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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


By Joan Hough

Seekers of the truth have learned that Lincoln's real reason for his invasion of the South had absolutely nothing to do with SLAVERY. They now understand that Lincoln was ABSOLUTELY opposed to equality of blacks with whites. (Thomas J. Dilorenzo. The Real Lincoln.) Lincoln did not begin his war for the purpose of freeing even a single slave. It was the usual kind of war, based solely on greed for money and power. It was not until the middle of the war when Lincoln’s army was losing that Lincoln decided to declare slaves emancipated—only those, of course in the South where he no longer had any authority. Lincoln’s top general, Ulysses Grant, did not even free his own slaves until long after the end of the war. Grant’s excuse that the slaves were his wife’s won’t wash--- husbands had total power over wives back then. (Women were not even allowed to vote.)

Lincoln would best be known as Lincoln, the RELUCTANT EMANCIPATOR, Issuer of an Emancipation Proclamation which could not free blacks but could, he hoped, cause them to murder white women and children who were left defenseless on farms and plantations without their men.

Why did Lincoln refuse to end slavery peacefully as the rest of the world had done? Why did he refuse compensated emancipation? The reason is shocking and most Americans, carefully indoctrinated down through the centuries to believe Lincoln the nation's "greatest" President, will be unable to accept the truth unless there remains within them a remnant of the ability to think independently—outside the little box filled with Socialist-Communist-Marxist-New World Order-, all powerful central government, brainwash.

An absolutely and deliberately false, well-propagandized reason is always presented by politically correct historians as the explanation for Lincoln's largely imported, hired European troops who were brought here through the efforts of the Marxists in Lincoln's Party (Walter Kennedy and Al Benson. Red Republicans and Lincoln's Marxists). These troops invaded the South, destroyed a culture through genocide with Lincoln’s approval and his refusal to concede to the Geneva Convention of 1863 rules for civilized warfare prohibiting war on civilians. (Lincoln's Sherman proved his men's intentions when he declared that to all secessionists--women and children included, "death is mercy" (Dilorenzo. ibid, p. 6).

That other U.S. generals accepted the plan to kill women and children in order to demoralize Confederate soldiers cannot be denied and is testified to by the commander of Lincoln’s Army of Tennessee, known to be a devout church –goer and to oppose drinking and gambling, a General by name of Oliver O. Howard. (Evidently, one doesn’t have to drink and smoke in order to have a good time!) A South Carolinian complained to Howard about the horror perpetrated by Lincoln’s army on Columbus. Howard responded, “It is her [Columbia’s] fit punishment, and if, this does not quiet rebellion, and we have to return, we will do this work thoroughly. We will not leave woman or child” (William Gilmore Sims, quoted by David Aiken in Introduction to A City Laid Waste, p. 3).[emphasis added] Sherman’s kidnapping of over 400 Roswell females adds further to the proof. Most of these women never found their way home again. This appears to have been only the tip of the Sherman atrocities iceberg in Georgia.

“Until we can repopulate Georgia, it is useless to occupy it, but the utter destruction of it's roads, houses, and PEOPLE will cripple their military resources….I can make the march, and make Georgia howl." Gen. W.T. Sherman

The surviving European soldiers were installed as U.S. citizens. Probably some of their descendants happily celebrated Sherman's birthday in 2009 in a celebration reported in the nation’s newspapers. They, no doubt, still worship Abe Lincoln as the one who brought their ancestors to America.

In an absolute distortion of truth and because of a creation in his own imagination, Lincoln declared the Union legally indivisible and declared it had been so since the secession from England. He denied the truth that the Articles of Confederation (occurring before the U.S. Constitution) followed the installation of the individual Constitutions of each state in which each state declared itself "independent"-- and sovereign. He ignored the fact that the word “state,” in that time, meant “nation.” He denied the fact that each state in its state constitution acknowledged that it was an independent nation, just as were Germany, England, and France, etc. (Remember that the majority of European states were actually smaller than most of America's "states." A trip up the Rhine proves this still true.)

The Articles of Confederation, preceding the Constitution, did indeed declare "perpetual union," and did so FIVE TIMES. But the Constitution did not include that term even once! The Constitution thus deliberately allowed its own termination (Frank Conner. The South Under Siege, p. 110).

If that deliberate omission of the word "Perpetual" in the Constitution does not convince you that there was no intention for the "foreverness” of the Union, think upon this: during that time in the history of the world, the word "perpetual" did not mean what Lincoln decided it must mean. It did not mean "FOREVER." Its definition has been thoroughly discussed as meaning “until altered." It was a “sunset" clause rather than a "forever" statement. Nevertheless, regardless of its meaning, when the states decided to become a real Union, their representatives signed a U.S. Constitution which held absolutely no mention of "Perpetual" anything. The states, as fully sovereign unities, refused to sign anything using a word so easily misinterpreted by idiots and would be power grabbers. The word "perpetual" was deliberated erased from the minds of literate Americans then and there! Only after fifteen presidents, did our nation get one who declared he knew what the others did not--that the Union was permanent.

It is imperative that we not forget that the Great Emancipator's words, declaring his government "indivisible,” contradict his earlier ones in which he boldly declared:

"Any people, any where, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable and most sacred right. A right which we hope and believe is to liberate the world. Nor is this right confined to causes in which the whole people of an existing government may choose to exercise it. Any portion of such people, that can, may revolutionize and make their own of so many of the territory they inhabit." Abraham Lincoln January 12, 1848

We must recognize that the South made no effort to terminate the U.S. Constitution or to destroy the Union. Southern states merely halted association with northern states, leaving the Union intact (Frank Conner, ibid).

There should be a carefully planned effort on the part of all of us to have the word
"indivisible" erased from the Pledge of Allegiance so often recited by most of us--the Pledge we now know was written by a Baptist minister--"defrocked" that is, kicked out of his pulpit because of his blatant SOCIALISM. As a great admirer of Lincoln's and as a Socialist, Francis Bellamy (author of the Pledge) desired to indoctrinate (brainwash) all American children into believing that an all powerful central government was not only to be desired and admired, but to be worshipped to the point that citizens' bodies should be sacrificed at their central government’s leaders' whims. States had absolutely no rights--the Constitution necessarily ignored.

Adolph Hitler so admired the Pledge and Lincoln that he had his folks imitate the Bellamy hand-salute. This adoption by Hitler enraged loyal Americans, forcing alteration of the hand salute to a placement of a hand over the heart used today by Americans except Mr. Obama.

Yes, the truth can be learned if one takes the time and the effort required to learn it. The author of our Pledge of Allegiance had a Socialist’s purpose for its creation. Think upon that. The Constitution said not a word about a perpetual union. Lincoln had many dealings with Marxist newcomers to America and with the ignorant of the history of the Constitution--soldiers they lured to our land during the middle of the war—brought here, actually, to fight to further the purposes of imperialism, but told, all the while, they were fighting to free slaves and against people out to destroy the Constitution. Lincoln’s war was waged not only against Southern men, but against the women and children of the South. His plan for the South was based on Genocide.


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