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Thursday, February 02, 2012

RAFFLE - Sterling Silver Hand Made CSA Money Clip

David and Ann Reif make beautiful jewelry and travel the country selling it at craft fairs. They have donated to Southern Heritage News & Views and The Southern War Room a contemporary design hammer engraved sterling silver money clip with durable nickle alloy clasp. The face is 18ga sterling silver with a hand buffed mirror finish. It has a quality mark, hallmark, and is signed and dated. I will raffle it to bring in funds for SHNV & SWR.

Dave gave the following explanation for engraving it as he did: "Hammer engraving is the proper term but the technique is also called soldier engraving or trench art engraving. Look up "Vietnam Zippos" for a recent example. In the long hours with little to do sometimes soldiers would get a nail and a piece of metal and hammer or punch the metal into patterns, designs, or the name of their sweetheart. Instead of doing a fine-line engraving on the clip I decided to use this technique which is much closer to what our boys might have done."

Raffle tickets are $1.00 and can be sent by PayPal or check. Email me at for mailing address.

I won't send out tickets but will put your name on a spread sheet, once for each dollar, and cut them out and draw names in about a month.

Thanks for your support.

Chuck & PoP


Blogger Chuck Demastus said...

Sam Forrester is the winner of the CSA Sterling Silver Money Clip Rraffle. Thanks to Dave Reif for donating the clip and thanks to Sam Forrester, Valerie Protopapas, Michael Keister, Rodney Combs and Betty Hill for buying raffle tickets.

Chuck Demastus

11:14 AM  
Blogger Jony Gibson said...

I'm a huge fan of Sterling Silver and I've always loved hand made jewelry.

Sterling Silver

2:22 AM  

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