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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Montgomery Trip

Sons and Daughters of South Carolina

The National organization of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in sponsorship with the Alabama Division, SCV have organized and planned a National sesquicentennial event to honor our proud Southern Heritage. This event will occur on Saturday, February 19th 2011 in Montgomery, Alabama at the State Capitol Building. The event will include a march and procession to the State House grounds by representatives (YOU AND I) of each SCV Division or STATE, beginning with SOUTH CAROLINA followed by the reenactment of the swearing in of Confederate President, Jefferson Davis. You won’t want to miss this historic and cherished moment.

The SOUTH CAROLINA DIVISION, SCV, is reserving 3 buses to transport us to Montgomery, leaving SC on Friday from Summerville/ Charleston, Greenville and Columbia. Seats are limited to about 56 per bus and the cost is $55.00 per person. You will be responsible for making your own hotel reservation.

FIRST THINGS FIRST! – make your bus reservation now!

Contact compatriot VOHN BUSBY at: with the number of seats required – wives and families AND FRIENDS are welcome to join us…this is not limited to SCV ONLY…..just those who LOVE the SOUTH and our HERITAGE.

SECOND – send your check for the cost of bus seats ($55.00 each seat) to:

If you can’t send a check right away, at least reserve your seats and send your check as soon as possible. We need to get the buses reserved immediately.

Ricky Badger, SC Division Adjutant
201 Winding Way
Columbia, SC 29212

Contact VOHN BUSBY at or call at (843) 834-3532

FINALLY – I cannot stress the importance of your attendance at this National Sesquicentennial Event. The world will be watching and taking note to measure our resolve and determination to defend our history and heritage. Our opponents say we haven’t got the strength or courage to come out in great numbers. This is the 150th anniversary of the “Cause for Southern Independence” and most of us will not see the Bicentennial, so this is our chance to be part of history and put our voices and words to ACTION!

Please join me and my wife Donna as we travel to Montgomery, Alabama, departing Friday the 18th of February.

For more information on the event (including uniforms, flags, etc…)



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