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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


The late great radio commentator Paul Harvey Aurandt, known on radio as Paul Harvey, had for many years a very popular segment called "The Rest Of The Story". Most people are aware that there are at least two sides to any story and most are aware that the winner or victor of a war writes the history. Many people are also aware that American History, especially that of the Old South, the War For Southern Independence (Civil War), and Reconstruction as presented by Northern historians is at best a highly biased New England perspective and at worst little more than Yankee lies and propaganda. Emperor Napoleon of France is quoted as saying "History is an Accepted Fable" and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said "History is Basically Bunk". In the current sea of political correctness that has swallowed up America, true and accurate Southern and Confederate history is absolutely not going to be taught in America's classrooms including colleges and universities.
The complete story of the Civil Rights movement and the battles fought by black Americans, especially black Southerners, for voting and other rights is the subject of this commentary. The perspective presented by America's news media portrays white Southerners as racists and bigots who mistreated totally innocent blacks who only wanted their rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. In some cases this is true but what caused Southern whites to act in this manner? Some articles ask "Should blacks forgive whites for this mistreatment". Continue reading as I present "The Rest Of The Story" which dishonest Northern historians have omitted from American history. This omission can be compared to serving on a jury trial in which only the prosecution is allowed to present their perspective and selected facts. Thus jurors are kept in ignorance of other vital facts relevant to rendering an educated fair and impartial verdict.
Today very few Americans, including Southerners, remember or have ever heard of Uncle Sam's terrorist organization, the UNION LEAGUE, which was operated by evil, corrupt, tyrannical, despotic, dictatorial Yankee Carpetbaggers in the South from 1862 through 1877. All chapters in American history books related to Reconstruction discuss radical Republican Carpetbaggers and the KKK. The third element, the Union League, is totally omitted because this "inconvenient history" reflects so negatively on the North and would expose the shameful corrupt and barbaric atrocities committed by the UNION LEAGUE against white Southerners especially former Confederates and their families. 
The UNION LEAGUE began as an honorable part of the Union army as the Sanitary Commission. It soon morphed into the military strong arm of the Freedmans Bureau and began committing atrocities. These white Yankee carpetbaggers used uneducated blacks as puppets to do their dirty work during so called Reconstruction which was in reality the plunder, pillage, and rape of the Southern states. Blacks were initiated into the UNION LEAGUE in secret spectacular impressive ceremonies with fires, music, and inflammatory speeches and lies to incite hatred and resentment toward Southern whites. Conservative blacks that refused to participate and join were beaten or in some cases murdered. During Reconstruction the membership of the UNION LEAGUE reached nearly 300,000 black militia members managed and controlled by white Yankee carpetbaggers.
UNION LEAGUE Carpetbaggers handed out matches and had blacks burning houses and barns, shooting livestock, poisoning wells, and committing murder and rape. White Southerners lived in terror for years. Some Yankees were so radical and fanatical that they wanted to exterminate every Southern man, woman, and child. This caused the rise of the KKK which was an honorable Police and Resistance organization (this pro-KKK comment only applies to the original KKK which disbanded in 1867. I disdain the modern Klan). Union League carpetbaggers also fought battles between each other for control much like modern drug lords. In several cases president Grant had to intervene but he always sided with the radicals against moderates.  When Southerners finally evicted the carpetbaggers the blacks were left to face the wrath of whites. Theft and corruption had been so severe and thorough that several states were left totally bankrupt.    
Although the UNION LEAGUE has been omitted from history and virtually forgotten, the consequences have carried forward. White Northerners are responsible for most of today's division between white and black Southerners. It is time for both whites and blacks to forgive but not forget and to work together to preserve the Constitution and Bill of Rights and prevent the enslavement of us all by the advancing shadow of totalitarian Socialism which hovers over America like a bird of prey fueled by well meaning but misguided liberals. Contact me for more facts

James W. King
SCV Camp 141 Commander

Albany Georgia

Friday, February 05, 2016

Of Political Figures, Cultures, Political Correctness & Hypocrisy!

Will Nikki Haley call for the destruction of the Golden Temple?

Alabama is NOT without its own carpetbaggers & scalawags. We are certainly ashamed of gov robert bentley. He is the epitomy of a traitor for he DOES have Confederate lineage.  However, nikki haley has not betrayed her roots, her lineage, her history, heritage or her culture....only the PEOPLE of South Carolina who DO have  a bloodline in the founding of this country! nikki haley has remained TRUE to  her Sikh roots and culture!
We, our Alabama grassroots effort, have put together a campaign in an effort to derail the continued political career of nikki haley. She not only betrayed the good people of South Carolina, but like robert bentley, she betrayed the people of the entire South who love liberty and they both have insulted our families by taking down our precious symbol of a Christian nation (we ARE a people!) and also a symbol of resistence to tyranny!  They both have sold their souls to the devil for personal political gain!  They both, in concert, have unleashed an avalanche of cultural genocide against the entire Southland that is ravaging the Southland faster than  the winds of Sherman's fires!
We must show these dastardly politicians, leftists, progressives, liberals, socialists, communists...whatever you want to call them...that CONFEDERATE SOUTHERN LIVES MATTER, too!  WE are the TRUE PATRIOTS!
Pat Godwin


Nikki Haley is a perfect case in point; she is an Indian Sikh, whose family has apparently only been here since sometime in the 1970s, as her father was issued an alien card in Columbia SC on Jan. 18, 1978, see the certificate here:

Mrs. Haley was born Jan. 20th, 1972, in S.C. while her father was still not a naturalized American citizen! Her real name, before she changed it for political purposes is: Nimrata Nikki Randhawa, and although she was born and raised in the American, predominantly Christian culture, she did not forsake her family’s Sikh religion, only joining the Methodist Church because she is a politician in South Carolina, the extreme Eastern flank of the Southern Bible Belt, where Christianity is a must to get elected! But just to make sure she didn't offend either deity, or her parents, she got married twice, once in the Methodist Church and then again at a traditional Sikh ceremony. (Nothing like a little insurance, huh?)

So, with a little of her cultural background laid down, let us now consider the hypocrisy of her position on those of us who have Confederate ancestors, and come from Southern cultural and Celtic roots that go back to the founding of this country.

Here you see photos of Haley and her husband laying a wreath at a Sikh memorial in India, and taking part in a Sikh cultural celebration wearing traditional Sikh garb. Her history and culture are apparently very important to her, but our history and culture have no significance for her because not being of our culture, she knows nothing about it! Nikki Haley's action to remove the Soldiers’ Flag from the Confederate Memorial in Columbia, South Carolina reeks of political correctness and historical ignorance!

This lack of historical knowledge about the South, and the political pressure of liberal political correctness on Nikki Haley's part, have created unintended consequences, for in order for her to be true to her beliefs she should now call for the destruction of the Sikh Golden Temple in India or admit that she is a hypocrite!

Nikki Haley has no cultural connection with the people of South Carolina, and has demonstrated a total lack of historical knowledge as to why the Confederate Soldiers fought against President Lincoln's invading armies.

Nikki Haley also appears to have premised her action against the symbol of the Confederate Soldiers based on the Politically Correct notion that, if any symbol of any cause is ever usurped by an unauthorized or unscrupulous person or group, then that symbol must be expunged from our culture and history. This flawed thinking may have unintended consequences! Nikki Haley is descended from practitioners of the Sikh religious order of India. The Sikhs have a very honorable code to live by, and have a proud military history of patriotic service. Their Golden Temple in the Punjab, and their Turban and Knife, are symbols of their tradition which they display with pride to honor their culture, as they should.

Perhaps Gov. Haley should now think seriously about removing this monument (The Golden Temple) that now stands as a reminder to all Indians of the two Sikhs who murdered her ancestral country's first female Prime Minister?

We must remember that the first female Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi was brutally assassinated in 1984 by her own trusted body guards who happened to be members of the Sikh religious community! It would seem that consistency of thought and action on the part of Nikki Haley would require her to demand the destruction of the Sikh Golden Temple and the banning of the Sikh Turban and Knife in order to atone for the despicable actions of the two Sikhs who did not act with honor, and caused the Indian people to lose their first female Prime Minister!

Will Nikki Haley call for the condemnation of the Sikh culture and the suppression of the Sikh Religion and its symbols??? Mrs. Haley, for consistency’s sake, should consider removing the U.S. flag from South Carolina, as it actually did represent a government which protected the institution of slavery in its Constitution from 1789 until Dec, 18, 1865!!

Nikki Haley has begun to travel down a dangerous road without the knowledge of our history and culture, and she will encounter much resistance from those of us who know the truth about our ancestor's fight to preserve the ideas expressed in our Declaration of Independence and to defend their homeland from a vicious invader!

So, the great irony here is that according to Mrs. Haley's logic; because there were two dishonorable Sikhs who murdered their country's first female Prime Minister, all of Sikh culture and history should be condemned and relegated to the dustbin just as she has done with the South's honorable symbol because of what one deranged nut case did in S.C. Admit your hypocrisy Mrs. Haley, and return our honorable soldiers’ flag to its correct place of honor, and apologize to the Southern People for your hypocrisy.

Nikki Haley has denied Southerners their God-given birthright & First Amendment rights to our Southern culture & symbols, but still practices & observes the cultural regalia & rituals of her Sikh culture. Since she has been reported as a Vice Presidential “hopeful”, did Nikki Haley make the decision to deny Southerners our rights for possible political gain?

According to the history of Sikhism – A Modern Religion at:

“Sikhism endeavoured for a new dispensation characterized by the values of liberty, equality,    justice, tolerance and non-violence, discarding discriminations of all kinds on grounds of creed, caste, class, race, region, sex, etc.”

Those who preach “tolerance” the loudest, obviously are the LEAST TOLERANT OF US ALL!

Will the good people of South Carolina continue to allow this woman who has absolutely NO ties or respect for our Southern history, heritage & culture to represent them in ANY political arena?

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The Great and Noble Cause of Preserving the Union

An odd fact that rarely ever gets more than cursory attention in the standard textbooks on the War Between the States is that in spite of the North’s four to one population advantage over the South, they had to resort to various and often illegal methods in order to maintain hardly more than a two to one advantage on the battlefields.

--Ken Bachand, Columbia, South Carolina

Never had the nation seen armies of the size raised during the Civil War. The grand total in the Mexican War had not exceeded 112,000 men; the largest field army numbered 11,000. These figures can be compared to more than 2 million Union enlistments and Union field armies of more than 100,000 men.

The building of this vast force was a haphazard process. Lincoln did not call Congress into special session until the war was 11 weeks old, thereby delaying essential military legislation by precisely that period of time. . . . the President called on the states to supply 75,000 militia immediately after Fort Sumter surrendered, and on May 3, without legal sanction, he authorized the enlistment of 82,000 additional soldiers and seamen, promising to seek Congressional approval later. In his July 4 message to the special session, Lincoln asked for 400,000 more volunteers. All this occurred before any battle had been fought; Lincoln obviously could not have expected a quick, easy victory.

There were three types of army service: volunteer, regular, and state militia. Militia supplied most of the men for the Revolution and the War of 1812, volunteers for the Mexican and Civil Wars, although after 1862 for many the alternative to volunteering was the draft. Raising volunteer troops was very much of a state affair. The Federal government gave each state a quota of men to furnish and relied on state officials to enlist and organize the troops. According to the act of July 22, 1861, the governors chose regimental officers up to and including colonel. Instantly military commissions became a fruitful source of patronage. Instead of sending recruits to fill out the depleted ranks of veteran regiments, new regiments were created so as to multiply the number of offices. The President nominated candidates for the rank of general, and he came under heavy pressure from governors and congressmen who pleaded the cause of political associates from their respective states. One entry in the diary of Illinois' Senator Browning offers a glimpse of the way things were done. "At night went to Trumbulls rooms to meet the Illinois delegation and agree upon the Brig: Genl for our state. Pope and Hurlbut being already appointed we thought we would be entitled to seven more." Officers' promotions as well as their appointments often depended more on political claims than military ability.

Lincoln had political reasons of his own for selecting general officers, and the results were sometimes astonishing. For instance, between the relief of George B. McClellan in November 1862 and the appointment of Ulysses S. Grant as lieutenant general in March 1864, the ranking field generals in the Union army were Nathaniel P. Banks and Benjamin F. Butler. Both were Massachusetts politicians, devoid of military training, whose martial accomplishments had ranged from disasters to fiascos. In 1863, about a year after he had come to Washington to be general in chief, Henry Halleck wrote Grant, "I sincerely wish I was with you again in the West. I am utterly sick of this political Hell." And a year later he told William T. Sherman, " . . . It seems a little better than murder to give important commands to men such as Banks, Butler, McClernand, Sigel, and Lew. Wallace, and yet it seems impossible to prevent it." The common soldier paid with blood for the bungling of these misfits. It is usually said that such was the price Lincoln had to pay to attract support for the Union cause, an explanation that, if true, sheds much light on the nature of Northern politics. If false, it raises interesting questions about the President's judgment or priorities.

The burst of volunteering during the early months of the war did not outlast the realization that the war was not after all to be a one-battle affair with little risk and much glory. An element of compulsion was required. In July 1862 Congress empowered Lincoln to call on the states for 300,000 nine-month militia and if necessary to fill up the quotas by conscription. This law was not satisfactory, and so Congress, stimulated by a series of major defeats in Virginia, passed the Enrollment Act of March 3, 1863. All men between 20 and 45 years of age were to be enrolled. The physically unfit, convicted felons, aliens, certain government officials, and men who were the sole support of aged parents or of orphaned children were excused from service. Those not exempted could escape by hiring a substitute or by paying a commutation fee of $300, which amounted to a year's wages for many Northern workers. Commutation was defended — by the President and others —as necessary to keep down the price of substitutes, since no one would hire a substitute for more than $300 if he could use that amount to purchase his exemption. This ingenious argument finessed the charge that the substitute clause itself discriminated against the poor. Congress bowed to public protests and eliminated commutation in July 1864. Substitution survived, and the price of substitutes greatly increased. With their options narrowed, some hard-pressed eligibles took out draft insurance, a wartime creation of commercial inventiveness by which the insuring company under­took to supply a substitute should the policyholder be called up. Some sunshine patriots would grasp at any straw. In Philadelphia several hundred innocents answered an advertisement promising an infallible escape from the draft for $1. They received for their money a dazzlingly simple solution: "Enlist."

Threat of conscription brought into being a new kind of business­man, the substitute and bounty broker. For a fee, the man anxious to avoid military duty and the exempt man willing to serve as substitute for a price would be brought together. Far more extensive was the business of bounty brokerage. Communities unable to produce their quotas of volunteers faced the prospect of having their unwilling young men drafted, so they offered bounties to induce others to volunteer. Rich towns naturally had a great advantage over poor ones in attracting recruits. Rallies were held to raise bounty money, real estate taxes were increased, bonds were issued, and often the services of the broker were required. The latter "bought" prospective recruits for a comparatively small sum and sold them to desperate towns, often at enormous prices. The broker might acquire gangs of men by the use of lies, drugs, beatings, and kidnappings. Brokers swarmed about army recruiting offices and physically prevented men who wanted to join up from doing so until they paid over a portion of the bounty. They secured the release of men from jails and poorhouses on condition that they enlist. They "doctored" physical wrecks and doddering oldsters so that they would pass the medical examination. They sent runners into Canada for recruits who promptly returned home after signing up and getting their cut of the bounty money.

Thousands of men engaged in the practice of enlisting, collecting their bounties, deserting, enlisting again, and so on; these were the "bounty jumpers." One industrious individual reportedly enlisted 100 times. Another claimed to have made $20,000 by joining up 15 times; he may well have done so, because the combination of Federal, state, and local bounties could come to more than $1000 per enlistment. Occasionally bounty jumpers were executed for desertion, but the main risk in the profession seems to have been leaping from moving trains.

The total amount paid in bounties has been estimated at $750 million, or nearly one-fourth of all Northern wartime expenditures. Commutation was paid by 86,724 men, and substitutes were hired by 117,986. To these must be added roughly 250,000 deserters (estimates range from 197,000 to 278,000) and 200,000 others who absconded after being drafted but before being sworn in, bringing the total who escaped service by one means or another to nearly 655,000. Even this figure does not tell the full story; an unknown number fled to escape enrollment by draft officials.

The main effect of the draft was to stimulate volunteering by compelling the individual either to join up and collect a large bounty, be conscripted and get little or no bounty, or run away. The draft was used four times under the Enrollment Act of 1863. Of 776,829 men called up, 21 percent failed to report, 11 percent were dismissed for unknown reasons, 41 percent were exempted, and 27 percent were held to service, of whom 42 percent commuted and 35 percent furnished substitutes. Only 46,347 were actually enlisted — 6 percent of those originally called. Ineffectual though it was, the draft sometimes met with violent resistance. Opponents accused the system of discriminating in favor of the wealthy and the Republicans, both because more Democrats were poor and because the provost marshal's bureaucracy was allegedly a Republican political machine and saw to it that Democrats had a better chance of being drafted. The biggest draft riot occurred in New York City in July 1863, but there were similar outbreaks in other towns and cities.

The history and statistics of Union recruiting show that approximately one-third of the men in blue joined up without compulsion or extraordinary inducements. The others seemingly did so to collect bounties and escape the draft, were drafted or, especially in the case of aliens and blacks, were often tricked or coerced into enlisting. All things considered, it is easy to understand why the North, with four times the South's military manpower, was scarcely able to achieve a two to one battlefield superiority.

(From Ludwell H. Johnson, North Against South: The American Iliad, 1848–1877, pp. 89–93)


Hey, you out there, who are so bent on trying to destroy by Southern heritage. I am sure you see yourself as a very fair-minded, pure-hearted, noble creation and consider that I am only dust to be trodden under your political foot.
However, you will never find me reviling your heroes by trying to get the name of a street changed to my preference. You won’t hear my voice calling for the renaming of a school nor the expulsion of traditional mascots and symbols.  I neither author bills nor lobby to get long-established holidays removed. My legacy may offend you, and if that is your narrow view, so be it, but in no way can it do you harm.
You that seek to remove “every vestige” of my birthright are easy to spot. You are the ones calling loudly with the feigned words of “equality”, “civil rights”, “tolerance” and “fairness.” Those are intriguing syllables considering your actions.  You, now, ride the crest of the wave now because the winds of change have turned the political tide. Things change sure enough; in this State, this Country, in this world … not in the hereafter - and here they sometimes change again. I owe you nothing! One day all that we strive for will not matter – but today, it does to me.

John Wayne Dobson
Macon, Geo.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Confederate Flag Day Ceremony

By request from the Commander in Chief Kelly Barrows March 5, 2016 has been declared Confederate Flag Day in each of the 48 divisions. After contacting Florida Commander Jim Davis I offered Tampa as the site for the Sunshine State. Therefore at 1:30 PM we will honour our colours at Confederate Memorial Park with the raising of a brand new 30' X 50" AOT Battle Flag.
Prior to the flag ceremony Virginia Flagger Susan Hathaway will be our guest speaker for the afternoon event. We are inviting all SCV Camp Colour Guards to attend and requesting period rifles for a combined salute. You need not be a member of the SCV to participate
With the onslaught of anti-Confederate sentiment throughout the South and other parts of the country we can make a statement declaring our support for all flags, monuments, statues and Memorials . Plenty of free parking directly across US 92 will be available. The Mary & Mollie Bell OCR Chapter #20 will be selling bottled water and I will have select Confederate flags for sale.
Make plans now to attend this important event and share with friends and neighbors. I would appreciate a mail from each of you
if you plan to attend so I can gauge our needs.
General Jubal A. Early Camp 556 is the host for this one time event in cooperation with the Florida Division.
Forward the Colours
10418 East HWY 92 Tampa 33610
Mike Herring
5th Lt. Commander
Florida Division

Camp 556
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