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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Southern Legal Resource Center eU P D A T E

SLRC Moves to sanction school’s attorneys for using delaying tactics in Hardwick case

FLORENCE, SC – The SLRC is seeking sanctions against attorneys for the defendants in Hardwick v. Heyward, the South Carolina in-school heritage violation case that is supposedly set for trial in March.

In late January, attorneys for Latta (S.C.) School District #2 filed a last-minute motion to dismiss the suit on grounds that the plaintiff, Candice Hardwick, is no longer a student at the school. The SLRC promptly responded noting that the fact Ms. Hardwick no longer attends that particular school in no way affects the fact that she has a legitimate claim for damages for treatment she suffered at the hands of school officials while she was still a student there. This point is so self evident, the SLRC said, that the attorneys’ motion is obviously frivolous and is intended essentially as a further delaying tactic in a case that should have been heard months ago. Accordingly the SLRC has asked that the defense team be sanctioned by having to pay for the SLRC’s time and expense in replying to the motion – in addition to any damages that may be recovered in the suit itself.

“Candice Hardwick has waited a long time to have her day in court,” said SLRC Executive Director Roger McCredie. “The other side knows that. This is called trying to buy the case by pleading the plaintiffs to death. The thing is, this particular motion is so bogus that it needs to be punished as such.”

“We have, and always have had, an excellent case on its own merits,” said SLRC Chief Trial Counsel Kirk D. Lyons. “We cannot and will not stand for any further obstruction of it. Justice delayed is justice betrayed.”

Employee who brought cotton boll to work gets fired

SAINT PETERSBURG, FL – A logistics supervisor at a Good Humor-Briers ice cream plant who had a boll of cotton that he brought to work confiscated earlier this year has now been terminated

Wayne Asbell of St. Petersburg has filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission discrimination complaint against Good Humor-Breyers and its parent company, Unilever, and has also asked the SLRC to investigate his termination which occurred in mid-January.

Last September Asbell picked the single stalk of cotton on his way back from a family reunion in Georgia and brought it to work to show his colleagues, many of whom had never seen an actual cotton boll. He placed the cotton on his desk, left his work station and returned to find the cotton gone. A company human resources officer told him it had been removed because it “might cause disruption.”

“It was just a piece of cotton,” Asbell said at that time.

Asbell says he was subsequently made the subject of anonymous phone calls to management on the company’s “ethics hot line” and that he requested an investigation. No investigation took place, he says, adding that he feels the cotton incident was the subject of the calls and was ultimately the reason behind his termination.

Get your Southern patriotism on the record!

Sign the CSA National Origin affidavit!

In The Mind of the South, Wilbur J. Cash observed famously that the South is “not quite a nation within a nation but the next thing to it.” Southerners, of course, have always known this; in an effort to protect their Southern-ness, they eventually attempted to resign, peaceably and in good faith, from the very union they had helped to found – and in return they were made war upon, killed in great numbers, had their land laid waste, suffered a corrupt and oppressive military occupation, were grossly exploited economically and for the past 20 years have seen what remains of their culture, and those who love it, relentlessly attacked by the self-serving and the so-called politically correct.

Some years ago the SLRC suggested that the descendants of those Southerners who were citizens of the Confederacy – regardless of race or ancestral national origin – make up a distinct ethnic group as fully valid as any other ethnic group in America, and just as fully entitled to protection under law. We refer to this group as Confederate-Southern Americans (CSA). For some time we have made a downloadable Confederate Southern American National Origin Affidavit available on our website and we receive signed and completed statements at the rate of two or three a month.

Now, however, we are starting a campaign to get as many Southerners as possible on the record as saying they consider themselves members of this distinct group. Our intent is to amass as many such affidavits as possible over the next several months and use them as the basis for requesting national and international recognition of CSA’s.

Think what it would mean to have our flags, symbols, music, traditions and customs, and our right to honor them, fully protected under law. Please go to our website and download a copy of the affidavit. If you are a member of a Southern heritage organization, make as many copies as you need and circulate them at your next meeting. Give or send copies to your relatives or friends. Do it now. “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

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