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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Here Comes The Attack HK color cartoon wCecil

From: HK Edgerton
Date: Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 11:13 AM
Subject: Fwd: Emailing: HK color cartoon wCecil/ Here Comes The Attack
To: HK Edgerton

I have been depicted as cartoon in the Mountain Express weekly newspaper before, but it was not until I questioned the seating of it's former Editor to the Asheville City Council because of his professed status as an atheist did this cartoon take on a different characterization. The cartoon depiction of no me no longer carried any resemblance to my person . What I and others now saw was a fat black man dressed in a Confederate uniform holding a Confederate Battle flag standing next to Mr. Cecil Bothwell who looked rather slim and debonair.

The words uttered by the cartoon depicting me, were words that I had not and would not ever utter: ( -not swearin' in on the Bible! Violatin' the State Constitution! What could be crazier?! ). They were just a lead in to attack me for the stand I make in defense of my homeland, the Southland of America and it's glorious banner. I instead would have said, what could have been more illegal ? The carton depicting Mr. Bothwell answer to the supposed words uttered by the cartoon depicting him were: ( Let me see- How 'bout a Black Man Carrying A Confederate Flag? )

I find this cartoon to be offensive, racist, inaccurate and demeaning to the memory of the many Southern Black men who carried this glorious banner in defense of their homeland and to myself for stepping into the characterization of their cause.And as a fact, I happen to know many Black men who are Sons of Confederate Veterans, who like myself carry this Flag and defend the honor of their ancestors who did the same, and would take exception to the statement that a Black man carrying the Confederate Flag to be crazy.

And I know that my dear friend, the late Julian Price, the heir to Jefferson Pilot Insurance Company who saved this weekly from extinction with his funds, and who wrote the very first news article on my stand at the NAACP Office that I chaired while donned in full dress Confederate uniform, would not have approved of this cartoon and it's message. They should have gone back to their archives and read what Mr. Price wrote about my stand with the Flag, and then checked his check book to see the support he provided to me for my run as Mayor and for the children who I taught golf.

And for those who want to continue to make this a personal issue between me and Mr. Bothwell, it is not. I would suggest that they view the live interview recorded by my brother Terry Lee Edgerton of Mr. Bothwell and myself on the Matt Mittan radio program of December 16, 2009. The bottom line is that Mr. Bothwell canot act in behalf of the citizens of Asheville legally until a resolution has been accomplished about Article VI, section 7 & 8 of the North Carolina State Constitution. Shame on the Mountain Express.


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