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Southern Heritage <br>News and Views: Letter to Attorney General Alan Wilson Defending Our Heritage

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Letter to Attorney General Alan Wilson Defending Our Heritage

Attorney General Alan Wilson

Rembert Dennis Building

1000 Assembly Street

Room 519

Columbia, SC  29201         1/4/21 

Dear Mr. Attorney General, 

You are attempting to challenge your state’s Heritage Act by eliminating the requirement of a supermajority in the vote to remove any Confederate monuments.  The scalawags and Cultural Marxists, of which you seem to be a member of, are working overtime to destroy every particle of our history. The fact that many Southerners have joined up with this communist movement is particularly sad and offensive.  If the truth of our history were taught, perhaps none of this cultural genocide would be taking place today. 

Our Confederate ancestors fought an illegal invasion to defend their homes, families, and country from Lincoln’s terrorists who murdered, raped, looted, and burned their way across the South, including your state.  The war had nothing to do with slavery, as is taught in our schools and Marxist universities, but was waged to force the legally seceded states back into the Union for the continued collection of excessive and unconstitutional tariffs which went to benefit Northern railroads, industrialists, and bankers. The South was paying 85% of the federal revenues, but getting almost nothing in return. 

The monuments erected to our brave Confederate dead should never be removed, but stand as a testament to a proud people who fought against insurmountable odds for their independence and for the preservation of the Founder’s Republic which Lincoln destroyed. 

If the war was about slavery, as we are taught, why did the North not first free the more than 429,000 slaves still in the Union?  That little fact is mysteriously left out of our “history” books, as are numerous other truths of history, such as free blacks who owned slaves, and the failure of the Radical Republicans in 1864 to pass an amendment to abolish slavery. 

Just as the liberals/communists tried to destroy Christianity and Southern culture in the 19th century, so are they continuing their war today with the same goals in mind.  Southerners who aid in this destruction of our history and culture are traitors to their ancestors and to the principles upon which this country was founded. Assuming that you have Confederate ancestors, what do you think they would say to you today in attempting to remove monuments erected to commemorate their honor, valor, and sacrifice?  


Jeff Paulk


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