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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The State of the Confederacy

This week we witnessed another charade in a continuous deception as President Obama addressed the United States and world that all is well in America.

Unfortunately as many have come to learn, America is not well off, and in fact, is dying off as a world power and reserve currency, eventually shrinking from the facade of a country existing of fifty States. Those fifty States contain many Confederate States who claim a right to Sovereignty. Those States, our States, will eventually learn to re-grasp the mantle of our fathers who told us to just carry the torch of Liberty, Sovereignty and dignity.

As we look at the country we live in today we see a multitude of problems and issues that will take incredible pain and suffering to correct. A central government controlled by Marxist tendencies, in varying degrees since 1860, has allowed those people to let a small band of elite Oligarchs control the planet’s monetary policy, via world and central banks that are naturally owned by private bankers . Those banksters (that were backed by taxpayers) were easily in control of complete authority over monetary policy of which government succumbed to. The reason this has happened is that the people who lend money to government decided war was a necessary means to conduct their nefarious purposes included eradicating peoples. This is why the Southern Confederacy received a scorched earth policy from the United States and why the United States also eradicated the Native Tribes too numerous to mention in this address!

To spare our friends the reminders of past injustice, we wish to proceed to discuss the current state of America and its transformation from what once was a true Republic into a progressive Socialist nation and clearly heading in the direction of a battle between Marxism (Communism) and National Socialists (NAZIS).

The writing is on the hall our dear brothers and sisters.

When Germany invaded Soviet Russia that was a War between the National Socialists and the Communists and our country is not too far off! We have the McCain neocons and the progressive social Marxists in Washington and little in between!

There is no room for Confederacy because they cannot identify with it being so absorbed in the false history, the hurtful recollections and the needs of the people to move on and prosper. It was never the intention of the Confederacy to be more than a style of government wherein the people selected their fate and determination.

Now in cases of defense and mutual defense with the United States, we believe that we share a common interest; in fact we have many of them whereas we can cooperate in shipping lanes, agriculture and seaports etc.

Now without delving into the injustices brought about by Lincoln’s illegal invasion of the Southern Confederacy of States, we must look into what his victory has won.

He gave a nation to perpetual debt, codified in the 14 amendment but which also gave fairness under that law. The fairness part was proper, but it masked a more nefarious purpose than we understand today, steamrolling into 20 TRILLION in DEBT. (As a side bar, we have calculated that 22.34Tz is the tipping point when the entire US economy collapses and if the world has not divested from the dollar they will go down too.)

The 17th amendment allowed for the complete stripping of sovereignty from States by forcing those State legislatures to surrender the right to elect our Federal Representatives (Senators). By passing the 14 and 17th amendment, the States had surrendered all their tenth amendment rights.

So many good people tell us “whatever” or “get over it”, and that is fine until they begin to realize how these things had and continue to have an effect on their personal lives! The lives of people in the Southern Confederacy are made up of many people, some of who would not understand our message and purpose. That is entirely understandable given the confusion of the past.

The message is very simple indeed. It requires understanding some of the past and how those dots connect to the present. Once that equation is fulfilled, it is not difficult to project the path or curve and see the outcome.

The outcome for America is bleak.

It has been for a long time and we have tried to warn of this outcome more so than other Confederate groups.

Reconstruction of America is a non-stop process. It is time for it to regain some senses.

Following are a brief lesson on the three major periods after we lost the war in 1865.

1. The Southern reconstruction after the war was suspended. The South was shattered and battered many died.

2. The banking cartel inauguration of 1913. They called it the creature of Jekyll Island.

3. The Cultural Revolution that started in the 1960’s.

They have had the effect of imploding the people one mind at a time. The process is taking place in the Grammy’s, the Idol- or any number of shows that feed our children pure garbage and we sit back and take it! Maybe we are starting to think for once and realize maybe truth was buried in the old books.

Many Confederates died in the war, after the war- and on for one hundred and fifty years after the war. In fact they still die, every day. When we find one, meet one, visit with one, or mourn the passing of a dear friend, it helps mold us and harden us against the hate and racism that mainstream America seems to hold us in contempt of. We are a rare breed!

The Charge from General S.D. Lee is most debated among groups and forums. That charge is a measure of a Confederate man. The Confederates of old were willing to make a sacrifice, in some cases the ultimate sacrifice -but we are not held to that standard in this age. (Not yet). It means a love of Confederacy, an understanding how to promote the cause and the honor, and how to live your life without shame to admit to Confederacy!

Now while we are not powerful or able to control our own destiny in a resolution for a Confederacy of States, we can ask the almighty one for his eternal blessing!

Lord, may your divine mercy and spirit rain down upon our people like the dew fall and may you allow for his almighty blessing and the prayer of our friends into your holy dominion.

May the Lord God bless you all and God bless our Confederacy!

Deo Vindice!

Kevin Carroll
The Confederate Society of America


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