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Thursday, September 20, 2012


(ATLANTA - September 20, 2012) As part of the continuing Sesquicentennial commemoration of the War Between the States, dozens of huge Confederate Battle Flags are going up across the state. The "Flags Across Georgia" project is being conducted by the Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) as part of the effort to commemorate the War and to promote Southern heritage.

Within the last month, new 50 foot flag poles have been erected in both Augusta and Ringgold, both on major highways in heavily commercialized areas. The pole in Augusta is located on Wheeler Road, a busy four lane highway just off I-20. The flagpole in Ringgold is located on Battlefield Parkway at I-75 exit 350. Each of the poles is located in a highly visible location and flies a large 10 x 15 foot battle flag. Other recent additions include a flag on Ga Highway 520 and US Highway 19 in Baconton, both locations in south Georgia.

The SCV has already erected a dozen such flags across the state on major thoroughfares and has plans to increase the number over the next three years during the ongoing Sesquicentennial commemoration of the late War. The largest flag erected so far is a Confederate Battle Flag just north of Tifton, Georgia right beside I-75; that flag is 30' x 50' atop a pole that stands 120' and was erected more than a year ago. It has attracted a huge amount of attention, especially since it is positioned on the main route travelled by tourists heading to Florida and back from all over the country.

Interviews and more information may be obtained by contacting the Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans online at or by calling 1-866-SCV-IN-GA.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Gentlemen: Please forward this to your SCV lists - and everyone whom you deem interested in this effort.

As you all are aware, we, the Friends of Forrest, are in a full blown war with our local domestic terrorist, Rose Sanders, her husband Senator Hank Sanders and now they have brought in the national organizations that have been waging war on our heritage & culture for years. Let me assure you...WE HAVE THE HIGH GROUND AND WE ARE GOING TO WIN!

We are in a truce at this time...I will be able to expound more on that in the upcoming days. In the meantime, my job is to raise money...AGAIN! I know a lot of you might be saying, "well, I have been giving to this effort for years...when is it gonna stop and when is Pat Godwin going to stop asking me for money"....Gentlemen, there are not words adequate enough to express to you my most sincere gratitude for everything y'all have done for us and General Forrest here in Selma through all these years, plus the committed money for the reward for the information leading to the arrest & conviction of the perpetrators of the theft of the NBF bust. I am just an humble player in this theater of war...I have told many folks through the years, that I really think this entire project from its inception has been Providential. There are people who walk the planet for their entire life, and then when the time comes for them to stand at their judgement, they wonder why they have been here and feel they have lived a lifetime not knowing why they were here and wondering what they have done with their lives during their time here. I am blessed to KNOW why I am here...our Lord has allowed me to be just a small part in this effort to pay homage to General Forrest that is properly due him...especially here in Selma Alabama where he only had about 3000 troops against more than 13,000 of the best equipped troops in the history of the world..this took extreme raw courage and committment to duty to his country! Based on the history of Selma, I truly believe that General Forrest's spirit STILL LIVES HERE IN SELMA...and there is a reason this war continues to exonerate him in OUR time as he was exonerated in HIS time.

Confederate Circle will be an historical learning site ...we plan to have historical markers telling the history of the circle, the Ladies Memorial Association, Selma chapter 53 UDC, Elodie Todd Dawson, the Confederate Monument, the Forrest Monument...we are installing two more flag poles - one will fly the Confederate Battle Flag (the soldiers flag) one will fly the Stars & Bars (the daughters flag) and we plan to move the existing flag pole to the Forrest Monument and fly Gen Forrest's 7th Tenn Cavalry flag (the Battle Flag without the center star ). We plan to have the heavy duty wrought iron park benches within the circle also. We are planning to re-landscape the Circle with Southern trees, flowers & shrubs.

There is sooo much to tell and I will be putting out a detailed report soon...however, please be assured that SECURING the FORREST monument and the entire Confederate Circle is the objective...we will have state of the art security system installed with 24/7 surveillence. There also will be LED lights installed on the Forrest Monument and the Confederate Monument.

We will be offering an opportunity to sponsor the flag poles ($2100 each), a park bench (cost is unknown right now) bronze historical markers, and the bronze historical plaques that will be attached to the eight-sided pedestal that the entire Forrest monument will be placed upon. There will be a 5 ft.wrought iron period correct fence installed around the Forrest monument, as well. I am currently working on the order forms for the sponsorship of these features.

Thank you again for your continued faithful support of the Forrest Monument effort here in Selma...again, I will be putting out a detailed report soon.

Confederately yours,
Pat Godwin
Friends of Forrest

GENERAL FORREST NEEDS YOUR HELP! He fought for you…will you fight for him?

Please support the friends of forrest & Selma chapter #53, UDC by honoring your ancestor at the Nathan Bedford forrest memorial!

Honor your Confederate Ancestor, UDC Chapter/Division, OCR Chapter/Society, SCV Camp/Division or other Southern Heritage organization by purchasing a permanent granite paver to be installed around the base of the NBF Monument at Confederate Circle in Live Oak Cemetery in Selma, Alabama. The order form is attached below. If your ancestor served with General Forrest, please indicate by putting a star at the beginning of your ancestor’s name on the top line. If you have any further questions, please contact Patricia S. Godwin, President of Selma Chapter #53 and Friends of Forrest, Inc. @ 334-875-1690 or 334-419-4566 (cell) or @:

The pavers are $50 each; you may purchase more than one if you wish. Please mail your completed form, with your check made payable to NBF Monument Fund/Confederate Circle, to:

Patricia S. Godwin
Fort Dixie
10800 Co. Rd. 30
Selma, Alabama 36701





(Home) (cell)


Please engrave my 4” x 8” paver as follows: (Max. 3 Lines, 19 Characters per line)

___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___

___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___

___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


By Bob Hurst

We are constantly confronted with enigmas. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why are innocent children born with conditions that cause either an early death or a much-diminished quality of life? Why do voters so often seem to elect unscrupulous people to public office? Why do good things happen to bad people? On a somewhat lesser scale is the question of why do some people with seemingly less intelligence and ability get continued promotions and praise while others, with greater favorable attributes, get passed over? This article will address that question as it relates to an accomplished and capable Confederate officer during the War for Southern Independence.

James Henry Lane was a Virginian by birth, born at Mathews Court House in 1833 into a prosperous family. He entered Virginia Military Institute in 1851 and was graduated in 1854 with the honor of being named "most distinguished" academically. He continued his studies at the University of Virginia and graduated in 1857.

After a period of working as an engineer and a teacher, he returned to VMI as an assistant professor. In 1859 he took a position of professor of mathematics and commandant of cadets at West Florida Seminary (now known as Florida State University) in Tallahassee. The next year he left to join the faculty of the North Carolina Military Institute where the superintendent was Daniel Harvey Hill. ( D.H. Hill, of course, would eventually rise to great fame as a Confederate general and, later, as a respected college president.)

With the outbreak of war in 1861, the 1st North Carolina Regiment was formed with D.H. Hill as colonel and Jim Lane as major. Major Lane immediately began to prove his military and leadership abilities at the engagement at Big Bethel where D.H. Hill credited him with being responsible for the rousing Confederate victory. After this, the 1st North Carolina became known as the "Bethel Regiment" and James Lane picked up the nickname of "Little Major", which was a play on his small stature.

In the Fall of 1861, Lane became colonel of the 28th North Carolina Regiment. In April of 1862, he reorganized the 28th and the regiment was assigned to the Army of Northern Virginia in General A.P. Hill's Division. General Lawrence O'Bryan Branch was Lane's brigade commander. Only a month later, Colonel Lane received high praise from General Branch, and even General Robert E. Lee, for his masterful handling of his troops during the engagement at Hanover Court House, Virginia, where his forces were vastly out-numbered by the federals.

During subsequent months, Lane's troops were almost constantly in battle in Virginia at such encounters as Seven Days, Gaines Mill, Malvern Hill, Cedar Mountain and Second Manassas. Colonel Lane's troops continued to perform outstandingly during this period.

When General Branch was killed at the Battle of Sharpsburg (those in the North call it "Antietam"), Colonel Lane was quickly promoted to command of the brigade. Citing "gallant and meritorious service", his own troops requested his promotion to brigadier general. Lane was promoted to brigadier on November 1, 1862, upon the recommendations of generals Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and A.P. Hill.

Shortly after assuming command of the brigade after Sharpsburg (and before his promotion to brigadier general), Lane was called to report to General Jackson, who was in command of General Lee's Second Corps, to receive special orders for the brigade. This was the first time that Jim Lane had seen Thomas Jackson since VMI where Jackson had been an instructor. Lane recounts in his book about Jackson ( written some twenty-three years after the War had ended) that General Jackson greeted him warmly, expressed confidence in his abilities and called for God's blessings on Lane. Jim Lane was surprised that Jackson had even remembered him and was much moved by the conversation. He recounts that from that point on he felt a warm attachment to Jackson and characterized their relationship as akin to that of father and son.

Jim Lane's first command as a general officer was a month later at Fredericksburg, another Confederate victory, and Lane's North Carolinians again performed admirably. Just more than four months later, however, General Lane would fight his last battle under the command of General Jackson as it was at this encounter, Chancellorsville, that the immortal Stonewall received the wounds that would eventually cause his death ten days later.

From that point until the end of the War, General Lane's brigade covered itself with glory. From Gettysburg, where the brigade took part in Pickett's Charge, to the "Bloody Angle" at Spotsylvania Court House, to Cold Harbor, to Petersburg and, finally, to Appomattox, Lane's North Carolinians continually distinguished themselves. After Spotsylvania, a LONDON TIMES reporter had written that no one could forget the "Little General" as he gave the command for the volley that checked Hancock's Corps and saved the right wing of Robert E. Lee's army.

After Appomattox, General Lane gave a sincere tribute and compliment to his North Carolinians by reminding them that they were "first at Bethel, highest at Gettysburg and last at Appomattox".

General James Lane performed admirably from his first encounter to his last - from Bethel to Appomattox. So what is the enigma associated with this capable and effective leader who excelled from beginning to end? It is simply that he was never promoted beyond the rank of brigadier general. Despite his outstanding record, he was never promoted to major general although 72 others were and that's not even mentioning the 25 others who achieved the ranks of lieutenant general or full general.

So, the question becomes, "why them and not him?"

To possibly answer this question we must return to the Battle of Chancellorsville. The day of May 2, 1863, proved to be a day of great triumph and great tragedy for the Confederacy and for General Stonewall Jackson. His famous flank march and savage attack on the Federal right is still considered one of the most effective actions ever taken in war. The only thing that prevented Jackson's forces from completely devastating Union general Hooker's entire line was the onset of darkness. The darkness set the stage for the great tragedy that was to occur.

Later that evening, as General Jackson was making a reconnaissance with members of his staff to survey the situation, the group was fired upon in the darkness by troops of the North Carolina 18th Regiment under Major John Barry. The 18th was a part of the brigade commanded by General Jim Lane. This regrettable action was obviously a result of the darkness, the confusion caused by both forces being in close proximity and the uncertainty concerning the enemies location.

Ironically, as General Jackson and his staff were beginning their reconnaissance mission around 9:15 PM, the group rode through the North Carolina 18th and one of the regimental officers asked Jackson if this wasn't the wrong place for him to be. The great Stonewall called back to the officer that the enemy had been routed and the danger was over.

General A.P. Hill and some of his staff members were on the same type mission but about 25 yards behind Jackson's group.The Federal forces were so close at one point that one of Hill's staff actually rode into a Union battery and was taken prisoner. Since the generals now knew the location of the Union lines they started back to the Confederate position. The two generals and their staffs totaled more than two dozen mounted riders since Hill's group had caught up with Jackson's.

In the darkness the group was mistaken by troops of the North Carolina 18trh to be Union forces. Shots were fired and this caused return fire from the nearby Federals. General Hill raced about shouting to the Confederates to cease firing but Major Barry of the 18th, thinking this to be a ruse, yelled to his men to keep firing. He did not recognize General Hill in the darkness. The mounted Confederate officers were only about twenty yards from the Confederate ground forces when a solid sheet of rifle fire was launched by the North Carolinians. Several of the officers were killed and more than a dozen dead horses were later found. General Jackson was wounded badly and an arm had to be amputated as a result. He died ten days later from various complications.

When General Lane questioned Major Barry immediately after the tragedy, the major said he knew nothing of Hill and Jackson going to the front and that, in the darkness, it was impossible to tell friend from foe so when the horses started galloping he had thought it was Federal cavalry and had ordered his men to fire. Even though General Jim Lane had no direct responsibility for the tragic and mistaken shooting of General Stonewall Jackson, there obviously was some malice displayed toward him since the shooting had been done by "Lane's troops".

Could this be the reason that James Lane never received the promotions that he deserved? Well, the greatest authority on General Stonewall Jackson certainly thinks that is a possibility. The renowned Jackson scholar, Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr., of Virginia Tech, wrote in his acclaimed biography of Stonewall Jackson that the tragedy at Chancellorsville "may explain why Lane never received promotion to major general, despite a sterling record to the end of the war." If that is indeed the case, what a shame. It is also a shame that Jim Lane has never received the credit he deserves for his outstanding service to the Confederacy.

Returning to his Virginia home after the War, Jim Lane found his family destitute, the house plundered and the livestock and crops taken. He eventually returned to teaching and in 1869 was married. He taught at what is now Virginia Tech for a number of years and in 1882 he took a position as Chair of Engineering at the Alabama Polytechnic Institute in Auburn, Alabama. That great school is now known as Auburn University. He would remain at this post for 25 years and is, in fact, buried in Auburn at Pine Hill Cemetery.

As he had been an outstanding military figure, Jim Lane was also a highly respected academecian and in 1896 the University of West Virginia conferred upom him an honorary doctorate in philosophy.

Jim Lane could never throw off the sorrow caused by the tragic mistaken shooting of Stonewall Jackson. The longtime Superintendent of VMI, Francis Smith, commented that anytine James Lane tried to speak of it his voice broke and tears would roll down his face. Smith also stated that he had a strong personal respect for the "ability and solid character" of Jim Lane.

I have had a personal interest in General James Henry Lane since I first read about him some years ago. Part of this interest is because of several common ties that we have. My undergraduate degree is from Auburn University. My graduate degrees are from Florida State University. My fraternity, Sigma Nu, was founded at Virginia Military Institute. Then, of course, there's this thing about the Confederacy. I think you understand.

Jim Lane lived an admirable life in every regard. Although he might not have received the recognition and acclaim due him, I can assure you that he will always have one big fan.

Note: Previous articles of CONFEDERATE JOURNAL are available in book form. Volume 1 (2005-2007) can be ordered online at and Volume 2 (2008-2009) can be ordered online at

Bob Hurst is a Son of the South who has particular interest in the Confederacy and the antebellum architecture of the South. He is Commander of Col. David Lang Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans, in Tallahassee and is also 2nd Lieutenant Commander, Florida Division, SCV. He can be contacted at or 850-878-7010 after 9PM EST.

Friday, September 14, 2012

A Walton’s 40th Anniversary tribute

By Calvin E. Johnson, Jr., Speaker, Writer of Historical Essays, Author of book “When America Stood for God, Family and Country” and Chairman of the Confederate History and Heritage Month Committee for the Sons of Confederate Veterans on face book at:

Hello America!

Do you remember when John-Boy Walton asked Grandpa Zeb “Do we got something to show we own Walton's Mountain?”…. and his Grandpa replied: “You can't own a mountain any more than you can own an ocean or a piece of the sky. You hold it in trust. You live on it, you take life from it, and once you're dead, you rest in it.”

Edgar Bergen, Father of actress Candice Bergen, spoke these words as Grandpa in the 1971 CBS Pilot movie “The Walton’s: The Homecoming: A Christmas Special.”

In 1972, however, Will Geer would become the wise, lovable and most remembered Grandpa Walton until his untimely death in 1978. The Walton’s reflected on God, family values and ancestral heritage of a family living in the rural community of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia during the Great Depression and World War 11.

The ambitions of the Walton children included: John-Boy who wanted to be a writer, Jim-Bob an aviator, Mary Ellen a nurse and Jason a musician who loved playing Grandma’s favorite song “Carry me back to Ole Virginia.” Olivia Walton played by “Michael Learned” could quote Bible scripture as well as Grandma Walton and raised her children as good Christians with compassion for others.

Has it been 40 years since?

Dirty Harry starring Clint Eastwood and the God Father starring Marlon Brando were hot at the movies; the song “I’d love you to want me” by Lobo went to No. 2 on the Billboard chart; Richard M. Nixon was re-elected President of the United States and.

The Walton’s premiered in September 1972 on the CBS Television Network.

The Walton’s was an American television series created by Earl Hamner, Jr. for Lorimar Productions that touched the hearts and souls of young and old for nearly 10 years. The show was based on the novel by Earl Hamner “Spencer’s Mountain” that became a Warner Brothers movie in 1963 starring Henry Fonda and Maureen O’Hara.

One of my favorite episodes is entitled “The Scholar.” Miss Verdie Grant, played by Lynn Hamilton, learns that her daughter will graduate from college but is embarrassed that she never learned how to read and write. She asks John-Boy to teach her; on the condition he keeps it a secret. The friendship and compassion between black and white country people and a Confederate Battle flag respectfully displayed in a school classroom as seen in this episode is not politically correct but is historically accurate.

We were invited everyday Thursday night into the Walton’s home where John and Olivia Walton, along with John’s parents “Zeb” and “Esther” Grandma Walton, raise their seven children. John Walton played by “Ralph Waite” makes a living with his lumber mill.

The Walton’s neighbors included: the Baldwin sisters, two proud Southern ladies who make moonshine liquor they affectionately call “Papa’s recipe”; Ike Godsey owner of the local general store and wife Cora Beth, Verdie and Harley Foster, Yancey Tucker and Sheriff Ed Bridges who keeps the peace in fictitious Walton’s Mountain, Jefferson County, Virginia.

At bedtime the Walton’s turned off the lights and said good night and on one occasion Elizabeth asked her Momma and Daddy to sing the old song “The Old Spinning Wheel” which begins with “There’s an old spinning wheel in the parlor, Spinning dreams of the long-long ago.” It has been a long time ago but re-runs of the Walton’s, distributed by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution in syndication, can still be seen on such channels like the “Hallmark Channel.” Good night, May God Bless and…

Ya’ll come back now, you hear!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Hier sind ein paar interessante Fotos!

A few photos of the exhibit going on right now in St. Wendel, Germany,with copies of portraits by Nicola Marschall, designer of the First National Flag and CSA uniforms. Wolfgang Ulbrich is responsible for the research, exhibit and even a book about Marschall. Perhaps some of you would consider purchasing his book.

Many thanks Wolfgang for taking up this task all by yourself,

Nancy Hitt

Sunday, September 02, 2012




USA Economics is not controlled or influenced by our duly elected government representatives, but by global corporations and the banking interest now appropriately called "banksters." Both Republicans and Democrats are chosen and/or controlled by these international/global puppeteers. This is called "fascism."

The amazing and most obvious concept of American politics is that Southerners and our heritage organizations CONTINUE doing the same things (meaning to be good "Americans" ready to compromise and constantly be nice pusillanimous Southern gentlemen and ladies) every year while expecting different results, meaning to be responsible and vote for the lesser of two evils. It is like our learning curve ends at a brick wall, meaning that we are not learning anything at all. Our lapel pins should read "I Support the Status Quo: Ain't I Proud!."

To vote for either of these shill schemes is to support a political ponzi system of tyranny totally antithetical to western Christian beliefs and practices that are more radical and dictatorial than those of Hitler, Mao, Castro or Stalin. Americans who vote for and support these political parties (selfish "schemers" should not be called "parties") are heavily indoctrinated and the weaker-minded are brain-washed into believing that their vote actually counts and that voting means they are in some distorted manner a free people. This is both silly, subserviant (like as in the Stockholm Syndrome) and dangerous. They are no more than the same proud nationalistic community-minded people that Hitler and Stalin so easily controlled. Remember that these two European men appealed to the apostate Christians of a dying western Christian civilization. The death of the European Empires in World Wars I and II, was the tragedy that set the stage for the end of Christian rule and "civilization" as it had existed since the time of Christ.

Social issues are about elections and voter manipulation at a sub-level of government that focuses on an entirely bogus goal of "social justice." This is meant to rally slow thinking people to "Get Out the Vote." Social justice as termed and framed by the Marxists of modernity is completely antithetical to freedom, liberty and independence. Social justice is always a political euphemism for the lack of true justice and moral law.

The politicians of the Republican Party are not interested in morals and Christian family life, but in a reasonable scheme to gain votes and political control to support the money-barons who sponsor them to get elected. Their financial worth also always increases while they are doing their "public service." In his day, Abraham Lincoln was a master at this kind of corruption. He would drool at the level of their political corruption.

The politicians of the Democrat Party promote anti-Christian social values totally devoid of classical God-defined absolute Christian morals in order to gain voters and political control to support the money barons who sponsor them to get elected. Their financial worth also always increases while they are doing their "public service." In his day, Abraham Lincoln was a master at this kind of corruption. He would drool at the level of the political corruption in the USA today.

Those who will vote in this 2012 election for either of the two main political parties will sanctify the reputations of the political sluggards and sleaze who are elected to rape us of our labour and just earnings and deny the physical inheritance we have worked for to benefit the generations of our families who will come after us.

The death grip of Republican fascists could be broken by their losing this election and a real political alternative could be born and gain support. One of the Big-Two political parties will have to die since they are both versions of the same tyranny. The death grip of modern egalitarians (Marxist to those who do not know history) has been established by not having a political opposition who was truly ready to call their form of government by its rightful statist name, "communism."

So, reconstructed Southerner's will proudly wear their "I VOTED" or their "NOBAMA" lapel stickers and actually think they have done something to restrain the tyranny that rules over them and will continue to rule over our coming generations. They will proudly proclaim, "I helped to put Obama out of office." This is, of course, very consoling to those of us who always play the game of American statists.

Saturday, September 01, 2012


6198 Lake Wylie Rd Clover, S.C. 29710
Sept 29, 2012
9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Sponsors— Pvt. Thomas Caldwell Camp #31 (Clover, S.C.), Maj. E. A. Ross Camp #1423 (Matthews, N.C.), Moses Wood Camp #125 (Gaffney, S.C.), Maj. Charles Q. Petty Camp #872(Gastonia, N.C.), Col. William A Stowe Camp #2142(Dallas, N.C.), Mechanized Cavalry Headquarters Camp #212(Blacksburg, SC), Stonewall Jackson Camp #23(Charlotte, NC), Gaston Guards Camp #1822(Stanley, NC), S.C. Div. Mechanized Cavalry, 3rd Batt. Co. A (Sons of Confederate Veterans)

Youth are the Future!
The annual York Confederate Heritage Youth Camp will be held Sept. 29th at 6198 Lake Wylie Rd, Clover, SC 29710 in York County, S.C. This year’s event will be larger and better, with cavalry, artillery and infantry demonstrations conducted by War Between the States re-enactors. Free Admission to everyone!

The youth need to be taught this important part of American History. Come and take an active part in educating and learning about the Cause for Southern Independence!
Instructors are teamed up to teach programs on several topics concerning this war.

For those interested in coming early: You can camp on Friday, Sept. 28th. Arrive at the site around 4 p.m. A small breakfast will be served for the campers at 7:30 A.M. Dinner will also be served on Saturday. Scout Troops are encouraged to attend and will have their own camping spot. Contact all area Scoutmasters to inform them.

Confederate Heritage T-shirts will be given to everyone that responds by September 17th, and limited supplies are available. But same day registration will still be available.

Contacts: Kirk Carter-(704-806-2941)or , Joe Fore-(803)222-1928, Keith Carroll-(704)473-7684, Gary Byrd (704)853-9588 and Bill Starnes-(704)747-1450 P.S.— Children planning to take part in the Youth Day program, please ask for pre-registration forms. Adults are encouraged to attend the Youth Day as well. Everyone is welcome.
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