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Monday, November 17, 2008

The League of the South

Post Conference Press Release

Killen, Alabama: 4 November 2008 - Concerns over a “lesser of two evils” choice in today's presidential election, a staggering financial market implosion, and foreign policy failures spur continued and growing interest in the alternative message of the League of the South.

The League of the South, the premiere Southern Nationalist organization, held its 15th Annual National Conference over the weekend. The theme of the conference was “Surviving The Empire’s Collapse.” A number of experts in the fields of constitutional government, finance, banking, precious metals investing, and political science provided attendees with valuable and practical information to help them prepare for a potentially serious collapse of the system. The conference was well attended by both veteran LS members and a sizeable number of people who sense that a serious change is on the horizon. According to League President, Dr. J. Michael Hill, the League’s message is one “whose time has come.”

Dr. Hill added, “Most folks have sensed that something was very wrong with the system for a long time, but the ugly truth was revealed in a way that was impossible to ignore recently. Congress totally disregarded the objections of a majority of their constituents by moving forward with a plan that saddled tax payers with the crushing burden of paying hundreds of billions of dollars to bail-out failing banks and save the hides of incompetent and corr upt bank executives— who are really no better than common thieves.” Dr. Hill continued, “The Federal government in general and Congress in particular are the bought and paid for servants of the mega-corporations and not of the people.”

However, the banking crisis is only one item in a long list of troubling examples of government abuse of power, incompetence, and special interest pandering. At the top of the list is the Washington regime’s foreign policy. The lives of thousands of young men and woman continue to be placed in harm’s way month after month in Iraq and Afghanistan. They, like thousands of their brave but unfortunate fellow soldiers who have already paid the ultimate price, are required to risk their lives for a military action that was justified with a lie and continued without any discernible mission that is even tangentially connected to the actual defense of these United States. Coupled with other troubling signs such as the steep decline of the stock market, the steep rise in the price of basic necessities, and the decline of the dollar, the only logical conclusion is this: the system is broken and cannot be fixed. It is hopelessly corrupt and led by criminals who serve moneyed interests.



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