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Wednesday, November 04, 2009





It is with great pleasure that I report to you the success of the 2009 League of the South National Conference, held in Chattanooga, Tennessee, this past weekend.

Our attendance was up considerable from last year; at one point I noticed that most of the 300 seats were filled. Moreover, many of the attendees were new LS members or eager prospective members (some of whom have joined over the last couple of days). We also were the beneficiary of several generous donations to help continue our Communications Project headed by Mike Crane.

My thanks to our fine group of speakers: Mark Thomey, Dennis Fusaro, Tom Moore, Franklin Sanders, Mike Crane, and Ray McBerry. As usual, our MC, Alex Cheek, did a wonderful job. We also thank the vendors who came and provided some great resources for our guests.

I also would like to thank Tennessee LS Chairman David Jones for hosting us in the Volunteer State once again.

The mood at the conference was serious and determined; I sensed an air of quiet and steady confidence among our folks that tells me they're ready to work even harder for the League's goal of State sovereignty, the well being of the Southern people, and Southern independence.

All in all, this was the best conference we've had in several years. I very much appreciate the sacrifices everyone there made to make it such a fine event. Now, we must contiune to grow and move forward, and we will with God's help.

For Southern independence,

Michael Hill


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