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Friday, February 05, 2016

Of Political Figures, Cultures, Political Correctness & Hypocrisy!

Will Nikki Haley call for the destruction of the Golden Temple?

Alabama is NOT without its own carpetbaggers & scalawags. We are certainly ashamed of gov robert bentley. He is the epitomy of a traitor for he DOES have Confederate lineage.  However, nikki haley has not betrayed her roots, her lineage, her history, heritage or her culture....only the PEOPLE of South Carolina who DO have  a bloodline in the founding of this country! nikki haley has remained TRUE to  her Sikh roots and culture!
We, our Alabama grassroots effort, have put together a campaign in an effort to derail the continued political career of nikki haley. She not only betrayed the good people of South Carolina, but like robert bentley, she betrayed the people of the entire South who love liberty and they both have insulted our families by taking down our precious symbol of a Christian nation (we ARE a people!) and also a symbol of resistence to tyranny!  They both have sold their souls to the devil for personal political gain!  They both, in concert, have unleashed an avalanche of cultural genocide against the entire Southland that is ravaging the Southland faster than  the winds of Sherman's fires!
We must show these dastardly politicians, leftists, progressives, liberals, socialists, communists...whatever you want to call them...that CONFEDERATE SOUTHERN LIVES MATTER, too!  WE are the TRUE PATRIOTS!
Pat Godwin


Nikki Haley is a perfect case in point; she is an Indian Sikh, whose family has apparently only been here since sometime in the 1970s, as her father was issued an alien card in Columbia SC on Jan. 18, 1978, see the certificate here:

Mrs. Haley was born Jan. 20th, 1972, in S.C. while her father was still not a naturalized American citizen! Her real name, before she changed it for political purposes is: Nimrata Nikki Randhawa, and although she was born and raised in the American, predominantly Christian culture, she did not forsake her family’s Sikh religion, only joining the Methodist Church because she is a politician in South Carolina, the extreme Eastern flank of the Southern Bible Belt, where Christianity is a must to get elected! But just to make sure she didn't offend either deity, or her parents, she got married twice, once in the Methodist Church and then again at a traditional Sikh ceremony. (Nothing like a little insurance, huh?)

So, with a little of her cultural background laid down, let us now consider the hypocrisy of her position on those of us who have Confederate ancestors, and come from Southern cultural and Celtic roots that go back to the founding of this country.

Here you see photos of Haley and her husband laying a wreath at a Sikh memorial in India, and taking part in a Sikh cultural celebration wearing traditional Sikh garb. Her history and culture are apparently very important to her, but our history and culture have no significance for her because not being of our culture, she knows nothing about it! Nikki Haley's action to remove the Soldiers’ Flag from the Confederate Memorial in Columbia, South Carolina reeks of political correctness and historical ignorance!

This lack of historical knowledge about the South, and the political pressure of liberal political correctness on Nikki Haley's part, have created unintended consequences, for in order for her to be true to her beliefs she should now call for the destruction of the Sikh Golden Temple in India or admit that she is a hypocrite!

Nikki Haley has no cultural connection with the people of South Carolina, and has demonstrated a total lack of historical knowledge as to why the Confederate Soldiers fought against President Lincoln's invading armies.

Nikki Haley also appears to have premised her action against the symbol of the Confederate Soldiers based on the Politically Correct notion that, if any symbol of any cause is ever usurped by an unauthorized or unscrupulous person or group, then that symbol must be expunged from our culture and history. This flawed thinking may have unintended consequences! Nikki Haley is descended from practitioners of the Sikh religious order of India. The Sikhs have a very honorable code to live by, and have a proud military history of patriotic service. Their Golden Temple in the Punjab, and their Turban and Knife, are symbols of their tradition which they display with pride to honor their culture, as they should.

Perhaps Gov. Haley should now think seriously about removing this monument (The Golden Temple) that now stands as a reminder to all Indians of the two Sikhs who murdered her ancestral country's first female Prime Minister?

We must remember that the first female Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi was brutally assassinated in 1984 by her own trusted body guards who happened to be members of the Sikh religious community! It would seem that consistency of thought and action on the part of Nikki Haley would require her to demand the destruction of the Sikh Golden Temple and the banning of the Sikh Turban and Knife in order to atone for the despicable actions of the two Sikhs who did not act with honor, and caused the Indian people to lose their first female Prime Minister!

Will Nikki Haley call for the condemnation of the Sikh culture and the suppression of the Sikh Religion and its symbols??? Mrs. Haley, for consistency’s sake, should consider removing the U.S. flag from South Carolina, as it actually did represent a government which protected the institution of slavery in its Constitution from 1789 until Dec, 18, 1865!!

Nikki Haley has begun to travel down a dangerous road without the knowledge of our history and culture, and she will encounter much resistance from those of us who know the truth about our ancestor's fight to preserve the ideas expressed in our Declaration of Independence and to defend their homeland from a vicious invader!

So, the great irony here is that according to Mrs. Haley's logic; because there were two dishonorable Sikhs who murdered their country's first female Prime Minister, all of Sikh culture and history should be condemned and relegated to the dustbin just as she has done with the South's honorable symbol because of what one deranged nut case did in S.C. Admit your hypocrisy Mrs. Haley, and return our honorable soldiers’ flag to its correct place of honor, and apologize to the Southern People for your hypocrisy.

Nikki Haley has denied Southerners their God-given birthright & First Amendment rights to our Southern culture & symbols, but still practices & observes the cultural regalia & rituals of her Sikh culture. Since she has been reported as a Vice Presidential “hopeful”, did Nikki Haley make the decision to deny Southerners our rights for possible political gain?

According to the history of Sikhism – A Modern Religion at:

“Sikhism endeavoured for a new dispensation characterized by the values of liberty, equality,    justice, tolerance and non-violence, discarding discriminations of all kinds on grounds of creed, caste, class, race, region, sex, etc.”

Those who preach “tolerance” the loudest, obviously are the LEAST TOLERANT OF US ALL!

Will the good people of South Carolina continue to allow this woman who has absolutely NO ties or respect for our Southern history, heritage & culture to represent them in ANY political arena?


Blogger Rebelhorse said...

This is outstanding information and needs to be shared. I tried to open the links and they would not work but I found Trump's family information at:

I'm still trying to get the link on N. Haley's father to work or find another way to access it.

This is going to our SCV mailing list and I've registered a complaint on Trump's FB messaging site.

Thanks for posting!

10:36 AM  

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