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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flaggin of Scott Report

By Billy Bearden

Yesterday, April 23rd, I went to express my anger and disgust towards one Ga gubernatorial candidate - austin scott. He was an attendee of the Water Conference held at State University of West Georgia along with most all other candidates (barnes was of course absent)

For those not aware of why I would be upset with scott, the reason is in the enclosed picture. In a secret meeting at the Ga Guvz mansion, the barnes' ugly dozen heritage haters (Just couldn't use "Dirty Dozen" lest I seriously offend Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson etc...) is shown plotting the quashing of 79% of Georgia's voters desires.

The ONLY repoob in the room - probably the only repoob inside I-285 that night, and so self important he is the only nut job wearing his legistraitor tag, austin scott is second to barnes right and in the doorway.

I will admit things did not go as planned, but the plan's itinerary was skewed because of UWG's Young Repooblicans info. The plan was to show up outside the original function and catch them leaving, then show up before the free meet and greet session began to welcome them. I arrived in time for the 1st session, but the sign on the door said the Conference was in room '3005' and after 15 minutes of going all over the building looking for 3005, finally a woman on the 3rd floor said there is no 3005, it would appear to be room "1 - 305", so when I did get there, it had already broken up.

Miss Lauren Womack of the UWGYRs stated in a release that a special meet and greet before the event began would be held at 4:30 with austin scott. Prior to setting up, and an empty parking lot - I asked a person inside the building (happened to be UWG Vice President) what time the event started, which turned out to be in reality 7pm

When I came back at 5:50 to set up, the scott mobile was already there.

In what I believe is a first for Flagging, I tried a new tact - a reverse flagging.

On my truck, I had a Betsy Ross, a Gadsden, a DTOM 13 stripe Naval Jack, and a 1956 Ga State Flag. Directly across the street, I had a barnes flag. (I felt so dirty and awful)

The event was poorly attended, and the UWGYRs who were in charge of parking made folks like Ray McBerry's contingent (he also was a no show cause he is a VERY busy dude working for us Georgians) Haralson County Chairman Alan Poole, and black candidate Carl Camon as well as Channel 2 and 5 park about a block away. scott was closest to the entrance in the special parking...

The reverse flagging was interesting. Out of the people I saw enter, I spoke with all but about 5 of them. Basically it was questions like "Do you like this flag?" and "How do you feel about RINOs" and the expected answer was always NO, then I would say either - austin scott voted for this flag and was in the secret meeting with barnes to change it, or Please vote for austin scott as he is the best choice for democrats!

The best conversation I had was with an elder man, and we were discussing the flag, and he was most interested to learn that had the flag theft worked (meaning barnes became a mega hero) that barnes would have gone on to the DNCs VP choice on the Kerry ticket, and Sonny Perdue would have lost, and the democraps would have maintained control - and a big thanks could be laid at the feet of austin scott for helping defeat the party he claims he represents.

I was expecting some support, but it was probably best they stayed away, cause as I said it was a poorly planned event that had low turnout. I will say a reverse flagging can be improved upon, but for now-

That's all, Folks!


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