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Sunday, February 07, 2010

The battle to save Colonel Reb at Ole Miss continues

The officials of the University of Mississippi have set Tuesday Feb 23 as a date for an election to vote on a new Ole Miss mascot. The election will let students decide if they wish to have a new mascot, or no mascot at all. The option of bringing back the old traditional mascot of Colonel Reb of the past, is not an option. The University of Mississippi will not revisit the 2003 decision to remove Colonel Reb. The University Administration has decided that Colonel Reb causes perceptions of the Old South, an image of which the administration wishes to distance itself. In 2003, the University Administration made a command decision to ban Colonel Reb, but no replacement has been decided on. The election is forcing students to choose between a new mascot or no mascot at all. The students are denied their true voice.

A movement to bring back Colonel Reb has begun. Join the movement, contact the Ole Miss Alumin Association and the University and tell them we want Colonel Reb to return and be the mascot of Ole Miss.

Detailed information about this situation and contact information at Ole Miss can be found HERE

Please vote in the poll at the web site.

Please forward to others, and help us bring back Colonel Reb to Ole Miss.


Blogger Southern Christian said...

This time we need to really push the administration at Ole Miss and let them know we want Colonel Reb back. We have had to much of this political correctness and it is time to raise cain and take our country back. Join me in pushing liberals around and causing excitement at Ole Miss.

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Wayne Cotnam said...

We need to honor and preserve our southern culture and heritage. Political correctness is to delete history. No such thing as Rebels, confederates or confederate flag. What a shame.recanc

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Colonel Reb is no more "gone" than the Mississippi flag. The Ole Miss Rebels are fired up and voting NO to the Black Student Union trying to trash their mascot, just as 488,000 Mississippians voted NO to the Black Caucus trying to snatch their flag. GO Colonel Reb. NO Dan Jones.

7:25 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I don't know why the Confederate flag is still an issue. It never should have been used for sports anyway. If some of its supporters would give this subject some thought, the Civil War was a very serious matter. Some of our ancestors were gravely injured or killed in that conflict. On the other hand, a ball game is just what it is, a ball game. It represents frivolity, sport and a good time. I can assure them that the Civil War was neither sport nor a good time for anyone. The "M" flag is perfect.On the other hand, regardless of what some folks have made of him, the Colonel was designed to be a mascot for ball games only. He should be left that way. He should personify only a lovable, pugnacious old man.

7:10 AM  
Blogger riponelonger said...

I was at Ole Miss from 1975 through 1980 and Colonel Reb was "ALWAYS" a part of the athletic events. I remember when he would come onto the football field or on the court at Tad Smith and the student body would get louder, and louder, and louder. Hell his image is on my class ring and I think that it is a DISGRACE that we Ole Miss Alumni have to put up with the likes of Pete Boone and Dan Jones who wish to destroy at tradition that has been at Ole Miss longer than they have been alive!!!!!

Colonel Reb is NOT a racial thing because it it were you would NOT see black students getting their photo taken with Colonel Reb. You have the Kentucky Colonels, The Runnin Rebels and yet our beloved Colonel Reb is a racial thing. GIVE ME A BREAK!

Stand up to tyranny and get the Colonel restored to his rightful place, the sideline at Vaught-Hemmingway!!!!! If you don't then expect the name of Ole Miss to be changed; Vaught-Hemmingway being renamed Boone-Jones Memorial Stadium' the Confederate soldiers buried on campus exhumed and moved somewhere else; the Confederate Statue on campus being relocated where NO one can see it, the heritage that is, and on and on and on!!!!!


1:39 PM  

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