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Southern Heritage <br>News and Views: February 2007

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Commander Frank Earnest of the Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans will hold a press conference on Monday, February 26, 2007, beginning at 11am at the Confederate Memorial Chapel located behind the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts at 2900 Grove Avenue, Richmond, Virginia.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans are alarmed that the Museum of the Confederacy would consider changing its 111 year old historical name or ponder relocation to areas other than Richmond.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans are alarmed at the downward spiral of the Museum which has accelerated under the directorship of S.Waite Rawls and the board chaired by Carlton Moffatt. It is now time for a change in leadership and direction to preserve this important educational institution in its traditional home, Richmond, Virginia, the Capital of the Confederacy.


The Sons of Confederate Veterans is an international organization of nearly 35000 members with over 4000 residing in Virginia. The SCV is the largest hereditary organization of descendents of Confederate soldiers in the United States

Anyone desiring information about this may contact Brag Bowling at 804.389.3620.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hillary Clinton Finds the South Too Southern

by Mac Johnson
theOneRepublic, CA

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Robert E. Lee: Traitor or American Hero?

by Clyde Wilson

This year is Robert E. Lee’s bicentennial – the 200th anniversary of his birth. Nothing better illustrates the swift and vicious descent of Political Correctness upon American history and symbols than the shadow that has, in just the last few years, been thrown over a man regarded (rightly) for well over a century as among the greatest of Americans.

Even before the War to Prevent Southern Independence had ended, his Northern enemies were claiming Lee as a prized exhibit of America’s contribution to the world. (As they also were claiming his great lieutenant, "Stonewall" Jackson.) Such a claim could hardly be avoided since the entirety of the civilized world, watching the American bloodbath with interest, had already made that judgment. The British military commentator, Viscount Wolsely, expressed much international opinion when he wrote of Lee: "He is stamped upon my memory as being apart and superior to all others in every way."

Lee was the son of a renowned general in the Revolution, nephew of two signers of the Declaration of Independence, and husband of Martha Washington’s granddaughter. His last five years were spent as a non-citizen with life and liberty at the mercy of the bounders and petty tyrants who had come exercise the power of the United States. This he endured with exemplary Christian fortitude and charity. Lee was an audacious military genius and inspired leader of men, called by Churchill the greatest captain of the English-speaking peoples, but his fame rests even more upon his character. No American leader has ever set a higher example in peace and war of what the Western world used to understand as a Christian gentleman. When the "traitor" died in 1870, the New York Herald editorialized: "Here in the North we . . .have claimed him as one of ourselves. . . have extolled his virtue as reflecting upon us – for Robert E. Lee was an American, and the great nation which gave him birth would be today unworthy of such a son if she regarded him lightly."

That judgment had become pervasive national opinion by 1907, when Charles Francis Adams Jr., the only Adams to have seen active service in the war, celebrated Lee in a speech in Boston and other cities called "Lee the American." Adams admitted that the Constitutional position of Lee's cause had been correct (but had to be defeated, he claimed, because it stood in the way of national progress and greatness). More recently President Truman picked a large equestrian portrait of Lee for the lobby of his Presidential library and President Eisenhower went out of his way to vindicate admiration for Lee against complaints that he was honouring a "traitor." They were merely expressing mainstream American sentiment.

How the times have changed – and suddenly. The official doctrine of the MSI (Mainstream Intellectuals) now condemns Lee as a traitor and oath-violator and his cause as little better than Hitler's. This interpretation rests upon either a deliberate or a vastly ignorant misinterpretation of everything important in American history. The orchestrated blackening of Lee and his cause exhibits the triumph of Marxist categories in American historiography and public discussion. The War to Prevent Southern Independence has become not a great, tragic, historic drama of Americans, but a matter of the destruction and continued demonization of a "class enemy." This now semi-official view warps the understanding not only of The War but of all of American history – which is its purpose.

A powerful answer to the demonization of Lee and the distortion of American history will be given in a program scheduled for Arlington, Virginia, on Saturday April 28, not far from the Washington-Lee home illegally seized and turned into a cemetery by the U.S. government. The program, called "Lee: Hero or Traitor?" will involve some of the same sponsors and speakers who participated in the immensely successful "Lincoln Reconsidered" conference in Richmond in 2003. It will be an unprecedented exploration of Lee and his cause, which Murray Rothbard called the last of America's just wars. Thomas DiLorenzo, Donald Livingston, Kent Masterson Brown, John J. Dwyer, Thomas Moore, Robert Krick, and Yours Truly will explore "Lee and Liberty," "Lee and Slavery," "Lee and the True Nature of the Union," "Lee's Military Genius," "Lee as Man and Christian," and "Lee's Relevance Today." A certain Congressman from Texas whose name is quite familiar to readers of this site is expected also to participate if his schedule allows.

Full details can be accessed and reservations made at 1-800-MY SOUTH or at

February 9, 2007
Dr. Wilson is a recovering professor of history.
Copyright © 2007

Friday, February 09, 2007



LEXINGTON, KY – H. K. Edgerton, a noted social activist and educator from North Carolina, was scheduled to speak to students at Allen Central High School in Floyd County, Kentucky on Friday, as part of Black History Month, but Floyd County School Superintendent Paul Fanning has forbidden his appearance there.

Allen Central has been the focus of a series of articles by the Associated Press and other media recently for its use of a Confederate battle flag and soldier as school symbols. “We thought this was an ideal educational opportunity,” said Dr. Tom Hiter, Commander of the Kentucky Sons of Confederate Veterans, which had underwritten the cost of Edgerton’s lecture, “Mr. Edgerton speaks frequently on the roles of African-Americans in the South during the War Between the States, and is an expert on modern race relations and Confederate symbols.”

“Southern blacks and whites need to understand,” said Edgerton, “that we have a common heritage and the Confederate battle flag is something we need to unite under rather than divide over. Prejudiced people like Louis Coleman (who has protested Allen Central) make a living keeping us divided, and Ned Pillersdorf worsens that prejudice terribly by making up stories that aren’t true (referring to a story, which indeed proved untrue, run by the Associated Press where Pillersdorf claimed Allen Central fans taunted a player on a basketball team he coaches).”

In fact, the Associated Press has run a total of five stories on Allen Central recently, all of which were biased or even untrue. However, when the Sons of Confederate Veterans issued statements showing this, and even when two school board meetings in Floyd County were filled with members of the community successfully showing support for the school symbols at Allen Central, the Associated Press ran no corrections or stories at all.

“So this time we’ll make it easy for the media to get the story right,” Hiter continued, “H. K. Edgerton and officers from the Sons of Confederate Veterans will hold a press conference and protest across the street from the Lexington Herald-Leader at 11:00 a.m., at the corner of Main and Midland (Thoroughbred Park) on Friday.”

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a genealogical, historical and educational organization comprised of male descendents of honorably discharged Confederate soldiers, sailors and marines. Founded in 1896, the SCV has over 32,000 members, and in Kentucky there are 27 local chapters called camps.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


FORT WORTH, TX - Attorneys for the Southern Legal Resource Center are suing Burleson, TX, school officials over a ban on Confederate symbols that resulted in two students being punished for displaying them.

The suit will be filed Friday in the U.S. District Court in Fort Worth. A media conference will be held at the courthouse at 1 p.m. following the filing. SLRC Chief Trial Counsel Kirk D. Lyons, a member of the Texas State Bar, is representing the students and their families.

The plaintiffs, two female students at Burleson High School, received purses bearing Confederate flag images as Christmas presents and brought them to school in January, 2006. The suit alleges that school officials attempted to confiscate the purses and sent the girls home when they declined to hand the purses over. Both girls had previously worn Confederate-themed items to school without incident.

The girls' parents went through a lengthy appeals process, attempting to have the school board lift the ban and remove the disciplinary action from the girls' records. The school board rejected all appeals on grounds that the Confederate symbol was "racist" and "disruptive" and therefore in violation of the school district's student dress code.

The suit alleges that the school board is selective in its application of the dress code, singling out the Confederate flag for exclusion while permitting students to wear other controversial symbols including the swastika. The complaint, which asks for a jury trial, claims violation of the students' rights to free speech, due process of law and equal protection under law.

The SLRC is a nonprofit organization that coordinates legal assistance in civil rights cases involving Southern heritage and culture. In 2006 the SLRC settled a case out of court on behalf of its client Jacqueline Duty, a Kentucky student who was barred from her senior prom for wearing a, evening dress patterned after the Confederate flag. That case in turn was based on a 2004 SLRC victory, Castorina v. Madison County Schools, in which an appellate court struck down a school board's ban on Confederate symbols.

The Southern Legal Resource Center

Monday, February 05, 2007


The Edmund Ruffin Fire-Eaters Camp of Mechanicsville, Virginia, formally plan to kick off Black History Month with a special award to the descendents of black Confederate veteran Jason Boone who served the Confederacy with distinction and valor in the 41st Virginia Infantry.

A special ceremony will be held on Wednesday, February 7, 2007, beginning at 6:30 at Joe’s Inn located at 7140 Mechanicsville Turnpike in Mechanicsville.

The award is titled the HK Edgerton Award honoring the well known black Southern rights activist and Past President of the Asheville, North Carolina NAACP branch.

Three descendents of Jason Boone have been invited to the ceremony:

1. Raymond Boone --- Owner and Editor of the Richmond Free Press.

2. Curtis Milteer – Former Mayor of Suffolk, Virginia and presently on the Suffolk City Council.

3. Kathryn Hamilton—Retired Professional nurse.

Also speaking at the meeting will be noted author Thomas DiLorenzo whose critically acclaimed THE REAL LINCOLN is now in it’s 10th printing and has become the Bible of anti-Lincoln myth scholarship.

The public is invited to attend the meeting. Information on this event may be obtained from Brag Bowling at 804.389.3620.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Golly Ned, What Are You Up To?

The creation of an incident to promote a preconceived agenda?
by Al Benson Jr.

POLL: How Would You Feel Seeing a Confederate Flag on Florida License Plates?

WJHG, Panama City, Florida

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Group Pushing To Change High School's Name

“The group Daughters of the Confederacy suggested the school board name it after the Confederate general and Ku Klux Klan leader.”
Grayson Kamm can be reached at
First Coast News, FL

POLL: Should Forrest High be renamed?

Brandon Woman: Confederate Flag Symbolizes Racism

POLL: Should lawmakers reconsider removing the Confederate symbol from the Mississippi state flag?
16 WAPT - Jackson, Mississippi

POLL: Would you like to see the Museum of the Confederacy located in Lexington?

The News-Gazette - Lexington, VA

Confederate group seeks flag on tag

Poll: Should it be approved?
St. Petersburg Times
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