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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Flag Forum Report

Pearl, MS.
Pearl Library
Oct. 28, 2008 - 6pm-7pm

On October 28, The Mississippi Flag Forum went pretty well. There were five panelist and a moderator. The moterator asked key question of the panel on how they felt about the flag. The panel existed of 4 blacks 2 black males and 2 black females and 1 white male, with the white male being a liberal and a far lefty. He was a friend on William Winter if that tells you anything. Two of the blacks 1 male and 1 female seemed to be sort of in the middle on the flag and 2 of the blacks 1 male and 1 female seemed to be more to the left and agianst the flag. After the questions were answered the moderator turned to the spectators and let them talk about the flag. The spectors existed of about 25 people with 11 of them being SCV members and friends. The spectors were about 50-50 on the flag. Most of the ones against the flag used their emotions to make their decisions. The ones in the middle seemed to be open for learning more history on the flag. Ross Aldridge of the Lowry Rifles spoke to the spectators and panel about the history of the flag and gave some great points. He was even taken in by one of the black male panelist that seemed to be intersted in to learning more from Ross. A black Union reenactor spoke harshy against the flag and said he believes the flag is racist. He did not fair well with the spectators. All in all the Mississippi Flag Forum went well as expected. I believe everyone left with a better eye for the flag at least the majority. Only time will tell and more discussion. The biggest disappointment was turn out from the SCV. We could have taken the show and took up most of the space in the room. Maybe next time.

Long live Dixie, her memory and the flag of Mississippi (1894)

Bill Hinson - Reporting
Lowry Rifles Camp #1740
Rankin County, MS.



Concord, NC – A local court judge today dismissed charges of criminal trespass against Basil D. (Bazz) Childress, a Sons of Confederate Veterans member who allegedly refused to remove a Confederate flag from his hotel room window when the management demanded that he do so.

The incident occurred at the Wingate Hotel in Concord during the SCV’s 2008 annual National Reunion (Convention). Childress, a bank officer from Lexington, KY, said he had placed the flag in his window to identify his room as the site of an annual social gathering. A desk clerk telephoned the room and asked Childress to remove the flag. Childress said that when he asked the hotel’s manager to explain how having the flag in his window violated his room rental contract, the manager became angry, called police and made the criminal trespass charge. Childress was released on his own recognizance and checked into another hotel.

Prosecution witnesses from the hotel were a no-show at today’s hearing, so the court dismissed the case.

Childress was represented by Charlotte attorney Christopher McCartan, with Kirk D. Lyons of Black Mountain as co-counsel. Lyons, who is Chief Trial Counsel for the Southern Legal Resource Center, said Childress is now preparing to sue Wyndham Hotels, Inc., which owns the Wingate unit.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Final Call for Delegates

TO: Our Southern Brothers and Sisters
FROM: The Southern National Congress (SNC) Committee

With just under two months to go before the first Southern National Congress, the SNC Committee, the convening authority and support body for the Congress, is issuing this final Call for Delegates. Southerners of good will and good character are encouraged to apply for the few remaining Delegate seats at the first Congress, which will convene on December 5-7, 2008 at the Kanuga Conference Center near Hendersonville, NC. (See

Delegations have been organised from Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Missouri. Each of these States will have one vote in the initial Congress, regardless of its number of Delegates attending. Observers are welcome from Maryland and Oklahoma and from “Southerners Abroad”; that is, Southerners residing outside these 15 States. Observers will be non-voting Delegates. They will enjoy Floor privileges and the right to address the assembly, but not a vote.

Do We Need a Southern National Congress?

Unless you are brain-dead or sunk deep in denial, it has become abundantly clear in the past few weeks that the U.S. Government has become irredeemably corrupt, Godless, and mired in staggering debt that will never be repaid. It is not our friend but our enemy. It is not the defender of liberty but its attacker. It is not the guarantor of prosperity but its destroyer.

The crisis in the financial markets and broader economy has shown us the true nature of the Regime. The big money cartel, allied with big government, has plundered us, our children, and our children’s children in a manner so blatant and predatory as to defy belief. The ongoing expropriation of taxpayers’ wealth, the largest in history, is no longer being carried out with any attempt at disguise or pretense of the public good; and the Government’s looting rewards the authors of the present disaster (and the worse to come) for their monumental greed, fraud, recklessness, irresponsibility, and arrogance.

Now we see what the power elite have in store for us. They’re for “free enterprise” as long as they can enrich themselves with obscene salaries and bonuses, but suddenly they demand our wealth for a Government rescue when their fraudulent deals turn sour, as such deals must in a morally-ordered universe. Yet the trillions of new debt charged to the taxpayer to rescue these criminals from their crimes and fools from their folly are not working. Corruption and stupidity on such an unprecedented scale still threaten to suck the whole financial structure of the globe down the accelerating vortex. As we lurch from one emergency to another, there is no longer any firebreak against the nationalisation of whole swathes of the economy via bailouts, rescues, and stimulus packages. But it’s “money” the US doesn’t have, with our annual budget deficit approaching $1 trillion and our massive trade deficit hemorrhaging wealth overseas to China and the oil exporting states. The unfolding result is recession (or looming depression) and increasing inflation. Our fellow Southerners are losing their jobs and their homes. Three of the ten States with the highest unemployment in the U.S. are in the Old South – North Carolina, South Carolina, and Mississippi. And even if our compatriots have a job, their paycheck buys less every month because of the Government’s policy of inflation, a more subtle but just as deadly form of expropriation.

This fusion of Big Money, Big Corporations, and Big Government is the very definition of fascism. We have it on good authority, the dictator Mussolini himself, whose alternative name for fascism -- the merger of state and corporate power -- was “corporatism.” And if the economic component of fascism was imposed with so little regard for the welfare of the American people and over their intense opposition, can the rest of the fascist apparatus be far behind? As the economy produces more hardship, followed by growing dismay, anger, and protest, we can expect to see further criminalising of dissent, suspension of constitutional rule and civil liberty, and eventual martial law and dictatorship. The stage is set; the legal and administrative machinery for dictatorship is already in place. All that’s needed to invoke it is a “national emergency,” including an economic crisis.

It is equally clear – unless you’re brain-dead and sunk in denial – that the two-party monopoly political system is broken. It offers no remedy. In fact, politics as usual is only making things worse. With a few honourable exceptions, Congress is the bought creature of the corporate interests, as witnessed by their approval of the Great Robbery in the face of overwhelming voter opposition. Never was it more clear who Congress really represents. And in 2008, two-party monopoly politics offers us the most dismal choice for President in history. In fact, it’s not a real choice, unless you think the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks represented a choice, or Danton and Robespierre. There may be surface differences between Obama and McCain, but on the major challenges facing America, they’re cut from the same bolt of statist and imperialist cloth. The victory of either one bodes ill for the country in general and the South in particular; for what’s left of the South’s Christian-based culture, our Anglo-Celtic spirit of independence, and Jeffersonian tradition of liberty will be marked for final extinction.

Intelligent Action Based on Proven Principles

What then should we Southerners do? Throw up our hands in despair? Wait for the dollar to collapse and hyper-inflationary depression to usher in a dictatorship, in the same way the Great Inflation in Germany in the 1920’s set the stage for Adolf Hitler?

The best antidote to despair is action; but it must be informed, intelligent action, based on historically proven principles that get the most results from our limited numbers and resources by leveraging our relative weakness at the strategic margin. These operational principles are the same our Patriot forefathers used to win their liberty, and they will work now to preserve ours.

First is the power of exercising our sovereignty. We all possess a limited degree of personal sovereignty, even in circumstances in which we may appear to be powerless. It consists of a choice over our words and deeds -- whether we will acquiesce or resist, whether we will behave morally and humanely or selfishly and cravenly. This is not to suggest there are no consequences for acting rightly, and a prudent person must weigh the possible consequences against the cost of doing nothing. But at least we do have the choice.

The second principle is the power of our withholding our consent, and its correlative, transferring our consent to our own legitimate institutions. Tyranny depends on fear, to be sure. But tyranny also rests on the willingness of its subjects to submit. If enough people exercise their limited sovereignty by withdrawing their consent, that government forfeits its legitimacy and must either defer to the consent of its people or fall. The relatively peaceful end of the Soviet Union is a recent case in point. It did not fall from armed revolt but through internal collapse once the Communist system had lost its moral authority in the hearts and minds of the people, who then withdrew their consent.

The final principle is an obvious one, the power of collective action. Our sovereign voices raised together obviously have more impact than single voices. Speaking collectively gives our speech synergy; makes it greater than the sum of the parts.

The SNC Incorporates These Proven Principles

The SNC is an initiative that unites these vital principles, allowing us Southerners to take charge of our own destiny in these perilous times. The Southern National Congress is not just another organisation, not an academic symposium, not the usual conference of speakers. The Congress will be a representative assembly of citizens of the Southern States, providing an alternative, legitimate forum to express Southern grievances and advance Southern interests. It will be an active session in which Delegates actually debate and approve measures that:

• remonstrate (a form of protest aimed at righting wrongs by re-affirming principles that have been violated and calling for a return to their observance); and

• petition for a redress of grievances, as provided for in the U.S. Constitution (not that the Regime pays any attention to the Constitution, but that in itself is a grievance for which we need to call them to account).
Our proven, successful, historical model comes from America’s own history – the First and Second Continental Congresses, meeting in 1774 and 1775. The Crown-authorised governors and colonial assemblies were still the “legal” governments at the time. But these institutions represented the exploitative mercantile interests of the British ruling class, not the interests of the American people. Our colonial forefathers had to create their own alternative, parallel, legitimate forums to represent their interests and collectively voice their grievances. Our primary task in December is similar, to bring into being an independent forum with moral authority and legitimacy because it will reflect the true interests of the Southern people – the preservation of their liberty, prosperity, and unique culture and identity.

Qualifications for Delegates

First, there are no restrictions based on race, creed, or sex. Formal qualifications are as follows:

• A Delegate must be a resident of one of the 13 Southern States cited above.

• A Delegate must be 18 years of age on the date of the initial session of the Congress, December 5, 2008.

• A Delegate must be willing to affirm the following: I believe that I have a duty to my home State. I believe that the Southern people are a distinct people. I believe in the right of voice, the right of preservation, and the right of recognition, for the South and her people.

Informal qualifications are also vital, as they relate to the character of the individual Delegates, and that will determine the character of the broader institution. We need people with maturity, discernment, good judgment; an attitude of service and self-abnegation; courage, both physical and moral; realism, and a spirit of charity toward all others. We need people with vision, who can dream dreams of what is possible, whose hearts are stirred by the challenge of the times and the call to a great adventure.

If you’re that rare individual who meets these formal and informal requirements and you wish to become a Delegate, please fill out THIS FORM. We will forward your name to the SNC Registrar for your State who will contact you.

A few Delegate seats remain, but applications must close by mid-November. Come join us in North Carolina in December. Our destiny is up to us, subject to God’s mercy and providence. We must take responsibility for ourselves through informed, intelligent principled, collective action or else forever bear the reproach of history that we understood but lacked the courage and vision to act.
For additional information about the Southern National Congress please visit our website at

-- The SNC Committee

Monday, October 20, 2008

Jayhawkers vs. Confederate Symbols

By Gary Ayres

There is much ado today about Confederate symbols. From schools that have or have had the Confederate Battle Flag as their symbol to heritage organizations that honour their Confederate Ancestors, down to individuals that want to honour their Ancestors.

This even goes as far as many government officials spearheading the removal of Confederate flags at Confederate cemeteries, wherever they may be. These folks are just looking for the vote and or prestige. Folks like former Missouri Governor Bob Holden, Presidential candidate Richard Gephardt and current Governor Matt Blunt. These are just a few amoung the many. The Veteran Administration and the Department of Natural Resources of Missouri are just a couple of departments to name, too. This is especially true with the government officials that want to degrade Confederate symbols. They want them erased from history. Of all the people, the government officials do know what is right; they just want to be elected and will do whatever there is to do for a vote.

Our government wants you to recognize countries that secede from their Mother countries today, yet they do not want you to recognize the secession of the Southern States and the forming or their new country. Either secession is right or it is wrong. You can’t have it both ways, regardless of what our elected wants and seems to get.

I should not just say “government officials”, but it is those folks and anyone else that wants to join in with them. It is something akin to wanting to be popular with the bullies on the block.

A jayhawker (I refuse to capitalize jayhawker, for it does not rate that distinction) is a most evil description of a person or an institution. It represents nothing good-- thievery, murder of men, women and children, rape and complete destructions of communities in Missouri before, during and after the War Between the States (WBTS). A better term for WBTS would be Southern Independence.

A jayhawker is equal to genocide! That is what they were good at!

Two very well known “jayhawkers” were Senator James H. Lane of Kansas, who later was made a Brigadier General by President Lincoln. And another was Col. Charles “Doc” Jennison.

Brigadier General Lane had the go ahead from US President Lincoln to do their duty to Missouri but not convey it back to Washington. This was State Terrorism provided for by the Federal Government.1

Senator, and later United States Army BG, James H. Lane was given the name “The Grim Chieftain” for his atrocities in Missouri. Col. Jennison of the US Army, in tandem with Lane, burnt the western part of Missouri making it a wasteland. This was an order from the Federal Government-- to leave Missouri a wasteland and remove all its citizens from the area. Again, genocide!

Let us bring this into today’s events. The burning and depopulation of Missouri in the 1860’s mirrors what has been happening to many European countries today. You do not condone what is happening there, so why would you want to condone the same activities that happened from your own government and or military, and to your own kin. In other words, genocide was ok when the US government enacted it but it is not ok when it involves countries of today.

After these men’s atrociousness to Missouri, the only things remaining were charred fireplaces. These sites were known as “Jennison’s Monuments”. This, along with the rape, murder and thievery should not be something to be proud of. Certainly not to have a collegiate school’s mascot and the nickname of a State to be known as “the jayhawkers”. This would be the State of Kansas and the Kansas University, both being know as “the jayhawkers”

Today these men would be considered “war criminals”, they committed atrocities to citizens of the United States and Confederate States and at the nod of Lincoln. They have never been brought to justice. Regardless of the many years past this has happened, crimes as such should and must be brought to justice.

Now take the Confederate Battle Flag or symbols of the Confederacy. They did not stand for any such actions as did “the jayhawkers”. Regardless of what you have heard from some teachers or from some clergy. Confederate symbols are good and uplifting. Do some studying yourself and you will find this to be true.

The Confederate Battle Flag was and is a symbol of freedom and religion. It is an Ensign of the Christian faith. It is patterned after Saint Andrew’s cross. For those that do not know the history of St. Andrew’s cross, please research it. It will be well worth the time.

“The Confederate flag is a Christian flag and it represents freedom from tyranny.” “Judge Alfred Roman said this is as he presented the flag to Colonel Walton, he said ‘ in the name of General Beauregard, under whose eyes you first went under fire at Manassas, I have the honour to present to you this sacred emblem of Southern valour and patriotism’.” 2

“The flag represents those who are opposed to unlimited federal government. The flag represents a limited constitutional republic. A view of government opposed to the powers that be.”3

The Confederate Battle flag is also known as the “Southern Cross”. It was adopted consciously, purposefully, deliberately and premeditatedly in order to display faith in the sovereign God of heaven and earth, faith in providence of that God, the God of history and the God of salvation.4

With the little information given here, how can a group of folks come to memorialize a symbol that represents everything bad and against the foundation of what this country was founded under. That symbol is “the jayhawker” of Kansas.

The Confederate Battle Flag and symbols are the symbols of what the United States were founded under, a republic of limited centralized government; in other words States’ Rights.

What is sad is that our children learn the distorted version of history which teaches that the Confederate States of America and the Confederate flags are evil. They also teach a very egregious error in that the Confederacy was for slavery and the Confederate flags stand for slavery. They learn from government instituted schools. These schools teach what they are instructed to and not what history was. And if it can be worse, we buy into what the education system teaches our children and grandchildren. When will we put a stop to it?

Confederate mascots and symbols are removed from schools, yet the KU jayhawker can be proudly seen on KU’s campus and all over the TV, especially during sports events. Nothing is ever said how terribly wrong this is, but then look who writes the text books for schools--the same type of individuals that caused hundreds of thousands of our Southern Citizens to die. They were either killed on the battle field, in their homes before, during and after the war, ordered to leave Missouri, and the Mothers and children jailed for no reason other than to stand up for what they believed in.

Let us remember that when the several States seceded from the United State, they did nothing illegal, it was their right under the US Constitution. Also remember that the Confederate symbols are not bad. It is the few “bad apples” that have made it be looked upon as bad, and then many that are ignorant to the facts to jump on this band wagon and want to destroy the history of a new Country and its people and its descendants today.

Then we have the US Army and the Kansas jayhawkers that were nothing but evil. The jayhawkers were formed to do wrong, supported by the US Army and US government, yet they are looked upon as heroes or saviours.

The next time you see the KU jayhawkers or someone saying they are a “jayhawker”, ask them why they would want to symbolize or want to associate themselves to something so vile, evil and just plain un-Christian?

1. Abraham Lincoln, Complete Works, Speeches, Letters, State Papers by Nicolay and Hay
2 & 3
4. The Truth About the Confederate Battle Flag, pastor John Weaver, West Columbia, South Carolina

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Remembering Moses Ezekiel--American Artist, and Son of Dixie

By Calvin E. Johnson, Jr.

September through October is Hispanic History Month throughout the USA!!

Country music singer Don Williams began his song "Good Ole Boys Like Me", with, quote “When I was a kid, Uncle Remus would put me to bed with a picture of “Stonewall Jackson” above my bed.” unquote

Do your children hear bed time stories about Uncle Remus, Stonewall Jackson or the many people who made this nation great? Does your family know who Moses J. Ezekiel was?

Moses Jacob Ezekiel was born in Richmond , Virginia on October 28, 1844. He was one of fourteen children born to Jacob and Catherine De Castro Ezekiel. His grandparents came to America from Holland in 1808, and were of Jewish-Spanish Heritage.

At the age of 16, and the beginning of the War Between the States, Moses begged his father and mother to allow him to enroll at Virginia Military Institute.

Three years after his enrollment at (VMI) the cadets of the school marched to the aid of Confederate General John C. Breckinridge. Moses Ezekiel joined his fellow cadets in a charge against the Union lines at the "Battle of New Market."

When the War Between the States ended, Moses went back to Virginia Military Institute to finish his studies where he graduated in 1866. According to his letters, which are now preserved by the American Jewish Historical Society, Ezekiel met with Robert E. Lee during this time. Lee encouraged him by saying, "I hope you will be an earn a reputation in whatever profession you undertake.”

The world famous Arlington National Cemetery is located in Virginia and overlooks the Potomac River . At section 16, of the cemetery, is a beautiful Confederate Monument that towers over the graves of 450 Southern soldiers, wives and civilians. These words are inscribed on the memorial:

"Not for fame or reward, not for place or for rank,
Not lured by ambition, or goaded by necessity,
But in simple obedience to duty, as they understood it,
These men sacrificed all, dared all....and died."

The United Daughters of the Confederacy entered into a contract with Moses J. Ezekiel to build this Confederate Monument at Arlington National Cemetery . It is written that he based his work on the words of Prophet Isaiah, "And they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks."

This Confederate Memorial towers 32 and 1/2 feet and is said to be the tallest bronze sculpture at Arlington National Cemetery . On top is a figure of a woman, with olive leaves covering her head, representing the South. She also holds a laurel wreath in her left hand, remembering the Sons of Dixie. On the side of the monument is also a depiction of a Black Confederate marching in step with white soldiers.

Ezekiel was not able to come to the dedication of the monument held on June 4, 1914, with President Woodrow Wilson presiding. Many Union and Confederate Veterans were in attendance among the crowd of thousands.

Moses Jacob Ezekiel studied to be an artist in Italy . As a tribute to his great works, he was knighted by Emperor William I of Germany and Kings Humbert, I and Victor Emmanuel, II of Italy---thus the title of "Sir."

Among the works of Sir Moses J. Ezekiel are: "Christ Bound for the Cross", "The Martyr", "David singing his song of Glory" and "Moses Receiving the Law on Mount Sinai."

Upon his death in 1917, Moses Ezekiel left behind his request to be buried with his Confederates at Arlington . A burial ceremony was conducted on March 31, 1921, at the amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery . It was presided over by the United States Secretary of War John W. Weeks. He was laid to rest at the foot of the memorial that he had sculptured. Six VMI cadets flanked his casket that was covered with an American flag.

The death of Moses Ezekiel, the distinguished and greatly loved American, who lived in Rome for more than forty years, caused universal regret here----1921, The New York Times Dispatch from Rome, Italy.

The following is inscribed on his grave marker:

"Moses J. Ezekiel
Sergeant of Company C
Battalion of Cadets of the
Virginia Military Institute."

Lest We Forget!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Osceola Monument to Murdered Citizens Dedicated

On Saturday 11 October 2008 in Osceola, Missouri the Col. John T. Coffee Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans in conjunction with the St. Clair County Historical Society dedicated a monument to citizens murdered by President Lincoln’s Army and his General James H. Lane, 22-23 September 1861. The ceremony was attended by some 250 people. Supporters from Missouri as well as Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma witnessed the unveiling of the seven and one half foot tall gray granite obelisk at Osceola Cemetary that marked a common grave of the12 victims buried there.

The project to erect the monument was the culmination of over a year of planning and fundraising. No state or other government tax money was used in the project and all the funds were raised locally at events like the annual Confederate Heritage Dinner hosted by the Col. John T. Coffee Camp as well as donations from the Historical Society and others.

The ceremony was led by Commander Gary Ayres of the J. T. Coffee Camp who said in his remarks, “Let us remember that these men who were murdered were protecting their own property and the property of their neighbors. What is even sadder, they were murdered by the same forces that were sworn to protect them.” Missouri would not secede from the Union until 31 October 1861 so Lincoln had ordered the destruction of his own people.

Ayres then introduced Historical Society President Mrs. Joann McPeak and the dedication speaker Mr. Jay Jackson, Superintendent of Schools for Missouri City, Missouri, as well as Brother George Eberhardt who gave the benediction. Other notables attending the graveside ceremony were: 119th District State Legislator Larry Wilson of Wheatland; Alderman Clint Lacy, Marble Hill; Mrs. Terry Ramsey, Missouri Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission; Mr. Pat Brophy, Curator of the Bushwhacker Museum Nevada, Missouri; descendants of U.S. Senator Waldo P. Johnson; officials from the Missouri-Kansas Borderwar Network; documentary filmmaker, Mr. Bruce Pollock of Kansas City, Missouri; as well as scores of descendants from Confederate families directly effected by the mass murder.

At the conclusion of the ceremony nearly 200 people assembled at the farm of Mr and Mrs. Rick Reed to participate in a Bar-B-Q dinner, discussion, and fellowship.

Osceola Monument Script


In June 1861, President Lincoln issued an order making the U. S. Senator from Kansas, James H. Lane, a Brigadier General.

In September 1861, General Lane and his rabble army of Kansas jayhawkers, under questionable authority of Mr. Lincoln, invaded Missouri. His objective was to pillage and destroy peaceable, prosperous Osceola.

On September 21 & 22, the jayhawkers invaded, occupied, sacked, and torched Osceola. Twelve male citizens sought to protect one of the banks from being looted and ultimately burned. General Lane arrested these citizens for “Treason”, and by way of a “Drumhead Court-Martial”, appointed himself prosecutor and judge, condemning the twelve to death.

He mustered a makeshift firing squad, in which he himself took part, murdering all but three of the twelve men, thinking all were dead.

One of the few who survived was Micajah Dark. Thirteen years later, Dark was hunted down by forces of Missouri’s reconstruction regime. Pursued to his home, he was kidnapped, brutally assaulted, murdered, and his body flung into the Osage River. Micajah Dark was 74 years old.

This monument is dedicated to the men and women, known and unknown, who were robbed, brutalized and murdered by Union General James H. Lane through the events he set in motion.

May all who have suffered persecution from the course of action by Mr. Lincoln rest in peace with God.

“Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”. Matthew 5:10


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Adrian Paul McClaren (plantiff 0 vs. United Health Services d/ b/a Compass Intervention Center

HK Edgerton

On Tuesday October 6, 2008 I would accompany the Honorable Attorney Kirk D. Lyons and the Honorable Attorney T. Tarry Beasley II to the Memphis Courthouse where they would file in the 3oth Judicial Circuit a lawsuit on behalf of Adrian Paul McClaren (Plantiff ) vs. United health Services , Inc. d/b/a Compass Intervention Center (Defendant ). As Attorney Beasley and Attorney Lyons filed the lawsuit, I would deliver the following statement to the Press on behalf of Mr. McClaren: My name is HK Edgerton. It is an honor and pleasure to be here today on behalf of my good friend and brother Paul McClaren. Paul would be here himself, but is beginning a new job after being unlawfully terminated by Compass Intervention Center, one year ago for displaying a State of Mississippi issued Sons of Confederate Veteran Vanity License Plate on his vehicle that also had a Confederate Battle Flag Plate on the front bumper as well.

For 5 years, since 2002, Paul has parked his vehicle in the Compass Intervention Parking lot with that License Plate of Mississippi whose insignia displayed the State of Mississippi Flag that in a voter referendum, the honorable citizens, Red, Yellow, Black and White voted not to change, 2. The National insignia of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and 3. The proud words indicating that he is a Son of a Confederate Veteran. The insignia of the same State Flag that I proudly carried across the Great State of Mississippi on the Historical March Across Dixie in 2002 and heard a young Black girl shout out as I cross a bridge in Meridian, Mississippi: “My God Johnny has finally come marching home”.

For 5 long years, Paul has parked his car, entered the building of his employer that was filled to capacity with some of the most troubled inner city youth that this State has to offer. Counseling and trying to instill in these youth, the very same social values that make him Southern; Yes sir, yes mam, please, and the belief that they too could achieve social vertical mobility if they apply themselves, and importantly that he a Southern man who believes in our Father who art in Heaven, and would be there at Intervention fighting to help make it so for them.

Over a period of 11 days, Compass Intervention CEO Nashon McPherson directed Paul to play hide and seek with his vehicle, so that patients and patrons could not see the Confederate flag front tag, even after discovering that the vehicle also had the Mississippi State Flag that I have described.

Even though Paul is aware of no complaints from Compass patrons or patients, on October 8, 2007, Paul was terminated, even though he did his best to comply with McPherson’s Alice in Wonderland requests.

Paul hopes to make a little law that will protect Confederate Southern Americans in the workplace.

1. That retaliatory discharge laws of Tennessee will protect Tennessee workers from being fired for inoffensive display of any State issued license plate. Most Southern states have state issued plates with the Sons of Confederate Veterans logo, including Tennessee- a favorable decision for Paul could affect how employers in TN. Treat their SCV employees with SCV tags.

2. That the public policy of Tennessee will prevent a worker from being fired for inoffensive display of a venerated object – such as the Confederate Battle Flag.

3. That the public policy of Tennessee will prevent a worker from being fired after being threatened with termination because of a bogus criminal charge of harassment.

Paul is represented by the Honorable Kirk D. Lyons, Chief trial Counsel for the Southern Legal Resource center, and local attorney the Honorable T. Tarry Beasley, II of Memphis. Both are active members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The Southern Legal Resource Center is the preeminent law firm defending Confederate Heritage in the courtroom today, with current cases in South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

I will be happy to answer any questions.

1. Mr. Edgerton, could Compass have handled this any differently? Yes. Had there been any complaints from their staff, they could have followed the lead of the Alcoa Plant in Badin, N.C. who several years back offered their employees Sensitivity training that led to a complete understanding of Southern Heritage and a knowledge that it was one to be shared.

2. Was Mr. McClaren distressed over losing his job? Yes of course he was, wouldn’t you be if you loss the income that provided for you and your family. Furthermore Paul was dedicated to the public that he served and was concerned about their well being as well.

3. Do you think that the public who visited the Center was sensitive about Mr. McClaren’s license plates. Many of the patrons who visited the Center had cars that had the very same kind of plates on their cars, and probably felt they too had the same right to 1st amendment protection to do so as did Paul. Furthermore, there was not to my knowledge one single complaint expressed by a patron or staff member other than Mr. McPherson.

4. What do you think was on the minds of those Black staff members of Intervention who had to look at the license plates every day? First of all, they knew the man Paul. Kind ,considerate, hard working and dependable. For those who call themselves Southern, there should have been a knowledge that it is not just Paul’s flag. The Southern Cross belongs to any Black man of the South who wants to lay claim to it. Black folks earned a place of honor and dignity in service of this flag. It is theirs, it is what makes us Southern, no matter those who continue to try and separate us from it and our Southern White family.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


The Southern Legal Resource Center, the nation’s only organization devoted exclusively to advocating in Southern cultural and heritage cases,

will file suit in Shelby County Superior Court Tuesday on behalf of a psychologist who was fired from his job at a Memphis counseling center because his vehicle displayed Confederate flag license tags.

Paul McClaren, who resides in Olive Branch, MS, but who worked as a counselor for Compass Intervention Center in Memphis for a total of 10 years, was terminated last October after a running dialogue with Center officials over a decorative Confederate battle flag he displayed on the front of his vehicle and a state-issued Sons of Confederate Veterans Mississippi license tag on its rear.

McClaren says he had the tags on his vehicle for years without incident, but claims that in October of 2007, the clinic’s recently-hired CEO demanded that McClaren either stop using the company lot as long as the tags were in place or park far enough away and in such a manner as to conceal them. McClaren contends that he made every reasonable effort to comply with the clinic’s request, but that he was discharged anyway, without notice and without severance benefits.

SLRC officials say the case will essentially be a retaliatory discharge action with a reverse discrimination element. SLRC Chief Trial Counsel Kirk D. Lyons will represent the defendant along with Memphis attorney Tarry Beasley, who is acting as local co-counsel.

The suit will be filed at 9 a.m. Tuesday at the Shelby County Courthouse, with a media conference to follow.

The SLRC has gained international notoriety for brining actions in Confederate symbols-related cases and presently is prosecuting similar cases in South Carolina, Texas and Georgia, as well as Anderson County, Tennessee.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

And The Band Plays On

And The Band Plays On
By Joan Hough

“I am concerned for the security of our great nation, not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.” (General Douglas MacArthur)

There can be no denying that expertly after 1865, Abe Lincoln ‘s Marxist comrades (folks the politically correct historians term "radical Republicans") pushed, via their amazing brainwashing techniques, their Communist platform into captured Southern schools and preached their new Communist religion en masse to America’s future voters. Their Marxist-planned Reconstruction began with the successful brain-washing and manipulation of many of the vulnerable young minds of the descendants of brave Confederates of all races. The Marxist well understood that as the twig is bent left, so grows the tree. Many southern children in the most formative periods of their lives were, literally, lured into thought patterns alien to reality and truth. This pattern of education, eventually, was broadened and now in this year of 2008 covers the entire nation.

Thinking upon this, one cannot help but recall the “fairy” tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, recorded in the 19th century by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm.. This tale, historians seem to agree, is based on an actual happening in 1284 when nearly all of the children in Hamelin, Germany inexplicably disappeared. In the Grimm version of that happening, the children dance to the hypnotically luring tune of the Pied Piper as they follow him away. They never return to their homes. He lures away the children in punishment for the “failures” of their parents to “pay the Piper.” The Piper was a rat killer, extraordinaire!

Some may see an analogy with the Hamlin situation and the Confederate one. The “Lincolnite” press certainly propagandized that Southerners were nothing less than a collection of vermin (rats) requiring extermination.

During RECONSTRUCTION, the Marxist take over of education was so cunningly structured that only "left-thinking" non-Southern Republicans were permitted to teach in Southern schools. This illegal, constitutional horror was in highly orchestrated play for over a decade.

The rhythm of its drum and the sound of the Marxist flute echoes yet throughout the field of Education-- reaching the far most regions of the North American continent and much of the world. With the greatest of vim and vigor is the drum pounded and gusts of hot air sent into the flute—most especially in that strange land known as Higher Education where the all-powerful central government’s well brainwashed
tutors who toot the flute, still tutor all would be tutors to toot.

With the sound of such tooting still reverberating in every American school's hall, how can anyone wonder why U.S. schools’ graduates exhibit such dismal ignorance about the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Articles of Confederation, the State Constitutions, our Republic, the legitimate, limited duties of the President, and the extreme restrictions on the justices of the Supreme Court? How can anyone question why the central government has been allowed to steal all of the powers that should belong only to the states, why the President, has been allowed to grab with greedy hands the powers of Congress while Congressional members smiled contentedly, why the Supreme Court judges have managed to become Supreme Rulers—supreme lawmakers, rather than, as decreed by the founders of our Republic, remain chained by the very law of the Constitution to the role of interpreters of cases according to the precise meaning of the Constitution as intended by the people’s representatives at that Constitutional Convention.

It is easily apparent why few of us know the reason our nation's forefathers did not fashion a Democracy for us, instead of a Republic—or the reason why we fail to realize the considerable difference between a Democracy and a Republic and why a Republic is so vastly superior. Few citizens are aware that our founding fathers, with their knowledge of the history of English/British government and laws, gave lengthy, studious, and intense consideration to creating a government for us grounded in law, rather than based on the passing whims of the people--the major component of a Democracy. Like the great Frederic Bastiat and unlike our present day leaders and Supreme Court justices, the founding fathers knew the extreme ease in which a Democracy morphs into Socialism and that Socialism is nothing but Communism and Communism is a religion which hails government as God and is able to “give” to some people only after “taking” from others who can be killed should they resist the “taking.”

It is highly doubtful that more than a minute number of us today understand the damage dealt our Republic by the 1913 Constitutional amendment passed by Congress when Congress removed the states’ control over the central government Senators and, in actuality, made the Senators, accountable to no-one—giving the U.S. Senators the opportunity, virtually, to keep themselves in power indefinitely –because they would no more be forced to stand before their state’s legislature and be forced to do the bidding of the people of their home state. Instead U.S. Senator, as a result, are able to, and do, grab more and more power for themselves and have made “their” Central government all powerful. Rather than being the servant of the people and their states, Senators have become masters almost of the universe. And those who voted for this amendment, each with his single “aye,” undid, virtually, all the work of the originators of our Republic. Of course, today’s politically correct attorneys, at the highest levels, even those involved in tutoring the would be tooter to toot, justify, in glowing terms, that massive attack on Constitutional government.

Former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese, Matthew Spalding and David Forte—editors of The Heritage Guide to the Constitution give us more than a hint of how their twig has been bent causing their lack of objectivity when they laud the amendment by presenting a number of reasons why it is so desirable—among them that “demographically, popularly elected Senators …are more likely to have an Ivy League education . . .” p. 414.

It is true that some of the U.S. senators in 1912 did have the moral fortitude to somewhat resist the changing of the Constitution for their benefit, but the will of the majority prevailed. To know a good thing and grab it, is only human—may have been their reason for they had to realize their own pockets would benefit as would their degree of omnipotence.

How many Americans today realize that the Constitution created the Senators, as protectors and servants, to the States and thus to the people whose hands were on the pulse of their state legislators, who were habitants (neighbors) in the voters’ towns, small counties, and parishes?

The framers of the Constitution “understood that the mode of electing (and especially reelecting) Senators by state legislatures made it in the self-interest of Senators to preserve the original federal design and to protect the interest of states as states (see Article I, Section 3, Clause 1). This understanding was perfectly encapsulated in a July 1789 letter to John Adams, in which Roger Sherman emphasized that “…senators, being eligible by the legislatures of the several states, and dependent on them for re-election, will be vigilant in supporting their rights against infringement by the legislative or executive of the United States.” (Ed. Edwin Meese III, et al. The Heritage Guide to the Constitution, Regnery Publishing Company, Washington, DC. 2005) p. 414.

The propaganda that caused the states to lose their control over their senators was another superb example of Marxism/Communism machinations. Marxists’ fine handwriting on the wall is inevitably visible if one understands even a smidgeon of the modus operandi of Communists.

The first Income Tax becoming law in this America of ours was that put into place by Abe Lincoln and his Marxist Republicans—used to finance the war Lincoln initiated against the legally seceded, sovereign nation his Marxists contended was too Christian and too dedicated to the U.S. Constitution. After Reconstruction, when Southerners were allowed to participate somewhat in national government, that Income Tax was removed. It returned however when Congress put into place, without correctly following the law of the Constitution, the very progressive Income Tax that Lincoln and his Marxists had introduced to the nation during their war against the Confederate States of America.

Because of the success of Mr. Lincoln’s War, present day Americans, even extremely intelligent ones, have no understanding of the likeness of the two giant secessions which once rocked the American continent. They know not that twin causes actually precipitated both the American Revolution against Great Britain and resulted in Lincoln’s Invasion of a sovereign American nation, the Confederacy. They know not that the South’s secession from the Union was not a Rebellion, but was constitutionally and morally right. Proof of this is in the pudding created when the Marxists had sense enough to forgo bringing the long imprisoned and tortured, brave Confederacy President Jeff Davis to trial. (A true American hero, Davis, during his years of imprisonment, gave no speeches extolling the glories of Communism, Lincoln, or the Republican Party. He confessed no Communist-manufactured sins. He embraced none of his torturers even after his much lamented by Marxists, release from his Hell of a prison. Had he done so, Lincoln-cult historians would still be shouting and chortling that “good news.”

It is out of extreme ignorance of truth that Americans do not even know that Mr. Lincoln's Marxist-Republicans were determined to have the Republican Army murder every white Southern woman and child during their invasion of the South. Americans know not this truth, although it can be proven by the own words of one of Mr. Lincoln’s favorite generals, the brother of one of Mr. Lincoln’s favorite “radical Republican” Senators. This general is a man who has been painted with the brush of such Sainthood, that his hometown continued even in the year 2007 to celebrate his birthday and sing anthems of praise to his name. His name? William Tecumseh Sherman. His words?

“On June 21, 1864, General Sherman wrote, “There is a class of people (Southerners) men, women and children, who must be killed or banished before you can hope for peace and order.” ( Forward the Colors by Leon Puissegur. Forward the Colors. PublishAmerica, LLLP, Baltimore.) p. 73.

And now in 2008, we have dozens of new books touting the wonders of Archangel Lincoln. New television series dedicated to further glorifying his name are on the near horizon. The tooting goes on and on.

Can there be any wonder why the Marxist propaganda is still being taught in America's schools? Is it any surprise why so many Americans today are convinced that:

Progressive income tax is wonderful. Children belong to the government and not to their parents. The Central government should control all of America's schools. No Child Left Behind, hurray! And, but of course, the current Central government Cabinet level Secretary of Education contends that the States still have the power. Schools functioning under what some considered the magnificent guidance of our all-powerful central government continue extolling Communist beliefs.

The Marxist beliefs include: God is dead unless we need to revive him in our efforts to make blacks hate whites and yellows hate browns.. The greatness of Communism, as now taught in some California schools, should be taught throughout the land. Homosexuality is a type of good, completely normal, moral, respectable human behavior everybody should not only praise, but try. Aids cannot be communicated via bodily fluids or with a tongue. Homosexuals are proof that heredity triumphs environment—homosexuals are all born; homosexuality cannot be “learned.” Slavery only existed in the South and no where else. Blacks never owned slaves. Blacks in Africa and America never sold slaves. Slavery is not in operation in various places in the world in this 21st century. In 1860 the South did not have more free blacks than were in the North. Restitution to all blacks is their due because, obviously, slavery brought them to present day American citizenship involving unnatural air conditioning, in door plumbing and forced book learning —a fate worse than death. Punishment must be distributed to all white Southerners and their compatriots of any color, again and again and again, and most especially to those who dare say that American historians have made Lincoln’s Republican lies into history!!

The toot of the flute reverberates: The Confederate flag must be erased from all memories. No black soldiers fought for it. Hail to all powerful government! We are so blessed that our Central Government controls us all and gives us our rights. Our rights do not come from God. States Rights is a racist idea. We are all happy, lucky citizens of the Brave New World and the New World Order because the first Bush the President and the Council on Foreign Relations, and the wonderfully rich Communist-inspired globalists who frolic in Northern California woods say so. Both of our major political parties are really not brothers under the skin, socialistic pushers of One World Government. Both Parties do not advocate and practice the erasing of U.S. borders and the giving our young to serve the United Nations as Policeman, nannies and nose blowers for the world. Imperialism is never a thought in greedy brains of politically elected usurpers of our God given liberties. Our government is simply unable to halt the over the U.S. border invasion of foreigners, but does a great job of border protection for other nations.
Sadly, too many Americans know not and know not they know not.

They do not know what was revealed in the interrogations given returned from Communist imprisonment, American soldiers. They do not know that none of the black American soldiers held in captivity by the Red Communist Chinese in Korea gave aid to the enemy—that the black soldiers were able to resist brain washing because they, less corrupted by modern education to “see both sides,” sincerely believed "the enemy lies.” Too bad so many of our white warriors failed to realize that truth not only while in Korea, but during the Viet Nam police action. Too bad so many American citizens not only do not realize such today, and do not even believe it possible that within our own American institutions, there are still enemies of our Republic continuing to lie--and some do so from behind the school administrator’s desk, the professor’s lectern, their church pulpit, while seated in their seats in Congress, while clad in the black robes of the Supreme Court, while seated in Congress or while posing before an U.S. flag in the Oval office.

Communism-- call it fascism, call it Socialism, call it DEMOCRACY--is not dead. It is very much alive and living in America. Somebody has killed our Republic, has installed Communism and the brainwashed ones among us haven’t an inkling they and all citizens are all being victimized by liars. The brain-washed ones never seem to understand that under Communism the really rich (the oligarchs) get richer and the working man, poorer because he believes the oligarchs’ words and—because the word “Communism” itself represents a lie.

And the band plays on.

Many of our present day Pied Piper following, brainwashed voters insist on voting for a presidential candidates with a pretty face and a high level of personal charisma. Intelligence, knowledge, energy level, and devotion to the constitutional principles that created what once was the greatest nation on the planet matter not to these voters. If Elvis were only alive today, his face, his figure and his ability to rock the Oval office with some lively melodies would surely get him elected.


Conner, Frank. The South under Siege 1830 – 2000. 2nd edition Newman Georgia

Kennedy, Walter & Al Benson. Red Republicans and Lincoln Marxists. iUniverse. Inc New York, 2007.

Kevin R. C. Regnery Publishing, Inc., Washington, D.C., 2007.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Spirit of Robert E. Lee

By Calvin E. Johnson Jr.

Sunday, October 12, 2008 is the 138th anniversary of the death of a great American soldier, Confederate leader, husband, father and savior of a great college.

You may be interested in turning to the Travel Channel at 8 p.m. on Friday, October 10,, which will air a live telecast of the "Most Haunted" team’s investigation from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Some call Gettysburg’s War Between the States Battlefield the most haunted spot in the USA , where thousands of Confederate and Union soldiers died during three days of battle in July 1863.

Robert E. Lee’s greatness can be shown in how he came from defeat at Gettysburg and surrender at Appomattox Courthouse to helping save a financially troubled college in Lexington, Va.

Some say the spirit of Gen. Lee still walks the halls of Washington and Lee University.

General Robert E. Lee died at his home at Lexington, Va. at 9:30 a.m. on October 12, 1870. His last great deed came after the War Between the States when he accepted the presidency of Washington College, now Washington and Lee University. He saved the financially troubled college and helped many young people further their education.

It is believed that Robert E. Lee suffered a cerebral hemorrhage on September 28, 1870, but was thought to greatly improve until October 12th, when he took a turn for the worse. His condi ion seemed more hopeless when his doctor told him, "General, you must make haste and get well--Traveller--has been standing too long in his stable and needs exercise."

The heavy rains and flooding were reported as the worse of Virginia s recorded history on the day Gen. Lee passed away.

The church bells rang as the sad news passed through Washington College, Virginia Military Institute, the town of Lexington and the nation. Cadets from Virginia Military Institute carried the remains of the old soldier to Lee Chapel where he lay in state. Many buildings and homes were covered in black crepe in mourning.

The United States flag flew at half-mast throughout much of the nation.

Memorial meetings were held throughout the South and as far north as New York . At Washington College eulogies were delivered by: Reverend Pemberton, Reverend W.S. White--Stonewall Jackson's Pastor and Reverend J. William Jones. Former Confederate President Jefferson Davis brought the eulogy in Richmond, Va. Lee was also eulogized in Great Britain.

In a letter home, a VMI Cadet wrote, quote "The day following the funeral procession after marching all around town and through the institute grounds, formed around the college chapel and he was buried in the chapel under the floor of the basement. The procession was a very large one, a great many persons from a distance being here. Our brass band with muffled drums went ahead of the hearse playing the death march." unquote

Robert E. Lee's last words were, "Strike the Tent."

“Robert E. Lee was, in my estimation, one of the supremely gifted men produced by this nation.”---The late former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Some news organizations have reported a revival of interest in the War Between the States as 2008 is the 200th anniversary of the birthday of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and 2009 will be the 200th birthday of Union President Abraham Lincoln.

Please check the Sons of Confederate Veterans national website at: for more information about the history of the South, which is part of the history of this great nation. You can also find more information on Beauvoir, the last home of Jefferson Davis and his family by going to:

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