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Southern Heritage <br>News and Views: George Soros and the Confederate Flag

Sunday, April 26, 2009

George Soros and the Confederate Flag

By David S. Reif

You may find this interesting as to how the media works against the Confederate Flag.

Within the saccharine opinion piece posted on SHNV (25Ap09) is a teary-eyed account of the emotional devastation caused by just the sight of the Battle Flag.

The Confederate Flag and FSU Students
Appalachian Independent

The article is written by one Jeffery Davis who lists his heroes as Martin Luther King and Garrison Keilor. It is published by the Appalachian Independent. If you look into the funding of this media outlet you will see that they are bankrolled through something called New Voices. Now let’s follow the trail of influence and money.

J-Labs funds New Voices and J-Labs is funded in part by American University/Maryland School of Journalism and they are in turn connected to McCormick Media Matters who are in turn partnered with (you may have guessed by now) George Soros. By using front groups Mr. Soros’ operation Open Society becomes a funding partner with McCormick, J-Labs, New Voices, and presto Mr. Davis is a mouthpiece for Mr. Soros to attack the Confederate Flag through a network of surrogates. Follow the link to the McCormick project and as you scroll down through the leftist organizations who are “Grantees” including J-Labs then you will see the “Funders” listed and there you will find Open Society the main front group for Soros’ political propaganda empire.

Mr. Soros is giving billions all over the world to destroy anything that is traditional, Judeo-Christian, religious, independent, or conservative. The Confederate Flag meets several of those criteria.


Blogger EyesWideOpen said...

If you read Jeremiah 17:1 you will see there is no such thing as Judeo-Christianty other than maybe Jesuits.

8:18 AM  

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