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Southern Heritage <br>News and Views: November 2006

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Confederate flaps

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Monday, November 27, 2006

A Christian separation is coming in America

New River Forum
By Wayne D. Carlson
Roanoke Times
Story HERE

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Billy Loves The Republic

Commentary by J. A. Davis

I have just come across the blog titled "Why Billly Hates Lincoln" by Yervand Kochar, as transmitted by What I consider the most comprehensive and best workmanlike list in the heritage community, Southern Heritage News and Views.

Mr. Kochar undertakes to verbally massacre Billy Bearden, my friend and fellow Georgian, with similar Virginia roots.

It doesn't take long to interpret the real intent of blogs such as this, particularly when words like "hate" are used. If ever I read a self serving piece of flack (good motion picture lingo) this is it.

In the blog Mr, Kochar seems to try to convince us that being a Southern patriot, we are somehow associated with communism.

Let me help illuminate in a much kinder way than Mr. Kochar chooses to accuse.

First, Billy knows more about the basic concepts of independence and liberty as articulated by the Constitution than anything even slightly intimated by the rant of Mr. Kochar.

Billy's dad served more than a citizens duty in the U. S. Military. He served not just in one war like WWII, he fought against those communists Mr. Kochar seems to try to link Billy and all Southerners with, in both Korea and Viet Nam.

Kochar has stepped into it with his criticism of Billy's knowledge of history.
My guess is he is about to be bombarded with some correct history as opposed to what he claims is an education in the Soviet Union. Of course, there is the possibility that Mr. Kochar isn't interested in knowing the truth if it doesn't serve to promote his own selfish interests.

Example: Lincoln's close ties with Karl Marx, the documented exchange between them, and the Marx influence in Lincoln's drive to transform these United States into The United States, from a limited voluntary union to a centralized national government.

The immigration to the U. S. by the defeated communists in the revolution in
Germany and how they mysteriously ended in the Union army which ultimately was comprised of around 20% of its total by some of the most brutal examples of communist extremists. Note, Union army, not Confederate.

The communist immigrant settlements in major areas of the U. S. that ultimately became the organized difference in the re-election of Lincoln.

Then there was the communist Lincoln Brigade, made up of American communists who fought in the Spanish Civil War.

Now Mr. Kochar, allow me the courtesy of a little enlightened background pertinent to the misguided remarks made about Billy and Southerners in general.

I know a little about your profession having been an executive for many years with leading film producers and distributors world wide. Try for instance, Official Films, in the fifties and sixties with more film shows on the networks and syndication than any company going.

Having worked with the great writers, producers, directors, actors of the period,
I appreciate more than anyone the splendor of free expression and creativity, even when I don't wholly agree. That part of your blog doesn't bother me. Your interpretation of the history of communism is where we differ.

For my part, I bring some credentials that qualify me to comment. First, as world vice president of the Jaycees, I was involved in a program in the late fifties called "Operation Brotherhood". See "Young Men Can Change the World" by Booton Herndon. This program consisted of volunteer young men from many nations who, at
their own expense, travelled to the borders of the Soviet Union and literally pulled refugees out to freedom and helped settle them in free nations throughout the world. Many of these individuals repaid the favor by becoming outstanding citizen-leaders of their adopted nations.

I know Marxism better than most, having been a People to People Ambassador for President Eisenhower and actively serving against some of the most serious threats of Marxist domination on some of the most contested areas of the time, The
Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Central and South America and the Caribbean. Let our record speak for itself.

Frankly speaking, Mr. Kochar, you've got the history and the facts totally reversed which is understandable since you admit your education was in the Soviet which perfected the Gramschi techniques of reversing the truth for useful purposes.

Fortunately, those methods are pretty worn and well exposed so that many today can recognize the technique. I specifically refer to your blog stating in effect that American slavery existed only in the South, with no mention of other areas in the U. S., or the world, or that it continues today in many nations.

Your reference to John Wilkes Booth is even more interesting. Booth was and is
no credit to the South. The unfortunate assassination of Lincoln ended Lincoln's dream of relocating every black in America to other lands. Lincoln had successfully started this program in several colonies in various countries.

One can only imagine what might have resulted had Lincoln lived and completed the program. There is an idea for your next production to explore, if you've got the guts.

In the meantime, get a grip on people like Billy Bearden and see if you can't recognize real American patriots.

Good luck on "The Wounded Warror". The review I read didn't impress me but reviews are frequently influenced by more than the art, as I'm sure you know.

THE WOUNDED WARRIOR: Why Billy Hates Lincoln?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Yet Another Yankee Crime

Lewis Regenstein on the worst act of official anti-Semitism in American history.
Story HERE

Friday, November 17, 2006

Standing Against Lies

Standing Against Lies
Commentary by J.A. Davis
Georgia Heritage Council
Story HERE

POLL: Should Nathan B. Forrest High School be renamed?

Students Propose Renaming Westside HS, FL
Story HERE

Monday, November 13, 2006

Southerners are different, to the bone

Actually, to the genes, argued a noted historian
By Heidi Dawley
Media Life Magazine
Story HERE

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Confederate flag dispute brings 2 Alvin teens home

Parents cite safety, not defiance as their reason for home-schooling
Houston Chronicle
Story HERE

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Australian Catholic's smirching of R. E. Lee

"General Robert E. Lee, American mass murderer?"

Story and contact info.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Reasoning of the Uneducated!

"There are limits to the First Amendment rights to free speech??"
Story HERE
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