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Southern Heritage <br>News and Views: February 2008

Friday, February 29, 2008

Attack on our Heritage

Cartoon Attack on our Heritage and the Fla. SCV Tag
See and comment on this slander!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Southern Legal Resource Center eU P D A T E


RINGGOLD, GA – The Southern Legal Resource Center announced today it is preparing to proceed with legal action to compel the City of Ringgold to replace a Confederate Battle Flag it removed from the Ringgold Depot monument area in 2005.

SLRC officials said it appears the action will be necessary because the city has so far failed to respond to the SLRC’s demand in a February 12 letter that the flag be replaced within 10 days. “Technically they would have until tomorrow to respond, but at this point I don’t expect any last-minute compliance,” SLRC Executive Director Roger McCredie said.

The SLRC wrote a first letter to city council on January 15, on behalf of its clients, the Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate veterans and the SCV’s local camp in Ringgold. That letter pointed out that the Battle Flag was the appropriate Confederate flag to be flown at the Depot and offered three pages of detailed facts to support that conclusion. (The council had substituted a so-called Hardee Pattern unit flag for the Battle Flag following objections to the Battle Flag’s presence by representatives of the NAACP.) When the Jan. 15 letter went unanswered, the SLRC sent the second letter which contained the 10-day ultimatum.

“There’s always the chance they may decide to be reasonable in the next 24 hours, but we’re not counting on it,” McCredie said.


This just in: the Jesup, Georgia Wal-Mart refused to make a birthday cake decorated as a Confederate Battle Flag on grounds that to do so would be offensive to the store’s employees.

Dixie Outfitters employee Julie Fulton ordered the cake for a surprise birthday party that was planned for another Dixie Outfitters worker and also for black Southern heritage activist H. K. Edgerton. Dixie Outfitters is located in nearby Odum, GA.

“I placed the order and they took it,” Ms. Fulton said, “but I forgot to tell them what names to put on it, so I called back. That’s when they said their bakery manager had said they couldn’t do a battle flag cake.

Ms. Fulton said she spoke with the store manager, a former high school classmate. “He said his hands were tied; he knows what the Battle Flag stands for but he has to answer to corporate.”

Edgerton issued a statement saying he intends “to stand in the door of Wal-Mart with the Christian Cross of St. Andrew.”

If you have a stake in Southern heritage and culture, and are looking for a meaningful way to honor and protect them, please give generously to the Southern Legal Resource Center. With your help we can continue our aggressive efforts to secure the rights of all Southerners to express pride in their regional identity without fear of ridicule or reprisal, as should be the case for all Americans.

The Southern Legal Resource Center is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, and contributions to it are fully tax deductible. Credit card and PayPal donations may be made at our website by clicking on “How You Can Help.” Checks payable to the Southern Legal Resource Center should be mailed to P.O. Box 1235, Black Mountain, NC 28711. “Thumbs Up for Dixie” stickers are available for SLRC and local heritage fundraising projects. Contact the SLRC for details at (828) 669-5189 or

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The Southern Legal Resource Center has notified the Ringgold, GA, City Council that it will face legal action unless it replaces within 10 days a Confederate Battle Flag it removed from the Historic Ringgold Depot monument three years ago.

The letter puts the city on notice that its clients, the Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and its local camp in Ringgold, will “seek legal redress” if the flag is not replaced within the stated time period.

The ultimatum was delivered after the city council failed to respond to a detailed January 15 letter from SLRC Executive Director Roger McCredie. That letter set forth reasons why the Battle Flag was the appropriate flag to be flown at the depot site and asked the Council to restore it to the flagpole from which it was removed in March of 2005.

At that time the Battle Flag, one of four flags displayed at the recently completed memorial site, was removed at the request of local NAACP members and was replaced by a so-called Hardee pattern flag on grounds that the Hardee flag was the one used by Confederate units at the Battle of Ringgold Gap; however, in its January letter the SLRC cited primary source material proving that other types of Confederate flags were present at that action. McCredie’s letter further stated that the battle argument was moot anyway because the Depot monument was erected to honor Confederates who departed from Ringgold to serve throughout the Confederacy, and the Battle Flag, as a soldiers’ and later a veterans’ flag, was therefore the appropriate flag to display. The SLRC also indicated that the city may have acted in violation of Georgia law by violating the integrity of the monument.

The current letter was signed by SLRC Chief Trial Counsel Kirk D. Lyons, with Georgia attorneys Martin K. O’Toole and Daniel A. Coleman acting of counsel.

The SLRC has been doing legal and historical research since last summer, in preparation for contacting the city council, McCredie said.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Forgotten Story for Black History Month

By Calvin E. Johnson, Jr.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, are words of truth not
the fruit of a Godly, intelligent and free people?

June 3, 2008, is the Bi-Centennial Birthday of Jefferson Davis
and the Sons of Confederate Veterans,, have
proclaimed this year "The Year of Davis." Davis was also honored
in Georgia with a bicentennial birthday proclamation, signed by
Gov. Sonny Perdue with historical groups; Sons of Confederate
Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy and Children of
the Confederacy, joining State Senator Jeff Mullis and Georgia
Civil War Commission Chairman John Culpepper for the signing.

Dr. Carter G. Woodson, distinguished Black-American, author,
editor, publisher and historian, was the father of Black History
Week that would become "Black History Month." Woodson
(1875-1950) believed that black people should be proud of their
heritage and other Americans should also understand it.

The Sons of Confederate Veteran do understand and are
planning a Davis Memorial Statue, depicting the forgotten story
of the Jefferson Davis family and Jim Limber, in Virginia. It
will be financed through private contributions from Southerners
and all who appreciate true American history.

Who was Jim Limber Davis?

In 1989, a magazine article caught my eye which I had to read
from beginning to end. The story was written by Gulfport,
Mississippi freelance writer, Mrs. Peggy Robbins and entitled,
"Jim Limber Davis." This is my summary of Mrs. Robbin's heart
warming story.

This story begins on the morning of February 15, 1864, when First
Lady Varina Davis, wife of Southern President Jefferson Davis, had
concluded her errands and was driving her carriage down the streets
of Richmond, Virginia on her way home. She heard screams from a
distance and quickly went to the scene to see what was happening.

Varina saw a young black child being abused by an older man. She
demanded that he stop striking the child and when this failed she
shocked the man by forcibly taking the child away. She took the child
to her carriage and with her to the Confederate White House.

Arriving home Mrs. Davis and maid "Ellen" gave the young boy a bath,
attended to his cuts and bruises and fed him. The only thing he would
tell them is that his name was Jim Limber.

The Davis family was visited the following evening by a friend of
Varina's, noted Southern Diarist--Mary Boykin Chesnut, who saw Jim
Limber and wrote later that she had seen the boy and that he was eager
to show me his cuts and bruises. She also said, "there are things in life
that are too sickening and such cruelty is one of them."

The Davis' in their letters called Jim "a member of our gang of family."

The end of the War Between the States was coming and Richmond was
being evacuated. Varina and the children left ahead of Jefferson Davis.
The president and his staff left shortly before the occupation of Union

Varina and the children were by Jefferson Davis' side at his capture near
Irwinville, Georgia and again the family was separated. Jefferson Davis
was taken to Virginia to spend two years in prison. Mrs. Davis and her
children were taken to Macon, Georgia and later to Port Royal outside of
Savannah. At Port Royal their Union escort, Captain Charles T. Hudson,
made good on his earlier threats to take Jim Limber away.

As the Union soldiers came and forcibly took young Jim, he put up a great
struggle and tried to hold onto his family as they did to him. Jim and his
family cried uncontrollable as the child was taken. They would not see Jim

The Eleanor S. Brockenbrough library, of the Museum of the Confederacy
in Richmond, Virginia, is home to a picture of Jim Limber Davis.

For more information about Jefferson Davis go to: that
is the web site for "Beauvoir" the last home of Jefferson Davis and his family
and presidential library. The historic site was damaged by Hurricane Katrina
but is being restored to its historic look. A reopening ceremony, for the house,
will take place at 10 AM on Tuesday, June 3, 2008, for the 200th birthday
of Jefferson Davis in beautiful Biloxi, Mississippi.

Friday, February 01, 2008


"In 2006, I agreed to run for governor upon the constitutionalist platform of States' Rights. Our campaign theme was "Not Atlanta... Not Washington... But GEORGIA FIRST!"

"With only ninety days to campaign and no campaign war-chest, we received approximately 50,000 votes in the Republican primary against a sitting governor. We faced our greatest opposition, not from the liberal media, but from the neo-conservatives in control of the Georgia Republican Party. Our campaign, though, was enthusiastically embraced by Georgians everywhere that we spoke or were interviewed; and that support cut across the traditional lines of party, class, and ethnicity... much to the disappointment of the downtown Atlanta establishment. Our campaign demonstrated that the people of Georgia DO still celebrate the principles of liberty of our forefathers and relish the opportunity to cast a vote for such men today.

"Congressman Ron Paul today faces the same challenge that we faced two years ago here in Georgia... both a media blackout AND a Republican establishment blackout. And he faces this challenge for the same reason that liberty-loving men everywhere face them. Let me say it plainly, 'Ron Paul is right today, because the Founding Fathers were right in 1776!'

"From the field of remaining contenders in the presidential race, there is not one other candidate who is an American, rather than an internationalist... but Ron Paul. There is not one other candidate who believes in a return to the Constitution and the principle of States' Rights... but Ron Paul. And there is not one other candidate who will say "America First!" ...but Ron Paul.

"For those who still frequently participate in federal elections, you have no better choice for president in 2008 than Ron Paul of Texas, an American, and a fellow Southerner by choice. For those who have ceased participating in federal elections because of the moral and constitutional illegitimacy of the federal leviathan, let me hasten to add that every vote cast for Ron Paul... in fact, the very existence of the Ron Paul Campaign -- is a victory for the restoration of liberty in America!

"It is my sincere pleasure to endorse Ron Paul of Texas in the upcoming GOP Presidential Primary; and I encourage all liberty-loving Georgians to join me in voting for Ron Paul on Tuesday 5 February 2008." -- Ray McBerry, Georgia First

Ray McBerry and Georgia First may be contacted via telephone at 706.374.2643 or online at

Ron Paul banned from Youtube

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