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Monday, June 06, 2011

Memories Evoked by the Old South’s New Flag

Part Two of a Four Part Commentary

by Joan Hough


The Old South’s new flag represents all Confederates imprisoned or dead in Union prisons, all Confederate warriors and all civilians killed during and after the war. Some Southerners see this flag, also, as a poignant reminder of all that Reconstruction was, of all that Confederates lost and all the sufferings experienced by those captured civilians and x-military who were imprisoned, not in a formal prison, but in their own Southern state itself because of the Marxist-Republicans’ program of Reconstruction.

All true Southerners, white ones, brown ones, black ones, red ones—no matter their ages, were, definitely, imprisoned by the U.S. government when all folks in every Southern state became slaves under the total control of the U.S. government’s military leaders. Torture and death could be administered to Confederates during Reconstruction at any time on the slightest whim of any General assigned as the controller of a Southern district. Extortion of Southerners was almost routine. The U.S. Republican-controlled government taxed all true Southerners into poverty and destitution, thus virtually enslaving everyone with any connection with anyone who wore the gray. Even General Sherman and his Republican Senator brother profited economically from dirt cheap Southerners’ lands’ “taxed away by the victors.

The Holocaust

During the war, a true Holocaust was perpetrated by Generals Sherman, Sheridan, Sheridan, Grant and others acting under the auspices and approval of Lincoln, his Marxist- Radical Republicans and the crazed abolitionist -- Democrats. Their acts of genocide and war crimes are still being praised by authors crying out the usual politically correct lies, as seen in the words of biographer Fellman: “Witnessing Sherman’s ever-advancing, seemingly unstoppable, increasingly destructive army undoubtedly was a major fact that caused the Southerners to lose heart, thus leading toward the end of the war. This furious man, with his considerable terrorist capabilities, may have been effective in ending the way in a way more forgiving or at least more limited approaches to fighting the war had not achieved.” [emphasis added]

This new flag is not yet possessed by most Confederate descendants, but the good Lord knows it should be, Folks, no matter where they live, who honor their Confederate lineage should acquire this amazing reminder of the sacrifices made by Southern families. The flag is available in both large and small sizes. Purchase information can be obtained at:

A fascinating article about this new flag was written by Kenn Lightfoot of the Dixie Defenders 2096. In it Lightfoot calls attention to the large numbers of imprisoned Confederate black soldiers, Confederate Indian soldiers, and Confederate white soldiers who met their deaths due to the direct policies of Mr. Lincoln, his Republican Congress, and his leaders in the U.S. military. Lightfoot details some of the agonies inflicted on our imprisoned Confederates by the order of Congress with Lincoln’s approval.


While reading Lightfoot’s words, some will recall that many or most of Lincoln’s congressmen, his military leaders, and his appointees were Republican Party Radicals whom some serious scholars are now identifying as "Communists.” Among this bunch was an American born Socialist-Communist by name of Charles Dana.

It defies all logic to see Charles Dana, Mr. Lincoln’s Assistant Secretary of War—Secretary of War Stanton’s right hand man and chief propagandist, as anything except a Communist. “Communist sympathizer” or “fellow traveler” is too mild a term for such a man.

Retaliation Program of Northern Vengeance

For want of meat,
The dog was eat.
(posted on bulletin board by prisoner at Camp Douglas)

The U.S. government's official program of RETALIATION which started in the summer of 1863, was responsible for an enormous amount of deaths of helpless, imprisoned Southerners. (Was 1863 when the North was losing the war? Even a biased Sherman biographer wrote that in 1864 the morale of Union troops was at an all time low.)

Because of the policy of "Retaliation," horrendous, undeniable evils were committed by the people of the north living in a veritable land of plenty, a land filled with PLENTY--plenty of food, plenty of clothing, plenty of shoes, plenty of blankets, plenty of firewood, plenty of building materials, plenty of medicines, plenty of ways and means to build warm barracks, plenty of high ground to build barracks on, plenty of fresh, uncontaminated water, plenty of physicians and plenty of folks conditioned by clever Marxist-designed propaganda to hate Southerners.

Due to their unquestioning acceptance of superbly invented lies as truth, northerners believed Union soldiers were cruelly tortured by the South. Just as desired by the Marxist lie creators, northerners approved, allowed to be implemented, and even found entertaining torturous treatment of incarcerated, totally helpless Confederates — many of the soldier boys just boys of age fourteen. Northerners became convinced that it was justifiable for Southern men and boys to be forced to freeze to death-by removing blankets or having to strip nude and go out in the snow in below zero weather to take care of bodily needs at night—diarrhea meant freezing. Prisoners were deliberately forced to suffer hideous, easily preventable diseases (such as diet caused scurvy which caused lips and teeth to fall out). Thousands starved to death. Prisoners were deliberately exposed to small pox and used in an early form of biological warfare. Northerners, moral, pious do-gooders that they were, found no fault with prison programs that caused defenseless Confederates to die from “poisoned” water (polluted by raw sewage, etc.) and from forced sleeping on floors covered in cold water and the shooting of numbers of prisoners (always declared accidental, of course) causing their deaths. Northerners were primed to find it amusing when Southerners were beaten with clubs, tortured to death or deliberately murdered.

Proof of this was, certainly evident at Camp Douglas prison when crowds of citizen-onlookers brought picnic lunches to eat as they gawked at mistreated Confederates riding the 2x4 board “mule” or standing barefoot in the snow, hanging from their thumbs, catching and eating rats, and even dogs and cats, maybe even seated sans pants and underpants on ice, forced to stand barefoot in snow for hours, or otherwise experiencing humiliation or death- giving punishment. At Camp Douglas, 20 men were forced to share 6 knives and forks ; 120 men had to share 20 tin cups. Some men were made to wear chains attached to heavy metal balls.

Evidently moral northerners were as entranced by these sights as if they watched any circus tent show or were Romans enjoying the actions in the coliseum. Undoubtedly these sight-seeing humans gave no thought to how similar they were to those folks in other far away “civilized nations” –folks who hastened to the live entertainment offered by the dancing on air--the kicking and writhing of folks being hung for imaginary crimes or crimes as slight as the stealing by a starving man of a loaf of bread for his starving children.

Some Americans may think that Yankees should be excused for their beliefs and their actions because of the avalanche of mind-boggling propaganda to which northerners were subjected — because, after all, some of the imprisoned Confederates were brainwashed into joining the Union’s army, in the west. It is true that a few Confederates did succumb to brainwashing, but only a very, very few despite the fact that all prisoners, once Retribution began, were treated in ways that, it is now realized, approximate at least some of the torture-type brain wash methods later employed, with a few Pavlovian embellishments, on American military captives in Korea and Viet Nam.

The big difference in the “Uncivil” War period and more modern “police action undeclared wars” is that there were few Confederates who ratted on their own kind. None gave propaganda speeches to his fellows, and none of the Southerner- converts to the Union went on to become a U.S. Senator and head a Senatorial Committee which kept parents from learning truths about their missing-in-action sons and the details of the Senator’s own treasonous aid to America’s Communist enemies. No Southerner after his stint in the hands of his enemies, in a fit of anger turned his back on his fellow soldiers’ weeping relatives and walked out on them, rather than tell the truth about their loved ones. And none of those Yankee-made "converts" was then selected by some grand old Party as the Republican candidate for the Presidency.

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(Flag purchase information at


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't need a "new" flag - just looking at the Battle Flag brings all that back to mind, as it IS the 'Battle" flag and stands for the battles of the fight for the South's freedom. Every time I see the Battle flag or the CSA National flag, all I can think of are who who died for the South's freedom from the North's tyranny, and how they were so badly tortured and experimented on in those hell camps by the Yankees to do it. I have two large Confederate flags flying for many years out in front of my house, and every time I go out front, I remember all those lives that God only knows, who so bravely fought and stood for our beloved South nation of states. It also makes me feel the sorrow they must have on the other side as they watch us DO NOTHING TODAY. We unfortunately are not those brave souls as they were ! Oh to see that courage again here in our beloved South nation. As for "another " flag to add to the long list of flags we already confuse everyone of other nations with (especially the US), I get all the memories from just seeing the two official CSA flags we have had for the past 150 years. Keep 'em flying !

10:28 PM  
Anonymous Reg T said...

The link for the flags doesn't work.

6:38 PM  
Blogger Chuck Demastus said...

There's no link, you'll have to copy and paste.

7:20 PM  

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