which is the pre-trial period during which opposing sides in a lawsuit make documents and testimony supporting their positions available to each other.

SLRC Executive Director Roger McCredie said, “That strange high-pitched noise you hear coming from the direction of Burleson is weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.”

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April--When We Remember Our Southern Heroes

By Calvin E. Johnson, Jr.

When the Confederate soldier lived, no one dared criticize him or his blood stained battle flag of many hard fought battles.

On March 5, 2008, Governor Sonny Perdue of Georgia signed a proclamation declaring April as Confederate History Month. The proclamation specifically recognizes and honors Bill Yopp, a black Confederate from Laurens County, Georgia.

Have we forgotten our nation's history?

Once our young people were taught, from history books, about the month of April when the War Between the States began (1861) and ended (1865.) Grandparents told the children stories that included "The Great Locomotive Chase" of April 12, 1862.

April have become known as Confederate History Month.

This is a time to remember great Americans like Lizzie Rutherford of Columbus, Georgia who on a cold January day worked to clean the graves of Confederate soldiers. She and the members of the Ladies Memorial Association of Columbus led in efforts to take care of Southern soldiers' graves and get Confederate Memorial Day recognized throughout the South.

Did you know that the Congress of the United States, in past years, recognized America's war of 1861-1865, as the War Between the States? After the war the men of Union Blue and Confederate Gray came together in great reunions with their families and war stories.

Southerner's were once a proud people who knew who they were.... But, now, how can we expect our children to know about their heritage when school bands no longer play "Dixie"?

Once upon a time the South's businesses and schools closed in reverent observance of Confederate Memorial Day. This was a special time for parades and memorial speeches at the local soldiers' cemetery. Tens of thousands of people made their way to the local Confederate cemetery where children delighted in catching a glimpse of a Confederate Veteran.

When the War Between the States ended, women of the North and South formed memorial organizations. They made sure that the soldiers got a Christian burial and were remembered. Great monuments were erected to the soldiers of Blue and Gray that still can be seen in many town squares and soldier cemeteries.

For over 100 years the folks of the Ladies' Memorial Association, United Daughters of the Confederacy and Sons of Confederate Veterans have continued the tradition of Confederate Memorial Day in April. Other states recognize Confederate Memorial Day on May 10th and June 3rd. In remembrance of Jefferson Davis' 200th birthday, Beauvoir- the last home to Davis and his family, will reopen on June 3, 2008.

It is written that the first Confederate Memorial day was held in Columbus, Georgia. Some say it was the idea of Lizzie Rutherford, President of the Columbus Chapter of the Ladies Memorial Association, and their secretary Mrs. Charles J. Williams. Mrs. William's husband served as Colonel of the 1st Georgia Regiment, CSA during the War Between the States. He died of disease in 1862 and was buried in his home town of Columbus. Disease killed more soldiers during the war then did the battles.

Mrs. Williams and her daughter visited his grave often and cleared the weeds and leaves from it, then placed flowers on it. Her daughter also pulled the weeds from other soldier’s graves near her father. It saddened the little girl that many graves were unmarked. With tears of pride she said to her mother, "These are my soldiers' graves." The little girl became ill and passed away in her childhood. Mrs. William's grief was almost unbearable.

One day, while visiting the graves of her husband and daughter, Mrs. Williams looked at all of the unkempt soldiers' graves and remembered the words her daughter had told her. She knew what she had to do.

With permission from Lizzie Rutherford, President of the Ladies' Memorial Association, Williams wrote a letter that was published in many Southern newspapers asking the women of Dixie for help. She asked that organizations be formed in taking care of the thousands of Confederate graves from the Potomac River to the Rio Grande. She also asked state legislatures to set aside an April day to remember the men of gray.

With her leadership many Southern states adopted April 26th, as Confederate Memorial Day. Mrs. Williams died in 1874, but lived to see her native Georgia adopt April 26th as Confederate Memorial Day. Today, it is still a legal holiday.

The men and women who served the South during the War Between the States came from many races and religions. There was Irish born Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne, Black Southerner Amos Rucker, whose grave was remarked in 2006 by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Jewish born Judah P. Benjamin, Mexican born Colonel Santos Benavides, Cherokee Southern-American Gen. Stand Watie and Cuban Colonel Ambrosio Jose Gonzales.

Please check: and ask your local historical group, business and government organization what they are planning during April 2008 for Confederate History Month.

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