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Southern Heritage <br>News and Views: Southern National Congress Denounces “False Stimulus” Bill

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Southern National Congress Denounces “False Stimulus” Bill

Rome, GA; February 10, 2009. On behalf of the fourteen State Delegations to the Southern National Congress (SNC), the SNC Board of Governors announced today its strong opposition to the stimulus-and-bailout bills now making their way through the U.S. Congress.

We are deeply concerned about our fellow Southerners who have lost their jobs, their homes, or the value of their retirement accounts. We pledge ourselves to help wherever we can, and we encourage all Southerners to help relieve the suffering of the jobless and homeless.

However, no so-called “stimulus bills” solve our economy’s problems. In fact, more government pork-and-spending will make things worse. Government spending will impede a genuine recovery by further weakening the U.S. dollar and increasing the growing risk of hyper-inflation. Make no mistake, the two bills on the table are spending bills, pure and simple. They contain “so much pork that you’d think Ji mmy Dean wrote them himself.”

President Obama said on Monday that America can no longer afford the old failed policies that got us into the mess. But that’s exactly what he proposes – the same old failed spending, gargantuan government debt, and phony money created by the Federal Reserve that brought us here.

Thomas Moore, SNC Chairman, noted, “This is classic Washington folly. In response to the crisis that the Federal Government itself created, it demands more of our money and more power over us. President Obama’s approach may create a temporary stimulus. But it will be a false one - in the same way a junkie gets a ‘stimulus’ when he shoots up with heroin. He may feel good for a little while, but he will eventually crash from this high and runs the very real risk of ultimately dying from his addiction.”

“The U.S. is also addicted - to a lethal mix of loose credit, runaway debt, and profligate spending. This is made possible by fiat money – money the Federal Reserve creates from nothing and backs with nothing. We denounced this practice at the First Congress on December 6, 2008, and we continue to abhor it.”

“Professional politicians who live by pandering to special interests and un-elected and unaccountable bureaucrats are simply unqualified to address the deepening economic meltdown. The current crisis was largely caused by these same people. We loathe putting our economic security and that of our families into the hands of these incompetents. If this continues, these people will obliterate the America most of us were born into. We are now clearly threatened by domestic, internal decisions which will ultimately destroy the country.”

The American people are sick of being plundered by Wall Street and Washington. Calls to Capitol Hill are reportedly running seven to one against the so-called stimulus package. Yet the Feds appear determined to produce a bill by the end of this week. Pat Hines, Board Member for South Carolina, reports, “70% of Americans nationally, and 90% of South Carolinians, are opposed to this and every so-called bail out bill so far, even though South Carolina’s unemployment rate is soaring. By continually ignoring the will of the people we can all now plainly see the basic disconnect between the national government and the governed. This government is broken and cannot be repaired.

The SNC Board laments the absence of any effective opposition to the Obama crusade to socialize the U.S. economy. The Republicans were eager supporter of the $700 billion Bush-Paulson payoff to Wall Street back in October 2008 and now lack all credibility. Their formerly abandoned but newly discovered commitment to free enterprise convinces no one. Indeed, the critical votes to pass the Senate version of the monstrosity came from Republicans. Any effective opposition to the juggernaut of socialist spending bearing down on us must now come from us - the States and from the people. We must act for ourselves and our families.

This irresponsible legislation proves that career politicians of both parties have failed us; or worse, actively betrayed us. But the people still need representatives who will defend their interests. That’s why it’s up to citizen-leaders - folks like us - the delegates to the Southern National Congress, to step into the breach. When the stimulus bill brings about its inevitable havoc and destruction, remember who really spoke out for our benefit.

The Board of Governors of the Southern National Congress is the oversight body of the SNC and comprises one Member elected from each of the fourteen State Delegations. The Board is authorized to speak for the Congress when it is not in session.

More information about the SNC can be found on the website,, or by contacting the Chairman of the SNC Media Committee Jonathan Ingram, at


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