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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Flag Forum Report

Pearl, MS.
Pearl Library
Oct. 28, 2008 - 6pm-7pm

On October 28, The Mississippi Flag Forum went pretty well. There were five panelist and a moderator. The moterator asked key question of the panel on how they felt about the flag. The panel existed of 4 blacks 2 black males and 2 black females and 1 white male, with the white male being a liberal and a far lefty. He was a friend on William Winter if that tells you anything. Two of the blacks 1 male and 1 female seemed to be sort of in the middle on the flag and 2 of the blacks 1 male and 1 female seemed to be more to the left and agianst the flag. After the questions were answered the moderator turned to the spectators and let them talk about the flag. The spectors existed of about 25 people with 11 of them being SCV members and friends. The spectors were about 50-50 on the flag. Most of the ones against the flag used their emotions to make their decisions. The ones in the middle seemed to be open for learning more history on the flag. Ross Aldridge of the Lowry Rifles spoke to the spectators and panel about the history of the flag and gave some great points. He was even taken in by one of the black male panelist that seemed to be intersted in to learning more from Ross. A black Union reenactor spoke harshy against the flag and said he believes the flag is racist. He did not fair well with the spectators. All in all the Mississippi Flag Forum went well as expected. I believe everyone left with a better eye for the flag at least the majority. Only time will tell and more discussion. The biggest disappointment was turn out from the SCV. We could have taken the show and took up most of the space in the room. Maybe next time.

Long live Dixie, her memory and the flag of Mississippi (1894)

Bill Hinson - Reporting
Lowry Rifles Camp #1740
Rankin County, MS.


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