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Monday, April 21, 2008

What the Left Thinks About Us

by David S. Reif

I have been working to distribute a review of the book Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists by Walter (Donnie) Kennedy and Al Benson, Jr. It is one of the most important books we have today that explains the roots of our political problems regarding heritage issues and the anti-Southern bias in the media. You can read the entire review which is presently posted on Fireeater:

While sending the review to websites and editors I thought this might be a good time to test the concept of diversity. The popular website (OpEd News) promotes itself as a place where various opinions, free expression, and diversity are shared. However, it tends to be a Republican bashing site. Now that is not a completely bad thing in my opinion. The Republicans and the Neo-cons who run the leadership have done plenty for me to disagree with. They have accomplished little for heritage issues and spend money in a manner that suits the liberal Democrat left which the Republican Party seems to emulate much of the time. In fact the two Parties seem to be a mirror image of each other.

I thought that OpEd News would be dandy place to submit the Red Republican review to because the book exposes how Lincoln is the common father or both our political parties. It explains that a foreign ideology of social materialist entered American politics through the Lincoln administration and in the War Between the States (WBTS). Marx had many people who agreed with him and they actively worked to undermine the Jeffersonian principles of the Original Constitution and destroy the South.

Thinking that a review of this book would fit in a site that was against the Republican Party, big government Neo-cons, and for free expression I continued with my work. I did a little research and it appeared to me that the site could in some way be connected to political wheeler-dealer, globalist, and Open Society founder; George Soros. The funding for OpEd has the suspicious odor of a clandestine Soros operation and it also had the look of one of his associations although links are often obscured and difficult to prove. George Soros regularly funds so-called “socially conscious” groups and OpEd seemed to conform to the profile. You can take a look at what I mean at: ; but even if this was not an “official” part of his Open Society it has many of the markings.

Regardless of their affiliation any group that professes a belief in free expression, diversity, and open society should be interested in Red Republicans. So sending the Kennedy/Benson review to them made even more sense or so I thought.

I’ve written many essays and reviews and had my share of rejection letters. If you can’t get used to being rejected then you shouldn’t write. So when I got an email from Mr. Moffett (the managing editor) informing me that they didn’t want the piece I was not offended. It is the editor’s job to weed out material he doesn’t want.

However this was the strangest rejection letter I had ever gotten and I wanted to share it with you.

“Dear David,

Thank you for submitting your article “Red Republicans-A Review” to OpEdNews. As you are aware, we are primarily a progressive news and opinion website. Clearly, your article is way outside that realm of discourse. As you may also be aware, Marxism does not currently appear to be a major threat to our society. As such, a historical treatment of the “omnipresent state socialist Left” during a time of conservative neocon hegemony seems trivial at best.

Perhaps that book would have been better named “Red Meat Republicans”.
Best regards,

John R. Moffett
“omnipresent state socialist Left”
and managing editor, OEN
Please do NOT reply to this email; no one will see it.”

The book is about the role of Marxism in the Lincoln administration and how Marxist changed the outcome of the WBTS. It also informs us about how these same Marxists continued to sow their ideology in our country’s history up to this day.

But never mind the domestic implications evidently Mr. Moffett has never heard of Communist Red China and how the Red Army is going around killing or knocking the teeth out of the Tibetans who dare oppose Marxism there. Perhaps he doesn’t know that the African National Congress is a Marxist group? Maybe he is not aware that Islamic radicalism is tied to the Baathist movement which are Arab Marxists? Marxism is not a threat to Mr. Moffett. But then again Marxism is not a threat to other Marxists; and we my friends are irrelevant in his view!

What Kennedy/Benson has done in their book Red Republicans is show us that what happened in the WBTS regarding Marxist materialism has relevancy today. Most of the leading academics and media people are adherents to the Frankfort School of neo-Marxism that gave us Howard Zinn, Nancy Fraser, and Herbert Marcuse. Moreover, the people who oppose the South and the Jeffersonian Original Constitution are acting out “the long march through the institutions”, the characterization made by Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci to describe the take over of all the social institutions of the West: then destroy them.

I am grateful to Mr. Moffett for giving us a glimpse into the working of the globalist left. Even though there is little time in my life my first inclination is to empathize with people who are mostly American young folks and do what I can to de-program them. But as the last line in his email indicates, he doesn’t want to be reasoned with. So all I can do is continue to promote the wisdom of the Original Constitution, honor the people who fought for it, and trust in God.

Red Republicans and Lincoln's Marxists: Marxism in the Civil War
By Walter D Kennedy
List Price: $21.95
Price: $19.76
Was Abraham Lincoln influenced by communism when the Union condemned the rights of Southern states to express their independence? It's shocking to think so.


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