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Southern Heritage <br>News and Views: Letter To Speaker Adrienne Jones Defending Our Heritage

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Letter To Speaker Adrienne Jones Defending Our Heritage


Speaker Adrienne Jones

17 W. Courtland Street

Suite 210

Bel Air, MD  21014               1/4/21 


Dear Speaker Jones, 

As you are aware, in 1861 James Ryder Randall penned the poem “Maryland, My Maryland” which was adopted as the state song in 1939.  Since 1974, politicians have been trying to have this song replaced. We are sadly living in a time when those who are not knowledgeable of our history are the very ones trying to change and erase it. The anti-South and anti-Confederate crowd has made great strides in this area in recent years. If the truth of our history had been taught in our schools for the past 150+ years instead of the rewritten version, we would not be seeing this cultural genocide of our history taking place, which includes the removal of our monuments, and changing the names of schools, parks and streets. 

I realize that Maryland was not in the Confederacy, but only because Lincoln had the army go in and arrest the State Legislature (19 members anyway) to prevent the state from seceding.  Lincoln waged an illegal and horrendous war against civilians.  His armies murdered, raped, looted, and burned their way across the South, and the song “Maryland, My Maryland” reflects on the atrocities committed by Lincoln. 

Contrary to what we are told, the war had nothing to do with slavery.  If it did, why did the North not first free the more than 429,000 slaves it still held in bondage?  (1860 census).  No, Lincoln invaded the South to force it back into the Union for the continued collection of excessive and unconstitutional tariffs.  The South was paying 85% of the federal revenues and the North would go bankrupt without the South.  The Northern industrialists wanted a war and Lincoln gave them one. 

Instead of tossing our history on the trash heap of ignorance, we should be striving to learn the truth about it and try not to repeat the mistakes made in the past. Cultural Marxism is working hard today to destroy every particle of our history that it deems “offensive” or “racist”.  History must be looked at through the eyes of the time period in which it happened and not through the eyes of today. Only then are we able to grasp the full and correct view of our past. 

Maryland is a beautiful state, and its state song has a real and significant historical meaning. It should not be discarded, but held on to and seen as a testament to what happened, and learned from so that such atrocities will not happen again. 




Jeff Paulk


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