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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How does the South Reclaim its Legacy?

(Part 1 of 4)

By Mark Vogl


A few days ago I wrote an article about the political defeat in Memphis and the City’s decision to rename three Confederate parks. The failure was not at the local S.C.V. – U.D.C. level, but a much larger failure in terms of citizenship and the Southern movement and society. Questions came, what could we have done? To break this paper down into more digestible pieces, it will be presented in four parts to you.


This article is intended for all Americans, and those in the South who see the ongoing attack on American history, heritage, culture, exceptionalism, and nationalism as a coordinated multi-pronged effort to neuter the United States of America. I submit that the attack on the South, since the late 1960’s, is the point of the spear being driven into the very heart of the United States.

It is an assumption of this essay that the South is a region within the United States unique in it’s own “sub - national identity,” way of life, history, and view of the Constitution. The South was always more than the single issue (slavery) most associated with the region. The South’s reputation as the Bible Belt is perhaps the single most important definer. Christianity is at the core of its culture, and the South was instrumental in its contribution to America’s political systems. While this author recognizes that each geographic region within America has degrees of culture, history, pride and politics, it is my assertion that the South, with its Confederate battle flag and regional anthem of Dixie, stands alone. The American South is world recognized through its revered symbols.

It is the premise of this essay that the attack on the South by the secular social engineers is an important aspect of their larger attack on the United States because of the innate loyalty of Southerners to their region. The goal of these engineers is to re-arrange America so as to make it an extension of the Euro Union, and a broken state eager for assimilation into a global government[1]. Therefore, the preservation and perpetuity of Southern Legacy is vital to the national interest of the United States.

To save the Legacy of the South is essentially a political activity. This activity is not inherently partisan (Democrat or Republican), though for the moment the first steps towards a revival of the South must be focused on the Republican Party, or its conservative replacement should the GOP collapse.

In my soon to be released book, “Southern Fried Ramblings with Grits and all the Fixins” I provide a broad survey of the contemporary Southern movement, the issues, the different people, groups and organizations involved and whether their activities are successful in growing their membership. (If you are interested in the future of the South I recommend this work to you.) But one thing is evident, the various groups do not coordinate their efforts, nor is there a long range plan for restoring a unified Southern presence in America.

Before we talk about how to organize a revival of the Southern Legacy, I should like to share my thoughts on why, when, how and where the glory and cultural heart of the South became a target of the present day ruling elite, an elite that is neither solely Yankee, nor solely American. I am sure you will easily recognize everything discussed in the next paragraphs, but possibly you never connected them all to see the broader picture. I assert that our opponents, the people behind the assassination of the South do see the bigger picture, and do have an objective even larger than the great Southland. Their real target is the United States.

I believe the attack on the South began sometime after the 100th Anniversary of the War for Southern Independence in the years 1961 – 1965. Though just a child at that time, I can remember many things across America honoring both the war and the South. At that time, television, radio and print media were still regionalized. National broadcasting was still in its infancy, and had not as yet attempted to erase regional viewpoints for one consolidated eastern establishment “theology.”

In movies, whether it be Sgt. York, or Gone with the Wind, or Disney’s Song of the South, the great Southern traditions of faith, family and patriotism were evident. The relationship between white and black in the South was portrayed more as a united, friendly, even loving relationship. Probably much more as it really was, than is portrayed now. (I am not defending slavery, I myself condemn it as sin. Still I know from my grandmother that slaves were treated as family in the hills in west central North Carolina, and possibly most of the rest of the South.) Andy Griffith had no trouble including humorous references to the war, and the South in his popular, long running national television show.

But with the late sixties and seventies the America of old was invaded by a horde, seemingly coordinated by a central evil that sees the Constitution and this nation for what it was intended, a place for Christ to flourish. Their target is the destruction of the America founded in 1776. When you look at the arsenal of their victories it is difficult to come up with any other conclusion;

a. The legal slaughter of 55 million innocents as a result of a tyrannical decision by the Supreme Court. The supposed guardian of the Constitution struck at the “right to life” and set a standard, a flag flying marking the arrival of Satan.

b. The massive use of illegal drugs by a large percentage of the American population, operating an underground commercial operation that dwarfs all but the largest of legal American business.

c. The gutting of the F.C.C. and the downward moral spiral of entertainment across the spectrum, from Hannity’s bold embrace of profanity to the garbage stories of destroyed human lives and spirit which fill our living rooms in the evening.

d. The use of lotteries and other forms of gambling to fund government, and the infestation of casinos on the lands of America’s first people.

e. The chasing of God from our public schools and the continuous attack on the Church. Now the First Amendment is clearly an objective where the central government attempts to force the church to abide, to bend their knee to Caesar.

f. The social ills of homosexuality, divorce, broken families, the confusion of the roles of man and woman, and the wrong-headed ideas of tolerance and diversity.

g. The attack on the concept of States’ Rights and the diminution of the sovereignty of the creators of the Union, both states and individual citizen.

h. The trashing of the concept of national patriotism (begun with the Vietnam War antiwar crowd, but extended throughout the society today.) so that a commercial concept of globalization could then remove the idea of the nation – state, and instead look for a one world government!

i. The replacement of the concepts of work, savings, patience, and building a life with God, one brick at a time to credit, debt, a fast food mentality on self-gratification and an anything goes morality.

All of these things are occurring throughout the United States, so where does the Southern Legacy fit in?

Simple, all of those things are anti-Southern. When one reads the Confederate Constitution, the bedrock of Southern political thinking, we find a document which begins with a recognition of God in the Preamble, and a national aspiration to be His, to seek His guidance, and His protection. From the very first, the Southern nation extended but more boldly proclaimed one of the foundational underpinnings of the creation of the United States, the role of God in governing the place![2]

Ok so how did the South become the target?

From here on we will go somewhere you may not want to go. At least many connected to the modern Southern movement in the heritage organizations have resisted. From here we go to the arena of politics!

The next section to be sent will be: Politics – Economy – Cultural Identity

* If you wish a copy of the whole paper write me at


[1] Rush Limbaugh just weeks before this article was written spoke several times over a series of days about the attack on the South by the main stream media.
[2] To really understand the founding of the United States I strongly recommend “Forged in Faith,” “The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States,” and Chapter 5, “The South Was Right”


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