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Saturday, March 02, 2019

Ft. Benning Statue Vandalized - Wrong Gen Lee AGAIN!

General William C Lee Statue is Vandalized, General Lee was the first Commander of the parachute school at Fort Benning, Georgia.
FROM: The Daily Caller News Foundation
Vandals Went After The Wrong Confederate Statue, Burned A World War 2 General's Statue Instead
6:19 PM 02/20/2019 | EDUCATION
Neetu Chandak | Education and Politics Reporter
Vandals went after the wrong Confederate monument Thursday night and instead burned a World War 2 general's statue in North Carolina.
Major General William C. Lee's statue was burned around 10 p.m. Thursday after "someone poured flammable liquid over the white marble statue" and set it ablaze, according to a Facebook post on Feb. 15 from the William C. Lee Airborne Museum in Dunn, North Carolina.
"It scorched the statue mostly on the left side," the post said. "You can see the burn marks in the marble where the jerk placed the remainder of the fuel container on the platform. The cleaning and repair possibilities process will begin soon. Local security cameras will be reviewed."
Museum curator Mark Johnson said to The Daily Caller News Foundation over a phone call that fixing the damage could easily cost $1,000 and will come from the organization's funds.
"If you want to attack the Civil War statues, history, we're not the ones," Johnson said. "Wrong general, wrong century, wrong war."
Lee is the father of the U.S. Airborne Army, according to the museum.
Hundreds of Facebook comments expressed disdain and many felt insulted over the statue's damage.
"I am a 81 year old 82nd Airborne trooper and I would enjoy kicking the hell out of this trash," Facebook user Gary G. Hostetter wrote.
"I think it is ridiculous for any statue to be torn down! I don't care if it is Confederate or otherwise!! History is history and you cannot erase," user Betty Callaway said.
An investigation is ongoing and Dunn Police Chief Chuck West said there are no suspects, The Daily Record reported. Johnson believes the vandals were going after Confederate General Robert E. Lee.
Robert Lee owned slaves but also believed slavery was "a moral and political evil," according to an 1856 letter to his wife. The Civil War general joined the Confederacy only to defend his home state of Virginia.
Dunn is a little over 60 miles away from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where the campus's Silent Sam statue has been a point of contention for a while. Red paint and blood were thrown at the statue in April 2018. It was reportedly toppled by protesters in August 2018 because they believed the statue represented North Carolina's slave-holding history. The remnants were removed in January.
Photos & Georgia Division Position Statement Below
General William C. Lee Vandalized at the William C. Lee Airborne Museum in Dunn, North Carolina.  
Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Position on Monument Removal , Defacement and Name Changes.
The Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans condemns in the strongest terms possible the vandalism, removal and defacement of any Veteran's monuments, memorials, or grave markers and will assist law enforcement in any way possible to vigorously pursue the prosecution of these heinous violations to the fullest extent of the law.
We hold the services and sacrifices of our American veterans to be sacred and any acts against these heroes and patriots should be deemed by all patriotic Americans as an act of terrorism, equivalent to the atrocities performed by the Taliban and ISIS to erase the heritage and culture in their region.   
Our organization also opposes in the strongest terms possible the removal, renaming, modification, or reinterpretation of any monument, memorials, or the names of streets and governmental institutions that are named after and that honors veterans of anyconflict, or the Founding Fathers and Historical figures. Removal and modification is nothing more than an attack on true historical facts and is highly dangerous and evil.
Most of the Confederate monuments were erected over 100 years ago. They were financed by the mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters of Confederate veterans to honor their service and sacrifices.
Confederate Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines are American veterans designated by an act of Congress in U.S. Public Law 85-425: Sec. 410 approved 23 May 1958. They deserve the same respect as all American veterans and we believe that an attack on one set of veterans is an attack on all American veterans.
Media contact: or 1.866.728.4642
The Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Inc. 
P.O. Box 1083, Macon, Ga  31202 | | 1.866.SCVINGA
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