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Southern Heritage <br>News and Views: African American SCV member disagrees with NAACP NASCAR protest

Saturday, May 30, 2009

African American SCV member disagrees with NAACP NASCAR protest

As an African American and proud member of the Southern Confederate Veterans, SCV, in Tampa FL, I am disappointed that the NAACP would be so misguided and foolish to protest NASCAR about the Confederate flag. There are tremendous challenges in the African American communities. The Flag and NASCAR will never be one of them.

If I could speak directly to the leadership folks over at the NAACP, I would ask them these questions?

Why spend all this energy of about a flag?
Are there not greater and more important issues facing African Americans?
These other issues are;
1. The number of African Americans in Prison
2. The horribly high school drop out rate
3. The teen pregnancies
4. The housing problem
5. Lack of understanding and using the information highway
6. Job counseling
7. Crimes committed on ourselves by ourselves
8. Knowing who our real father is?
9. Respect for law and order
10. Single parent homes
11. Allowing our juveniles to be thugs and go unchallenged with bad behavior
12. Mentoring our youth
...... actually I could go on and on.

So to the folks at the NAACP, let’s fix your house fix before fight a flag that represents a proud Southern Heritage. The War Between the States was not about slavery, but the North's desire to steal, and use the great economics prosperity of the South.

Its great to make the 6 PM news broadcast, but let it show you are doing the right and positive thing for your community.

Thanks for reading this..

Al Mccray


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