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Southern Heritage <br>News and Views: Coffee Camp Dinner Attracts Large Crowd for Gilmore

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Coffee Camp Dinner Attracts Large Crowd for Gilmore

DS Reif

The program for the Seventh Annual Col. John T Coffee Camp Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), Confederate Heritage Dinner in Osceola, Missouri was held on the evening of Saturday April 5th. The largest crowd to ever hear author Donald Gilmore turned out for the annual event. Gilmore, a senior editor at the Ft. Leavenworth Combat Studies Institute, delivered a spirited forty five minute talk culminated in a standing ovation by an appreciative crowd. The speech was based on his new book, “The Civil War on the Missouri/Kansas Border”. The dinner and talk are part of the Col. John T. Coffee Camp’s ongoing education program.

In his talk Gilmore asserts that the war on the Missouri/Kansas border was the beginning of the War Between the States and it spread eastward to the rest of the South. He talked about the pre-meditated nature of the War which was encouraged by economic interests in the Northeast who wanted to destabilize Missouri. Speaking directly about the burning of Osceola in 1861 he showed that it was an extension of what had been happening for over half a decade. He also talked about the bravery of those Missourians who resisted the Northern invasion and suffered terrible depredations during and after the War.

Another highlight of this year’s dinner was the drawing organized by Friends of the Coffee Camp the proceeds going to monument projects. Jared Lawler of Clinton, Missouri donated a 36 caliber Kentucky Long Rife and it was won by Jason Coffman of Holt, Missouri. An original framed oil painting entitled, “Gen. Sterling Price’s Sac River Camp”, by artist Carol Kampe of Clinton, Missouri was won by Cindy Vickers also of Clinton.

The master of ceremonies was Coffee Camp Commander Gary Ayres and Press Officer David S. Reif introduced Mr. Gilmore. The dinner attracted participants from three states with a number of notables attending. Among them were: Greene County Archivist-Mr. Robert Newmann, Ron Paul delegates Mr. and Mrs. James Bradley of Trimble, Ron Paul delegate Mr. Scott Easter of Savannah, and former Lake Ozark, alderman, Paul Garrison accompanied by his family. Benediction and prayers were lead by Pastor Robert Phillips of Dunnegan. The annual dinner is a public event attracting large numbers of non-SCV members.


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