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Southern Heritage <br>News and Views: ATTENTION FLAGGERS

Friday, October 21, 2011



Most all of us are well aware of the MAJOR Heritage Violation that has taken place at Plant Wansley in Heard County earlier this month, and most everyone has heeded the call and have shot off angry communications to people in Plant Wansley, Georgia Power, and Southern Company. This is what caused Ga Power to replace the Flags. -THIS NEEDS TO CONTINUE!

But there comes a time where all we do is reach the same people and they become a blocking filter to all other personel and it keeps exposure to a minimum.

I call upon ALL FLAGGERS, and those angry at the CRIMES that were committed by Ga Power against our Confederate ancestors to pick your targets in the 1st ever Multi-State Flagging. Instead of having Flaggers travel to Plant Wansley gates, who are very much aware of the situation, You have in your local communities a Georgia Power office, an Alabama Power office, or a Mississippi Power office, as well as maintainance barns - all of which fall under the umbrella of Southern Company. (if any are aware of other related businesses, include them)

Travel to one or more of these local places in your community and set up shop.

This will increase the public's as well as employees knowledge (how many real Southerners work for this conglomerate?) and may end up in your local media as well.

To refresh your mind on the events read these links, and make copies of the applicable laws that were violated. While the flags are back on a 'temp' basis, this is not any kind of permanent solution, PLUS the CRIMES are still unresolved and need to be prosecuted. GRAB y'all's flags and make your signs - show up outside a Southern Company interest, (Uniforms are a PLUS) and give 'em double canister!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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