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Thursday, November 25, 2010


The following is written for Southron Agrarians, who with some clarity, “Remember Who We Are.” If you are an American Fabian or Nazi Socialist or liberal Christian agnostic (an oxymoron) you will not understand the following and should not read it.

The descendants of “Christendom's Last Stand” are alive and awakening. Southrons are still a separate and distinct people of North America in spite of our subjugation, the repeated use of military force against our institutions, our wives, our children and their schools and their school buses, and repeated pogroms of indoctrination to the New World Socialist Order beginning with the "successful" Executive-Military Coup (a second American revolution) executed by Abraham Lincoln and the Radical Republicans of New England.

The work of genocide against our people and our culture is so thorough that the once very revered term "Southron" is not recognised by our "Spell Check" computer programs. The surviving title "Southerner" is made out to be an "anathema" by the propaganda moguls at CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NPR, CBS, BBN, CBN, TIME-WARNER, ABC, local and state newspapers, and by every local ad-rag that is pushed as “free media” sources on our communities. The giant media monopoly is still owned and or managed by northern Maxists and their minions.

The defining racist evils of American (meaning New England Yankee) Nativists who were anti-Roman Catholic, anti-Jew, anti-all non-whites were forced down the throats of Southerners during "Reconstruction" and yet resisted by most in the better class of Southerners. Now the descendants of the same Deep North New Englander's have a new continuation of their pogrom's of anti-Southern institution's, anti-traditionalism, anti-Christian, anti-God, and anti-liberty Marxism.

I am thankful today that God has preserved a core of intelligent stout-hearted Southron's and a remnant of old-time Democrat Copperheads who now are seeing and understanding the travesty of the American (Yankee) system of intolerant egalitarian mono-culture that has been forced on them for more than 150 years.

These Amero-Fabian Marxists permit our government schools to teach the meaning of the Qur'an, but not the Bible. They permit Muslims to stop traffic on the busiest streets of our largest cities to pray to the moon-god of Arabia, but do not permit prayer to the God of Christians in the hallowed-halls of American indoctrination centers, the public schools.

Many American's and those of the more traditional western Christian cultures whose churches and theologies have fallen into un-use and disrepair are waking-up and will soon stand-up as they realise that no compromise with the egalitarian wolves of modernity will permit their very real diversity to survive. Socialism, Communism and their Democrat and Republican stooges are not tolerant, they are not God-fearing and they do not tolerate Christians nor permit them a legitimate place at the grand table of American public discourse.

There is a Southron remnant whose "American Dream" is "not about the economy" of the redistribution of wealth to the Fascist Global Bankers, to the Future Marketeers and the Global Cartel of Industrialists. The Southron view of life has to do with 1) their God and 2) their families. Government is third in line and only useful when it does not interfere with numbers one and two.

The Southron view of government has to do with Freedom, Independence and Liberty. There is such a remnant in the USA and it is clear that the current national government of the USA no longer represents them. The South is "Remembering Who God is (and He is not the U.S. government) and who we are!" God bless the Southrons.


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