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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Dear SHNV Friends,

Too many Southerners today support today's most radical forms of tyranny and political and military suppression and subjugation of themselves, their children and foreign sovereign nations for all the same reasons they "claim" their ancestors were opposed to tyranny under Abraham Lincoln during the 1860s. This is really amazing and contradictory. They suffer from a form of schizophrenia induced by the constant barrage of mind and soul-numbing propaganda proffered by 1) the government school systems at all levels, 2) the entertainment media, 3) the news media and 4) their lying “democratically” elected “representatives” while proudly asserting that they are “Unreconstructed.” While the claim by many may be ever so sincere and honest, their claim is obviously bogus even to the most casual observer.

Southerner's are a subjugated people who continue to willingly submit to their subjugation by the continuing use of the required and forced indoctrination of their children through government schools and by the use of the military or the threat of its use against them in their own States during the last century. They even assist the state in their subjugation and the brainwashing of their children by attending regular parent-teacher conferences. This lets their children know that they want them to comply with the schemes of the state brainwashing institutions. Then their children learn from them as they consistently support, vote for and elect those who represent a more tyrannical set government social engineering pogrom's than the government they claim they are proud that their relatives died to oppose during the 1860's.

Admiring pictures of Robert E. Lee, “Stonewall” Jackson, Nathan B. Forest and Southern plantation's hanging in their offices and homes may only amount to little more than a romanticized view of the past. When Southerner's vote in this corrupt system of government it shows them to be “enablers” of the very system that murdered their ancestors and that they claim to hate. Some speak of a revolution and the desirability of living to see the fall of the USA empire while proudly placing their right hand over their hearts and swearing/pledging their allegiance to this violent empire.

They should be attending conferences like the Stephen Dill Lee Institute, the Abbeville Institute, the Cape Fear Institute, the institutes of the Virginia and North Carolina Heritage Foundations, and the institutes conducted in our States by The League of the South and other worthy organizations. They should be joining and taking their children to meetings of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Order of the Confederate Rose, etc. AND they should be reading books of social, cultural and political substance along with materials about what battle was fought where, etc.

Being proud of their ancestors is one thing. Making their children proud of them is quite another thing. Most Southerners are simply NOT investing their time and money in a better future for their children and their families. The least they can and should do is to STOP being a part of the problem. There is a better way.
Timothy D. Manning, M.Div
Executive Director
160 Longbridge Drive
Kernersville, North Carolina 27284
Phone: (336) 420-5355


Blogger Terry said...

Amen Mr. Manning! The absurdity of saying the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the Salute to the Confederate Flag at our SCV meetings has always perplexed me. Another thing that perplexes me is the way our well-intentioned Southron brothers and sisters know full well that the US government has lied and slandered (and murdered!), our own people, yet they believe whole-heartedly the propaganda regarding the Muslim people and their countries. Irealize that many people have served under the US flag (myself included), but we can't serve 2 masters anymore! I hope I live to see the day when common sense and true freedom returns to the South! Thank you for all that you do sir!
T.F. Binkley
Pvt. WR Milton Camp 741

11:53 AM  

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