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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Tallapoosa Possum Droppings


I arrived at the Possum Drop event about 10:45pm, and parked 2 blocks away for easy leaving.

I decided to bring along my 6 foot pole and 3x5 nylon Confederate Battleflag to help me and others ring in the New Year. It was almost as popular as the big 'River Rat" they had walking amongst the crowd.

The rat was a gimmick being employed by a local river rafting company, but myself, along with dozens of others had mistakenly thought it was a possum, and he was a hit with all the young ladies running up to get a pose with it on their cameras.

I asked the PR man walking in human form alongside of the rat if I might get a picture of it holding the flag, to which he said sure he didn’t see why not, so after waiting in a line of about 4 groups, I finally was next and asked about the pic and flag and he began waving his hands frantically and shaking his big rat head in fear. He was not a Haralson County Rebel (which is what the High and Middle school are named), but a yankee carpetbaggin rodent. Since I know where their business is , scaredy rat will see a flag or two in warmer climes. Prices and Flags are coming soon...

I moved towards the center of the crowd, which really wasn’t elbow to elbow, but very respectable for the local event. As irony would have it, the dead road kill was attached to the same building that served as a backdrop to our pictures of SCV vehicles in the Dogwood Festival and 4th of July parade.

I set up shop directly across from the possum ball, and under a street light. The very first song the band began to sing after I stopped moving was Dukes of Hazzard, so UP went the CBF and I began waving it like a good Hazzard citizen. The camera flashes helped with enthusiasm :)

Other songs of flag waving note was Hank Jrs Family Tradition, Sweet Home Alabama, and Travis Tritt's Homesick, all punctuated by flashes of light from cameras.

I will admit that quite a few folks came over and thanked me for having the flag and waving it, and 3 people - 2 guys and 1 woman at different times stopped and had a pic made with the flag. Of really special note was a former co-worker of mine named Donnie, who was rabidly anti 56 Ga State flag at work, flaming democrat and a photo of him and Ex Gov Roy Barnes on his desk. But this was in 2002, and we had a bet of $100 that Barnes would lose while polls showed a 10 point favorite. Well barnes lost by 10% but I never collected on the winnings, however I see Donnie all the time at big county functions, and as he walked over to me in the crowd last night with a goofy smile and hand stuck out, he says "You always have a Confederate Flag with you" which I do be it as a Flagger or SCV.

The last song played in Tallapoosa in 2011 was American Trilogy by Elvis, who came back from netherworld to sing it for us, and of course, the first 3rd of the song was strongly supported by vigorous CBF waving. No respect for BHOTR!

As the countdown to drop the stuffed road kill was underway by local famous radio personality Rhubarb Jones starting at 10, 9, 8... I started my camera video, and caught the final 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, as Spencer was lowered to the ground and cheers went up - then so did the CBF.

Fireworks and a Confederate Flag to say hello to 2012 in downtown Tallapoosa.

Happy 2012 to y'all too! Let's get them flags up and protected y'all! Advance the colors and keep up the skeer!

Billy Bearden


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seen the flag New Years Eve and it was a beautiful site. I am proud to have my Southern Heritage and I am proud to be from Douglasville Ga. It was very fitting to see the flag there and I hope that next year I can get close enough to you to have my picture made with you and the flag so I can display it next to my moms that I had taken of her at a rally where she has the flag draped over her. It is a great picture and I am proud of my heritage and the flag. Thank you so much!!

12:59 AM  

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