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Thursday, February 09, 2012


by Tim Manning

I love the courageous and well-meaning people who fly Confederate flags (1st, 2nd or 3rd Confederate National Flags, the Confederate Naval Jack and the other Confederate battle and State flags)!!! Yet, this is often not accurately understood by the historically challenged in our Southern States. Many of our State flags are OUR flags redesigned by OUR Confederate State governments after secession from the USA. Many fly the flag of the U.S. national government when it actually only represents the central federal government and not the "people" of the united States, and the notion does not strike them that it is more appropriate to fly their State flags at the homes, businesses, schools and especially over “their State Capitals.”

Many of us pride ourselves in being "Southern Nationalists." We dream of escaping the corruptions of the worlds most powerful and universally corrupt empire, the USA, in order to establish a smaller empire, the CSA, which may or may not make the desired and necessary changes that would restore true liberty and freedom. We should begin to think in terms of truly becoming "nationalists" as in “Virginia Nationalists”, “Georgia Nationalists”, “Texas Nationalists”, etc. When we begin thinking as true State nationalists we will begin flying our State flags. Our term "State" originally had the same meaning as the word "country" as we use it today. The U.S. National Flag is the flag of the USA Government. The State Flags are the flags of the people of the united States.

Framing the restoration of freedom and liberty in the clothes (terms and flags) of the Confederacy is tricky and can be deceptive. Today there are 35 individual States of the USA that have populations the size of the entire USA as it was in 1860 before secession and “The War.” In some ways modern “unreconstructed” Southerners do not even begin to think in real “nationalistic” terms and the State and regional terms that led to the secession of their States leading to the creation of the CSA.

I would love to hear of our Southern Senators and Representatives forming a “Southern Caucus” which in time could become a “Confederate Caucus.” I would love to see banks, businesses, post offices, schools and homes fly their State flags in the place of the flag of the U.S. federal government. This could be a place to begin in reclaiming our freedom and civil liberties.

The Southern Partisan Reader


Blogger Cionaodh said...

I have long thought this was how to begin: southern state flags must emerge into a place of preference. Our existing southern governments must decide on some measure of unity in contrast to DC. But before governments will do that the people must reshape those governments to be southern governments. Flying the state flag in preference to the national flag is a highly visible, symbolic first step.

11:20 AM  

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