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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Dear SHNV Friends,

I just watched the History Channel's "Sherman's March: THE SHOCKING Campaign That Ended THE CIVIL WAR" that sought to deify the greatness of the U.S. military in breaking the back of the Confederate States of America. Sherman is affectionately called "Uncle Bill" throughout the propaganda piece and his exploits in making war on unarmed women and children and "niggers" is extolled as heroism worthy of making him the next President of the USA.

Even the most rank of the Godless wicked must suspend the remnants of whatever moral sensibility that remains in their tortured souls to lend any level credibility to this nonsense. It is the same level of wickedness that led FDR to call Joseph Stalin "Uncle Joe" that also led the men in the USA military to call William T. Sherman "Uncle Bill." And it is the same level of evil that causes Americans today to accept the presidency and "national leadership" of an openly communist Democrat Party. Americans no longer recognize morally evil monsters when they see one.

Add to this the incurably self-justifying nature of evil. Once a war commences the self-appointed guardians of our national soul immediately lose sight of its own moral culpability in starting a war and can only offer an effeminate whine over the greatest atrocities that naturally flow in the wake of self-righteous wickedness and evil. Rather than accepting responsibility for its own actions, its propaganda machine drolls on demonizing the “exceptional” wickedness of our targeted enemy. Of course, the more wicked our enemies the more righteous we must be! Such are the lies that the citizenry of the oppressor's are always all too ready to accept.

This is a mental illness of moral depravity and sickness of the most extreme gravity that has only grown worse amoung Americans through the decades. It has always been the heart of evil to assert and extoll itself as the righteous standard of a "righteous" nation. As Christianity has waned in the USA our citizens have lost the cognitive ability to recognize violent political monsters when they see one, and those who do recognize the evil of the day are considered bitter and unAmerican. Christians are among the first to excitedly proclaim "American Exceptionalism" and call that which is evil "good" and that which is good "evil."

Just change the context of the war to today's level (and that of the past century) of violent warfare and we see Southerner's placing their hands of their hearts pledging their most heart-felt allegiance to be the servant of this continuing militant level of crimes against humanity; otherwise, they would never have joined the military of the same nation who perpetuated the evils committed against Atlanta, Vicksburg, Columbia, Charleston, Richmond, and hundreds more of the Confederacy's civilian populations. The USA has sown the whirlwind and not just the wind and I fear what we shall reap. I thank God for that small remnant that still can recognize evil when they see it.
Timothy D. Manning, M.Div
Executive Director
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Kernersville, North Carolina 27284
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note that in 1861 when Sherman was cutting his teeth on us here in Missouri that there were many Unionists clamoring for his recall to Washington DC on the grounds that he was insane.

You add it up. - Dutchy

11:57 AM  

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