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Southern Heritage <br>News and Views: Virginia SCV Press Release

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Virginia SCV Press Release

William Howell, Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates, has set new standards in how far political correctness has come in Virginia. The clever ruse used by the Speaker to ultimately banish the Confederate Battle Flag from the museum setting of the Old Hall of the House of Delegates could only be described as despicable. He was willing to also remove the flag of the United States and the flag of the Commonwealth of Virginia to stifle criticism of his action and hide its true purpose. Never mind that the Speaker stated that he had received NO complaints about the flags in that room. Never mind that the flags have been in that room for generations, even as early as 1932. Never mind that there was no official consultation with the House or Senate membership, many of whom would strongly object to his heavy handed actions. It is not surprising that only one flag from the Old Hall will be permanently removed--- the Battle Flag. The responsibility for this lies solely on Howell’s shoulders. It is not surprising that the removal of the Salute was also engineered by Speaker Howell.

Brave men died fighting under that flag. In other states, their sacrifices are memorialized on their respective state capitol grounds. Virginia has only the Battle Flag in the Old Hall to honor the common soldier of Virginia. Today, modern politicians such as Mark Earley and George Allen have learned the hard way that the populace of Virginia holds a warm spot today for that flag as an honored and respected symbol of Virginia history. It is a sad day in the Commonwealth when people like the Speaker need to devise clever ploys to remove American and Virginia flags in order to get to the one they can’t seem to deal with. Speaker Howell should be ashamed. The Battle Flag should forever be on permanent display in the State Capitol as a tribute to the thousands of Virginians who gave their all to protect and defend the Commonwealth.

For further information contact Frank Earnest at 757.652.1861 or Brag Bowling at 804.389.3620.

Virginia Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans


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