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Southern Heritage <br>News and Views: A Critique of Topsy Turvy

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Critique of Topsy Turvy

Part 1

By Joan Hough

An advertisement of Anya Jabour’s Topsy Turvy (1) led me to believe that her book actually told, as presented under its title on the cover, “How the Civil War turned the World Upside Down for Southern Children.“ On the back of the book’s cover I read “Sweeping from the late antebellum period to the aftermath of the war, with balanced coverage of both white and black children from across the South, Jabour’s volume is wonderful social history that deepens our understanding of the trauma and positive consequences of the conflicts. It is filled with apt quotations and sharp insights. Anyone interested in the history of women, gender, family, and slavery---much less the Civil War----should read this book.” These words were those of John B. Boles, author of The South Through Time.

The cover of Jabour’s “history book” captures a drawing from a novel by the imaginative female novelist who penned Uncle Tom's Cabin. That, in itself, reveals the bias of Jabour.

I have now concluded another few hours of dealing with Jabour’s “same old, same old—same song, millioneth verse,” echo of all that politically correct historians have spewed forth since Lincoln, his Marxist buddies, and their newly imported, non-English speaking or reading foreigners destroyed the heart and brain of America.

Jabour does sprinkle a few historical facts about on the pages of her "historical novel," but for the most part she writes a twisted saga designed to enthrall the liberated, beguiled, bothered and bewildered women in her "women gender" history classes. These students are programmed to appreciate her digs at white Southern children and their wicked, prejudiced, slave-beating parents. Jabour does not reveal that she is aware that northerners owned white slaves and black ones and were exceedingly harsh owners, but then, books reporting hideous treatment of the north’s slaves by northerners neither sell nor earn academic distinctions for their authors.

Jabour contends that white daughters of Confederate mothers merely reflected their parents’ perverted views. Children can absorb parental beliefs-- what an earth-shaking revelation! Jabour must conclude, then, that daughters of the morally superior northerners mirror the beliefs of their parents. (Do hold that thought in mind for later consideration—perhaps when you learn that General Sherman, who had children of his own, believed children, should be killed if they were Southerners. Must we accept that Sherman’s children, including the one who became a Catholic priest, agreed with their papa? Radical Republicans such as Republican Senator Benjamin Wade insisted that hideous forms of torture should be applied to helpless Confederate prisoners. He had the U.S. Senate issue the demand for such and that practice was initiated in every Union prison for Confederates. Surely Jabour has concluded that Wade’s children, James F. Wade and Henry P. Wade, mirrored their father’s beliefs.

Certainly it is a fact that white families in the North did own and did cruelly mistreat slaves. Many of those slaves were black and many were white.(2) One can only wonder why Jabour deigns not to mention the treatment of the Grant family’s black slaves by General Grant’s white wife and white daughter or that the good general, the Radical Republican’s darling, was elected to the Presidency despite the truth that the Grants kept slavery alive in their home long after the end of the so-called “War to End Slavery.”

Jabour, like Republicans back then, proves, quite obviously by ignoring truth, that she considers slave owners evil only if they were Southerners.

Readers will not learn the real facts from a Jabour convinced that the War was fought by noble Northerners to free Southern slaves; she cannot tell what she has yet to learn. She is uninformed about the presence of a multitude of Marxists generals and Colonels in the Union’s army and the plan of European Communists to take over the U.S. She is unaware that Southerners could have stopped the war at any time and kept slaves forever by paying Lincoln and his Republicans the humongous tariffs. We now suspect that despite impoverishing Southerners, the payments would have forced the Radical Marxist- Republicans to gain their ends via other machinations. Jabour has no idea why the Union and its Marxists were determined to eliminate Confederates. She is oblivious to the fact that the Union’s chief propagandist, a second generation American Socialist, was also a Marxist.

The Marxists fought their War of Northern Aggression for the purpose of continuing their failed Socialist European Revolution of 1848.(3) Their plan for a new world order depended on the establishment of an all-powerful central government. Adhering to the ‘goals” delineated in The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, they played “footsies” with crazed New England abolitionists and started the Republican Party. Hochbruck in his article mentions “Republican Party” activities, of the Communist/Socialist Germans he lauds.(3) Walter Kennedy and Al Benson, Jr. in their Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists: Marxism in the Civil War give us all the details concerning the Communist affiliations of these same Germans.

The Marxists' plans insured that Christian beliefs would lose all influence in the U.S. government. Southerners had to be destroyed for many reasons—one of them, religion. Communists loathe religions and people who believe that man’s rights come from God and NOT from government. All persons resisting government’s assumption of the role of God must be destroyed. (So everyone believing in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution must die.)

In the middle of the war when Lincoln was losing it and his citizens were refusing to fight any longer, men in the north had to be hired at $1000 each if they were to fight in Mr. Lincoln’s army. American Marxists came to the rescue of the U.S. They imported many thousands of Germans and other Europeans eager for loot and ‘get out of a European jail free cards. ” They filled the U.S. army with non-English speaking soldiers. They prevailed on Lincoln to “emancipate” slaves—but only in places where he had no power, so slavery remained intact in those areas controlled by the Union.

To motivate northern citizens to continue the war, a great flurry of anti-South Socialist reports was created by a member of the Fourier Communist Society, the master propagandist-gifted journalist, Charles A. Dana. He became Lincoln’s Assistant Secretary of War. Dana’s journalistic expertise enabled Edwin Stanton, the Secretary of War, to promulgate thousands of pages of vile, vicious, anti-South propaganda, painting Southerners as repulsive, slave-raping monsters. This propaganda won back Northern supporters and guaranteed that the South’s slaves would not be freed as had slaves elsewhere in the world --gradually after training, without the necessity of the loss of a single life. It also made sure that the U.S. government or northern slave merchants would not be forced to buy back slaves and free them.

White Southerners were painted in hues of decadence and shades of sadism so revolting those gullible northerners and their men of God came to believe Southern men, women and children deserved annihilation. U.S. generals declared extermination of Southerners was their goal. Cultural genocide in the South became “a must.” The Southern Holocaust became a reality.

Despite Jabour's impressions, the war of Lincoln and his crew of Radical Republicans, demonic Democrats, and maniacal Marxists was not begun to free slaves, nor was the north’s invasion resisted by Southerners so that a small percentage of slave owners could own slaves and continue furnishing northern factory owners with cotton. Jabour would have us believe that Southerners were stupid enough to die so a few folks could be slave masters. She seems to think that northerners had the only claim to the belief that slaves should be free. Jabour is either ignorant of the truth or deliberately ignores it, for never does she mention that Southern slave owners had been freeing slaves in large numbers for many years before the war. Louisiana, for example, was full of free black men and women who were educated and prepared for freedom. Not only were they free, but they were prosperous, religious, and joyful. Before the north’s invasion, “the good times rolled” in New Orleans and Louisiana. (What was common knowledge to Louisianans must have shocked the Germans and others under command of Beast Butler, and the multitude of foreigners in Mr. Sherman’s ranks, so of course it was found unbelievable by the Union’s black troops posted in Louisiana’s during the twelve years of Reconstruction’s military reign there.

Jabour states: “Children of all backgrounds agreed that the central issue of the war was slavery.” With these words, this female historian joins the ranks of Radical Republicans and Marxist mythmakers.

Who can believe that Jabour or anyone else polled Confederate children of all backgrounds? Certainly there is plenty of proof that adult Southerners, prior to public school Civil War brainwash, did not believe slavery the cause of the war, although they feared Yankee-designed slave uprising ending in white slaughter. Southern kids, as intelligent as any in the world, took lessons from the invaders, and learned justifiable hatred for them once they watched Yankee soldiers torture Southern mothers, tear off the lobes of the mother’s ears to obtain earrings, break fingers to steal wedding rings, destroy all the food in the house, steal the children’s toys, the baby’s clothes, and even their mother’s dresses, take the linens from their beds, choke and or rape their black friends and their white friends, stomp live chickens, dig up their dead grandfather, defecate in their piano, and chop off heads of puppies and kittens, destroy Bibles, family portraits, furniture, every speck of food—leaving nothing for hungry children, chop up and/ or burn the home and the church, etc., etc., etc. Southern children, both black and white ones, were witnesses to genocide and a holocaust. How could they ever forget? Some did not. Their descendants today testify to this truth.

Although Southern children were well aware of the horrors facing them, their mothers, their grandparents and their friends and neighbors at the hands of Union troops and well knew “freeing slaves” was not the reason for such, Jabour seems totally brainwashed into believing something else. Obviously Professor Jabour is not cognizant of the findings of Dr. Donald Livingston, a professor of Philosophy at Emory University. Dr. Livingston completed a study of the twelve years of U.S. military occupancy of the South. He found 800,000 to 1,200,000 black Southerners killed by Mr. Lincoln’s soldiers and 1,000,000 whites killed. He was interested in the official statements in the U.S. War Department’s records which stated that 80 percent of the USA war was against the South’s civilians—women, children and the elderly. Other researchers have noted Union approval for destruction of the South’s churches and for genocide and extermination of Southern people (Timothy D. Manning, Southern Heritage News and Views, “Re U.S.A. Genocide Against the Christian South” October 25, 2011).

Slavery, as the cause of the war, was not even something believed by the soldiers who invaded the South before the new European recruits arrived. (David C. Edmonds, ed. The Conduct of Federal Troops in Louisiana During the Invasions of 1863 and 1864: Compiled From Sworn Testimony).

Most Southerners knew the war was about shredding the U.S. Constitution—plundering the South’s riches, transforming the Republic into a type of all powerful government controlled by an oligarchy which would appropriate and redistribute even the fertile earth around little farm houses. Most Southerners were not planters-- they were farmers! And they owned no slaves. Without the Constitutionally-protected States’ Rights, the South’s beautiful forests, its deep water ports, its gold, and even the amazing climate which gave life to plants unable to thrive in the north--all would be taken over by the Republican Radicals. Hunger and poverty would reign supreme throughout the once richest, most productive part of America. Most Southerners were aware that another important goal of the enemies was to eliminate the very type of Southern mentality that had inspired that first secession—the one from Great Britain –the one that engendered the creation and acceptance of the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and the U.S. Constitution.

Various goals delineated in the Communist Manifesto were achieved by the victors of the deadliest war in America’s history. Although Southerners and many northerners were unaware that Marxism even existed, Marxist seeds were well planted in America’s soil in the middle of the 1800’s. They grew well, bloomed and continue today to produce noxious fumes easily detected by anyone not a complete idiot, or completely brainwashed by government-controlled education. The fulfillment of the goals was enabled by genocidal murders of thousands upon thousands of helpless Southern women, children and imprisoned Confederate soldiers. Murders, rapes, and tortures of civilians occurred more often than the politically correct historians [such as Jabour] can even imagine but are, finally, being called to the attention of Americans by historians such as Edmonds. (David C. Edmonds, The Conduct of Federal Troops in Louisiana. During the Invasions of 1863 and 1864: Official Report of the Teche Campaigns and the burning of Alexandria –Compiled from Sworn Testimony Under direction of Governor Henry Watkins Allen). Even black children and their mothers were raped, tortured, and deliberately killed by the invaders. It was not unusual that the Yankee soldiers would even shoot and kill black men and young boys who refused to go away with them ( Walter Brian Cisco. War Crimes against Southern Civilians, p.174).

Jabour fails to mention a single atrocity committed by northerners against Southern Women and their babies. She seems only to embellish rather silly interactions which make the blacks look mistreated, their psyches/self concepts bruised by white children and women. She cites as factual one case wherein a mentally ill woman causes a candy stealing black girl to be injured. (This case may be no more real than the famous one of “Sybil” which was so believed by the psychiatric profession that a Hollywood movie resulted from it. Only recently did the lady called “Sybil” announce that the entire thing was faked.)

Because Jabour ignores the relationships of the South’s black women plantation owners and their daughters with hundreds of black slaves, one must conclude that Jabour believes only white folks living in the South owned slaves.

If Ms Jabour studied the servant classes elsewhere in the world, she would find Southern blacks during the antebellum period were, customarily, better treated than most. Certainly Southern slaves were better treated even than the north’s white factory workers then--far better than those white children put to work throughout the United Kingdom as chimney sweeps. America’s northerners certainly mistreated the poor little Irish children and Scottish ones sold by the English to Northerners as "bondsmen”. Southern blacks had food in their stomachs, clothing, roofs over their heads, plenty of sunshine, warmth in winter, health care and some happy holidays. They were not kicked out to die when they grew old. Their lot in life beat the heck out of that of the north’s white “factory slaves who were worked to death or spent their lives, hungry and shivering in dark factories.

To be continued

(1) (Don Jordan and Michael Walsh. White Cargo: The Forgotten history of Britain’s White Slaves in America).

(2) Wolfgang Hochbruck. “Achtundvierziger” in den Armeen der Union: Eine voriaufige Liste” –“Forty-Eighters in the Union Armies: A Preliminary Checklist.”- found on free pages of

(3) (David C. Edmonds, ed. The Conduct of Federal Troops in Louisiana During the Invasions of 1863 and 1864: Compiled From Sworn Testimony Official Report of the Teche Campaigns and the burning of Alexandria –Compiled from Sworn Testimony Under direction of Governor Henry Watkins Allen).

( 4) Walter Brian Cisco. War Crimes against Southern Civilians, p.174).


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