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Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Hey, you out there, who are so bent on trying to destroy by Southern heritage. I am sure you see yourself as a very fair-minded, pure-hearted, noble creation and consider that I am only dust to be trodden under your political foot.
However, you will never find me reviling your heroes by trying to get the name of a street changed to my preference. You won’t hear my voice calling for the renaming of a school nor the expulsion of traditional mascots and symbols.  I neither author bills nor lobby to get long-established holidays removed. My legacy may offend you, and if that is your narrow view, so be it, but in no way can it do you harm.
You that seek to remove “every vestige” of my birthright are easy to spot. You are the ones calling loudly with the feigned words of “equality”, “civil rights”, “tolerance” and “fairness.” Those are intriguing syllables considering your actions.  You, now, ride the crest of the wave now because the winds of change have turned the political tide. Things change sure enough; in this State, this Country, in this world … not in the hereafter - and here they sometimes change again. I owe you nothing! One day all that we strive for will not matter – but today, it does to me.

John Wayne Dobson
Macon, Geo.


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